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Vocabulary Review Ch 26 - Fungi. In biology, a fungus that grows in the form of a tangled mass of filaments Mold.

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1 Vocabulary Review Ch 26 - Fungi

2 In biology, a fungus that grows in the form of a tangled mass of filaments Mold

3 A very small, unicellular fungus that ferments carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide; used to ferment beer and to leaven bread and used as a source of vitamins and proteins Yeast

4 A nonreproductive filament of a fungus Hypha

5 A carbohydrate that forms part of the exoskeleton of arthropods and other organisms, such as insects, crustaceans, fungi, and some algae Chitin

6 The mass of fungal filaments, or hyphae, that forms the body of a fungus Mycelium

7 A dividing wall, or partition, such as the wall between adjacent cells in a fungal hypha, the internal wall between adjacent s3egments of an annelid, and the thick wall between the right and left chambers of the heart Septum

8 Describes filaments that do not have cell walls Coenocyte

9 The ability of some organisms, such as fungi, to exist in two forms, depending in general on the temperature and availability of nutrients Dimorphism

10 A plant or fungal structure that bears a sporangium or spores Sporangiophore

11 A specialized sac, case, capsule, or other structure that produces spores Sporangium

12 An asexual sore produced in certain fungi Conidium

13 A type of hypha that bears asexual spores called conidia Conidiophore

14 In fungi, a reproductive process in which septate hypha dry and shatter and individual cells that act as spores are released Fragmentation

15 Asexual reproduction in which a part of the parent organism pinches off and forms a new organism Budding

16 A root-like structure in nonvascular plants, such as mosses or liverworts, that holds the plants in place and aids in absorption Rhizoid

17 In plants, a creeping stem that can develop roots and shoots at its nodes or at its tip to form new individuals; the creeping hypha of some fungi that gives rise to new individuals Stolon

18 A cell or an organ that produces gametes Gametangium

19 In members of the phylum Zygomycota, a sexual structure that is formed by the fusion of two gametangia and that contains one or more zygotes that resulted from the fusion of gametes produced by the gametangia Zygosporangium

20 A structure that produces asexual spores in basidiomycetes Basidium

21 The part of a basidiomycete that produces spores Basidiocarp

22 An asexual spore formed by a basidium Basidiospore

23 The female sexual organ or cell in ascomycetes Ascogonium

24 A reproductive structure that produces male sex cells in flowerless and seedless plants Antheridium

25 The reproductive portion of an ascomycete Ascocarp

26 The spore sac where ascomycetes produce ascospores Ascus

27 A spore produced in an ascus by ascomycetes Ascospore

28 A symbiotic association between fungi and plant roots Mycorrhize

29 A mass of cells formed by a fungus in symbiosis with a photosynthetic partner (usually a cyanobacterium or green algae); lichen typically grow on nutrient-poor surfaces, such as rocks and tree bark Lichen

30 A toxic fungal poison that causes liver cancer; found as contaminants in peanuts and corn; produced by a species of the genus Aspergillus Aflatoxin

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