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EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics April, 2014.

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1 EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics April, 2014

2 EETD Accidents- 4/14 TypeDateDept.DescriptionSeverityStatus No EETD accidents reported in April

3 EETD Accidents- By Type

4 EETD Accidents- Severity

5 Emergency Incidents- 4/14 DateIncidentAreaStatus No incidents reported in April

6 Ergonomic Assessments- By Month

7 Open EETD Ergonomic Assessments Date Requested Dept.TypeStatus 4/28/14ESDRDiscomfortActions Pending 4/28/14EAEIDiscomfortActions Pending 4/9/14ESDRDiscomfortActions Pending 3/6/14DIVOffice MoveActions Pending 3/5/14DIVDiscomfortActions Pending 1/27/14EAEIDiscomfortActions Pending

8 EETD Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)- Pending New Hire vs. Expired Metric Started Sep 13

9 Job Hazard Analysis- % Completion

10 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments * Does not include SEC0203 External Monitoring Notice

11 Training % Completion Status

12 Incomplete Training by Course Type (Total Incomplete Assignments = 52)

13 Incomplete Training Assignments (Total = 52) Open Assignments by Dept.Open Assignments by Hire Date

14 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

15 SAA Overall Compliance

16 SAA Issues by Quarter

17 Cumulative SAA Issues (FY Q1 12 – Q3 14)

18 Safety Concerns Submittals- EETD

19 EETD Safety Concerns Status #DateConcernTypeStatus 9249/12/13B90 lobby steps do not have code compliant hand rails and step tread surface slippery FireOpen- Carpet will be installed at door 10081/29/14Rusted bathroom stall in B90 restroom. Cut hazard. Buiilding/Mai nt Completed 10122/26/14Need a guardrail or other control to prevent people from walking through planter in front of B90 to new shuttle stop. Trip/Slip/Fall hazard Building/Mai nt Open 10143/11/14Utility cover on sidewalk near 56A a trip hazard. Needs to be level with walking surface. Traffic- PedOpen

20 Corrective Action Reports (CATS)- 4/14 CAT #DateDescriptionLeadStatus 96113/18/14Ensure flame retardant lab coats are in use when handling reactive metals R. ScholtzOpen. Self assessment finding. 96123/18/14Ensure proper types of chemical gloves are in use based on compatibility R. ScholtzOpen. Self assessment finding 96133/18/14Ensure that proper PPE is being worn while working in lab areas (glasses, lab coat) PIsCompleted. Significant improvement noted in 70-269.

21 Activity Hazard Documents (AHD)- 4/14 AHDDescriptionStatusLocationPI 3444Alkali Earth Metal and Reactive Hydrides Draft- Add new lab areas 70-114G. Liu 185Combustion Lab- Laser EHS 3-year review pending 70-173R. Cheng 3678Chemical- BromineCompleted: Closed- out 70-299V. Srinivasan 2035Chemical- LithiumDraft- EHS 3-year review 62-246J. Kerr 3764Chemical- BromineDraft- Annual Renewal 70-257A. Weber 3797Chemical-LithiumDraft- Annual Renewal 70-263V. Srinivasan

22 Audits and Inspection Status- 4/14 TypeDateLeadStatus EETD Management Safety Walkthrough June 12, 2014A. GadgilScheduled. Announcement sent out to PIs SAA quarterly inspection April 28, 2014R. ScholtzCompleted

23 Significant Safety Achievements- 4/14 Completed the quarterly SAA inspections of EETD lab areas on 4/28. Issues have been communicated to lab owners. Assisted with the FLEXLAB 90XR reconfiguration project performed by Webcor. We have implemented lab construction safety procedures. A lot of activity during April. Generated a draft procedure for operation of the 90XR rotating test building. Participated in Building 31 JCESR project planning meetings. Held our bimonthly EETD Safety Committee meeting on 4/3/14. It is time to select new committee members. We have trained three new ergonomics advocates for EETD. I attended to UC lab safety workshop in Irvine, CA.

24 Short Term Safety Outlook- 5/14 Assist with the FLEXLAB set-up project in 90XR. –Subcontractor/Construction JHA approvals and training –Electrical safety approvals –Fire sprinkler installation work Continue participation in the inter-divisional off-site safety self-assessment project. Address the European electrical appliance approval issue in the B31 test chamber. This could impact other EETD research activities. Assist with the installation of the B60 air conditioning test chambers. Ensure electrical issues are addressed proactively. Another round of old chemical clean-outs is being planned. Prepare for the annual management safety walkthrough of EETD work areas scheduled for 6/12.

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