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Ancient Greek Women Lizeth Torres Destinee Zaragoza

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1 Ancient Greek Women Lizeth Torres Destinee Zaragoza
World History Block 3

2 Role of Women A woman’s role in ancient Greek society depended on whether she was married and in which city-state she lived. Athenian married women were to stay at home, in separate quarters, away from windows. It was their job to raise children, spin wool and flax, and weave in into bedding and clothes. Spartan women participated more in society. Spartan women own land, or participate in business in the city-state of Sparta, women could own property and manage it.

3 Freedom vs. Restrictions
Women in Athens could not vote, own land, or participate in businesses. Freedoms Athenian women could go out in public for a special occasion, such as a funeral, religious festival, or family visit, as long as she was accompanied by a member of her household. Women in Sparta could own property and manage it.

4 Marriage Marriage in ancient Greece was business deal between the parents of the bride and the groom. A girl left home at about 15, for married life with a much older man who was chosen by her father. A girl’s father offered the groom a dowry, which consisted of money, clothing jewelry, animals, or slaves. If he accepted, the weeding was arranged. If a girl was not married by the age of 15 she was considered a disgrace to herself and her family. If she did not get married they believed that she was worthless and considered weak, therefore no man would consider marrying her.

5 Education Spartan girls received an education similar to that of boys. Girls participated in physical training, including running, wrestling, and throwing the javelin. The Spartans believed that if women were strong they would be able to deal with pregnancy and childbirth easier. Formal education in Athens was only for boys. Women of all classes remained at home. Girls were not allowed to go to school like boys because they were to stay at home with their mothers and learn the life of a housewife. This would make them good wives when the got older.

6 Women’s Relationship with Children
In Spartan society, children were judged right at birth to see if they were going to be weak or strong later in life. If they were weak they would kill them. They were taken from their mothers at age 7 and put under control of the state. In Athens, children were nurtured by their mothers until age 7. After age 7 a pedagogue took charge and educated them.

7 Women Who Stepped Out of Line
Women that would not obey their husbands were allowed to be beaten or humiliated in public by their husbands. Even their husband’s brothers were able to beat them if they felt their brothers wife was not behaving in public or not showing respect to husband.

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