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Chapter 17 - ROMANESQUE Western Europe 1050-1200

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1 Chapter 17 - ROMANESQUE Western Europe 1050-1200

2 Romanesque Stylistic Characteristics Regionalism –Architecture - verticality, ceilings different Architecture round arch & stone barrel and groin vaults, walls thick & solid Resurgence of monumental stone sculpture Carved portals Like Byzantine – plain on the outside German Romanesque - Uses stone, less ornate, twin towers, Reflects culture – sturdy, organized, ordered Italian -– timber roofs, low buildings, marble, arcades, blind arches

3 Christ in Majesty with angels and Twenty-Four Elders Saint-Pierre, Moissac, France. Tympanum

4 Gislebertus, Last Judgment Weighing of the souls Eve, N. Side

5 Ascension of Christ and Mission of the Apostles La Madeleine, Vezelay, France Flashcard Second Compartment from top Second Compartment from top Right male/female Siamese twins Top Compartment Compartment Right: Dog headed people A man mounts a horse with a ladder- perhaps a pygmy

6 Lions and Old Testament prophet (Jeremiah or Isaiah?) Saint-Pierre Flashcard trumeau

7 Cloister of Saint-Pierre, Moissac Miracles of Saint Martin Griffins Gardner’s Art Through the Ages Historiated capitals Bestiaries

8 St. Etienne, Vignory, France Northern style French Romanesque

9 Gardner’s Art Through the Ages St. Sernin, Toulouse, France Modular plan Compare with Saint-Etienne Flashcard

10 St. Sernin, Toulouse, France nave Nave Elevation AISLES Tribune Compound piers Groin Vaults

11 Christ in Majesty, Saint-Sernin Angel Apostle Mandorla

12 Saint-Savin-Sur-Gartempe France. Hall church

13 Notre-Dame, Fontenay, France Pointed arch Cistercian austerity

14 Flashcard Moralia in Job, Initial R with knight fighting a dragon

15 Christ in Majesty, Santa Maria de Mur, Catalonia, Spain.

16 Morgan Madonna Throne of wisdom


18 Speyer Cathedral Groin vaults Clerestory windows Alternate-support system Compound piers

19 Italian Romanesque – Southern

20 Gardner’s Art Through the Ages Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy Rib Vaulting

21 St. Sernin, Toulouse, France Speyer Cathedral Germany Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy Regionalism - verticality

22 Cathedral complex, Pisa BaptisteryCathedral Bell Tower (Campanile) incrustation

23 Baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence Marble incrustation Arcuated panels

24 SAN MINIATO AL MONTE Marble incrustation Diaphragm arches

25 Creation and temptation of Adam and Eve. Modena Cathedral

26 St. Etienne, Caen, France Division into 3’s Sexpartite vault Rib vault

27 Durham Cathedral, England Ribbed groin vault over 3 story nave Quandrant arches Interior arches

28 Battle of Hastings Norman Cavalry Charging Funeral procession to Westminster Abbey Bayeux Tapestry

29 Eadwine Psalter

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