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2 ATHENIAN MALE: The daily life of the typical Athenian male.

3 ATHENIAN MALE: BIRTH – ADOLESCENCE When a baby boy is born in Athens, an olive leaf is pinned to the families door. The newborn in shown to the family and community by the baby’s father. When they are10 days old they are given their official name. For the young boys of age 3, there is a day to mark the symbolic move into the “world of men.” When a boy turns 6 years old, he goes to school for the first time.

4 ATHENIAN MALE: ADOLESCENCE - ADULTHOOD The young men continue schooling, but have additional lessons from their fathers teaching them to trade. When they have the right to vote they are an official Athenian citizen. Only men are given the right to vote, not women.

5 ATHENIAN MALE: ADULTHOOD - DEATH 40 years old is considered to be an “old man” in Athens. Men had to be part of a jury duty in court.

6 ATHENIAN FEMALE: The daily life of a typical Athenian female.

7 ATHENIAN FEMALE: BIRTH – ADOLESCENCE When a baby girl is born in Athens, sheep’s wool is pinned on the front door. Mothers teach their daughters household skills and how to be a good mother. Unlike boys, girls do not go to school. Girls learn a bit of reading and writing, but mainly how to run a household.

8 ATHENIAN FEMALE: ADOLESCENCE - ADULTHOOD When a girl turns 13 their childhood is officially over. There is an event to celebrate becoming a women called Hestia. The young women get married around the age of 14. It is normal for a young woman to a much older man. The girls of the household train the slaves.

9 ATHENIAN FEMALE: ADULTHOOD - DEATH Women are not allowed to have show themselves in a public place. In autumn, there is a festival celebrated only by women. For 3 days they honor Demeter. When a loved one has died, women cut their hair to pay respect to their family and the one who died.

10 SPARTAN MALE: The daily life of a typical Spartan male.

11 SPARTAN MALE: BIRTH – ADOLESCENCE When baby boys are born in Sparta, they are taken to the meeting hall to be inspected. They’re tested for strength and health. The babies that do not pass the inspection are left to die. When the boys turn 7, they are sent off to join the Agoge (The state’s education program). Until they turn 12 they learn reading, writing, dancing, and music. When they turn 12 they are taught military style.

12 SPARTAN MALE: ADOLESCENCE – ADULTHOOD The fathers of the young men begin teaching their sons to trade. Once they are allowed to vote, they become an official citizen of Athens. The men have the full rights of an Athenian citizen. They must first train in the military service for 2 years.

13 SPARTAN MALE: ADOLESCENCE - ADULTHOOD When they turn 18, they are chosen to join the elite of Agoge. By joining the elite of Agoge they will be trained to be especially tough and brutal. When they reach the age of 20 they are a real man, an official soldier. When a man wants to marry, they do it in secret because they cannot return home until they’re 30.

14 SPARTAN FEMALE: The daily life of a typical Spartan female.

15 SPARTAN FEMALE: BIRTH - ADOLESCENCE When a baby girl is born in Sparta they are checked over by their mother. They stay home with their mothers and the slaves. The girls wear just a short chiton, but exercise naked. They spend most of their time exercising, they’re always fit. When they turn 13 they get to compete in the Heraia festival (an athletic event in honor of Hera).

16 SPARTAN FEMALE: ADOLESCENCE - ADULTHOOD At the age of 18, the young women is ready to marry. After marriage comes children, when the women gets to be a Spartan mother. The mothers and their children are well fed from the state. Having plenty of food is what makes them fit.

17 SPARTAN FEMALE: ADULTHOOD - DEATH If the mother has a boy, he will go to war. Her husband will come home, and they will live happily.



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