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Byzantine Christian Art

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1 Byzantine Christian Art
Susan Daly

2 Byzantine Christian art is very stylized
Byzantine Christian art is very stylized. It can be done in mosaic or painted but usually contains a lot of gold. The following examples come from the Haia Sophia which was the Church of the Holy Wisdom built by Justinian.It was made into a mosque in 1453 after the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople.

3 Byzantine Emperor

4 An angel

5 Christ

6 Mary and Jesus surrounded by an Emperor and Empress.

7 An Empress

8 Christ



11 Mary holding baby Jesus

12 St. John the Baptist

13 Emperor Constantine

14 Emperor Justinian holding Haia Sophia


16 Interior of Haia Sophia

17 Entrance to Haia Sophia

18 Elaborate columns with Justinians initials

19 One small area in the center

20 Haia Sophia

21 The following images come from the rock cut churches of Goreme in Cappodocia, central Turkey. These are images painted by hermit monks in cave churches carved out of Tufa , a soft volcanic layer in this area.

22 Some of the Apostles

23 Christ with some Apostles

24 Damage to the faces was done during the Iconoclast period

25 St George



28 Constantine on the left and his mother Helen on the right.


30 A rock cut church

31 More simple decorations

32 Many churches here


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