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Classification of Fungi 12-2

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1 Classification of Fungi 12-2
BIO 1004

2 Fungi Classification Classified based upon their structure and reproduction 4 main groups are: Common molds Sac fungi Club fungi Imperfect fungi

3 Common Molds These are the familiar molds that grow on meat, cheese, and bread Phylum zygomycota Have life cycles that include a zygospore Zygospore – resting spore that contains zygotes formed from sexual phase of life cycle Life Cycle: Hyphae fuse forming gametangia Through meiosis, it produces genetically different spores

4 Structure of Bread Mold
2 types of hyphae on bread mold Rhizoids – anchor fungus to the bread, release digestive enzymes, and absorb nutrients Stolons – run along the surface of bread Sporangiophores – hyphae that push into air and contain spores One may contain spores

5 Sac Fungi Phylum Ascomycota
Named for ascus – the reproductive structure that produces spores Largest phylum of fungi Cup fungi, yeast, etc.

6 Sac Fungi Includes both sexual and asexual portions of life cycle
Tiny spores called “conidia” are formed at tips of hyphae called conidiophores Ascus – forms within the fruiting body This is where the two mating types fuse forming the zygote Ascospores are the zygote (8 produced)

7 Club Fungi Phylum Basidiomycota
Get name from specialized reproductive structure that resembles a club This spore bearing structure is called the “basidium” These are found in the gills on the underside of mushroom caps

8 Club Fungi Cont. For reproductive structures to form, moisture and nutrient content of soil has to be perfect Growth of mushroom is caused by cell enlargement due to intake of water Basidiospores are located in gills Can produce billions or trillions of spores Ex: jelly fungi, puff balls, star

9 Imperfect Fungi Phylum Deuteromycota NO sexual phase of life cycle
Imperfect implies that we do not fully understand their life cycle Source of anti-biotic penicillin

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