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3 Word order:  Sujeto + HAVE / HAS + Participio de pasado (+) I have finished my homework (-) She has not seen that film (?) Have they washed their hands?  ACCIÓN: Comenzó en el pasado, pero... aún continúa o sus efectos están vigentes: Tom has lost his wallet => No tiene carnet, ni dinero, etc. Where’s David? He’s gone to the cinema => Sigue allí.... I have not repaired my bike yet => Sigue rota...

4 Let’s practise this tense!  It / rain / a lot this week It has rained a lot this week  The train / leave / from platform 2 The train has left from platform 2  I / never / be / to Australia I have never been to Australia  John / not / tidy up / his room / yet John has not tidied up his room yet  We / not phone / Clara / for weeks We have not phoned Clara for weeks  Tom / not finish / his meal yet Tom has not finished his meal yet  I / break/ my leg... and I can’t walk I have broken my leg and I cant’ walk.  Doctors / cure / many deadly diseases Doctors have cured many deadly diseases.  We / already / see / ‘Matrix Revolutions’ We have already seen ‘Matrix Revolutions’.

5 Related words:  HOW LONG? Pregunta por duración de acción NO acabada. How long have you been at this school? [llevas...estás...]  FOR: Expresa duración, “DURANTE” We haven’t eaten meat for years  SINCE: Señala el inicio de la acción, ‘DESDE’ Dad has had his car since he was 29  JUST: Refuerza la inmediatez. ‘ACABAR DE’ She can’t answer the phone. She’s just gone to sleep  EVER: Con interrogativas ‘ALGUNA VEZ’ y negat=NEVER. Have you ever seen a double rainbow?  NEVER: NUNCA, pero el verbo en afirmativa. [-- * -- = +] We have never seen a real ghost [No hemos visto nunca.. ¿?]  ALREADY: Afir. Acción ocurrida I have already seen the film  YET: Interrog. Al final. Have you finished that exercise yet?  STILL: Con negat. We still haven’t gone to the dentist’s (yet)

6 Ask your partner using ‘How long have you..?’ 1. Have / your car? 2 years 2. Know / your best friend?1999 3. Live / your house?5 years 4. Feel / ill?Yesterday 5. Be / married?June 6. Wear / that sweater?A few days 7. Want / a dog?Years

7 Time expressions:  Las expresiones temporales referidas a periodos ya finalizados, como Yesterday, last week, in the summer, etc. no se utilizan con el Present Perfect, sino con el Simple Past. I went to London last week She had a car accident yesterday morning  Si utilizamos una expresión de tiempo, debe referirse a un periodo aún vigente, no acabado. I have not eaten bread today She has read several books this month

8 Your turn now with Have you ever....? 1. Be / England? 2. Visit / India? 3. Eat / Chinese food? 4. Drink / lemon tea? 5. Ride / a horse? 6. Write / a poem? 7. Speak / Gaelic? 8. Cook / a pizza? 9. Fly / by helicopter? 10. Play / cricket? 11. Receive / a love letter? 12. Eat / snails?

9 PRESENT PERFECT vs. SIMPLE PAST :  1. Where is Sam? -I (not see) him today, but he (tell) Susan that he'd be in for dinner.  2. I (buy) this in Oxford St. -How much you (pay) for it? -I (pay) 250 €.  3. Where you (find) this knife? -I (find) it in the garden. -Why you (not leave) it there?  4. I (lose) my black gloves. You (see) them anywhere? No, I'm afraid I.... When you last (wear) them?- I (wear) them at the theatre last night. Perhaps you (leave) them at the theatre.  5. I (buy) a new house last year, but I (not sell) my old house yet, so at the moment I have two houses.  6. When Ann (be) on her way to the station it (begin) to rain. Ann (run) back to her flat for her umbrella, but this (make) her late for her train. She (catch) the next train but it (not get) in till 9.00, so she (arrive) at her office ten minutes late.

10 Thanks for your attention and I hope you have understood everything!!!! Slide-show developed by José Luis Villanueva IES Baleares

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