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The Church of Divine Wisdom

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1 The Church of Divine Wisdom
Hagia Sophia Wow sounds! The Church of Divine Wisdom

2 Hagia Sophia (ah-YEE-ah So-FEE-ah)
Architect Isidoros and Anthemios Location Istanbul, Turkey Date to 537 AD Building Type Church Style Byzantine Pronounce name, read through, talk briefly about each section Hagia Sophia

3 History Emperor Justinian ordered the construction of Hagia Sophia after he won a bloody battle over rioting masses. He wanted it to be unique and show the power of the church and state. The construction phase took 5 years, 10 months, and 4 days. The emperor set aside all other items in his life to focus on his church. Give brief overview of the emperor, his history, show how important the building was to him, click for pix Hagia Sophia

4 In 553 AD part of the church had fallen to an earthquake, it was rebuilt by the son of one of the original architects. He also added buttresses to support the dome. Another earthquake damaged the church in 869 AD which closed it until it could be repaired and reopened in 994 AD History Further describe the damage caused by the earthquakes, talk about the son architect, click for pix Hagia Sophia

5 The Turks turned the church into a mosque in 1453 when they conquered Constantinople. Many of the mosaics were painted over and other architectural changes took place. Like the addition of the two minarets in front of the church.In 1935 Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum. History Review all the left out history, point out minarets, ooh ahh Hagia Sophia

6 Architects Anthemios and Isidoros were the architects ordered to build Hagia Sophia. Isidoros was an architect, Engineer, and Scholar. Anthemios was an experimental scientist and theoretician, who master the technical aspects of architecture. Their work on Hagia Sophia was considered to be more of a math problem than architectural masterpiece. Many concepts in their designs were based off of the examples that the Romans presented. Go into depth on those guys Hagia Sophia

7 The original portion of the church is 250’ x 230’, which is almost a perfect square. Inside that exterior rectangle is a 100’ square. The dome and the two half domes are the most attractive features. Which are supported by pendentives. massive piers support arches that cross the square to form the high ceiling. Design Point out everything on the floor plan Hagia Sophia

8 Design At 107’ in diameter and 180’ high, the dome is Hagia Sophia’s signature piece. A feeling of suspended mass is achieved through the 40 round windows that profile the base of the dome. Also the massive structural supports are hidden , and the dome seems to float. Point out windows, talk about how it floats, read quotes Hagia Sophia

9 Light suspends the Dome
Oohs and aahs Light suspends the Dome

10 More oohs and aahs Church of holy wisdom

11 Wow pretty pix Hagia Sophia

12 Clayton Taylor Fall Arch 70 Architecture History 1 Two Thousand four
A bunch of shit College of the Sequoias Division of Industry and Technology Instructor: Rolando L. Gonzalez, M. Arch. Architect A.I.A. Arch 70 Architecture History 1

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