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1 疑問句與附加問句. 2 Yes/ No 問句 -1 1. He is a student. 2. They are in the room. 3. You can drive a car. 4. John should study every day. Is he a student? Are.

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Presentation on theme: "1 疑問句與附加問句. 2 Yes/ No 問句 -1 1. He is a student. 2. They are in the room. 3. You can drive a car. 4. John should study every day. Is he a student? Are."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 疑問句與附加問句

2 2 Yes/ No 問句 He is a student. 2. They are in the room. 3. You can drive a car. 4. John should study every day. Is he a student? Are they in the room? Can you drive a car? Should John study every day?

3 3 1.They have many books. 2. He had tea at three Yes/ No 問句 -2 (o.) ㄧ般 V Do they have many books? Did he have tea at three?

4 4 1. He has finished the work. 2. They had eaten lunch when he came. Yes/ No 問句 -2 助 V + p.p. Has he finished the work? Had they eaten lunch when he came? 助 V + p.p.

5 5 Yes/ No 問句 You speak English. 2. He walks to school every day. 3. Mary cleaned her room yesterday. Do you speak English? Does he walk to school every day? Did Mary clean her room yesterday?

6 6 Yes/ No 問句的回答 Can John see Mary? 2. Will Mary study tomorrow? 3. Are you a student? Yes, he can. No, he can’t. Yes, she will. No, she won’t. Yes, I am. No, I’m not. 密訣 : 用 be 動詞問用 be 動詞回答 用助動詞問用助動詞回答 用 have 問用 have 回答

7 7 1. Have you finished your work? Does this book belong to you? Did Jack tell you the news? Yes, it does. No, I haven’t. Yes, I have. No, it doesn’t. Yes, he did.No, he didn’t. Yes/ No 問句的回答 -2 have 只在兩種情況下 當助動詞 1. have/has/had + p.p. ( 完成式 ) 2. had better + VR (` 最好 )

8 8 肯定疑問句 Do you smoke? Don’t you smoke? 否定疑問句的回答 -1 你抽煙嗎 ? 是的, 我有抽煙 你不抽煙嗎 ? 不, 我有抽煙 Yes, I do.

9 9 肯定疑問句 Are you an American? Aren’t you an American? 否定疑問句的回答 -2 你是美國人嗎 ? 不, 我不是 No, I’m not. 你不是美國人嗎 ? 不, 我是

10 10 疑問代名詞的 Wh- 問句 (1. who) 1. A: Who is the man? B: He is our teacher. 2. A: Who is that boy? B: His name is Bill. 問關係 問姓名

11 11 疑問代名詞的 Wh- 問句 (2. which) 1. Which do you like better, summer or winter? 2. I have two pens. Which do you want?

12 12 疑問代名詞的 Wh- 問句 (3. what) 1. What is he? 2. What are you talking about? He is a teacher. 問職業 What does he do?

13 13 疑問代名詞的 Wh- 問句 (4. whose) 1. Whose book is this? 2. Whose key is this? It is mine. 問是誰的東西 It is Mary’s / hers.

14 14 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-1) 1. How did you come to school? A: By bus. / On foot. ( 徒步 ) 2. How’s your family? A: They are very well.

15 15 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-2) 1. How much money does it cost? A: Twenty dollars. 2. How many people came to the meeting? A: Twenty.

16 16 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-3) 1. How old are you? A: Twelve. 2. How fast were you driving? A: Sixty miles an hour. ( 時速 1 小時 60 英里 )

17 17 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-4~5) 1. How soon will he be back? A: In ten minutes. ( 再過 10 分鐘 ) 2. How long have you been in this city? A: Two years. ※ A: Since I was born. ※

18 18 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-6~7) 1. How often do you go to the movies? A: Twice a week. / Once a month. 2. How far is it from here to Taipei? A: 360 miles. / A: Four hours by bus.

19 19 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-8) 1. How about going for a swim? = What about going for a swim? = What do you say to going for a swim? A: I’d like that. A: That’s a good idea. A: I’m sorry, but I can’t.

20 20 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-9) 1. A: How do you do? ( 久仰久仰 ) B: How do you do? ( 久仰久仰 )

21 21 疑問副詞的 wh- 問句 (how-10) 1. How are you? = How are you getting along? = How’s everything going? A: Great. / Fine. / So-so. / Terrible.

22 22 間接問句 = 名詞子句 Do you know I don’t know Ask me Tell me + 疑問詞 + S + V

23 23 間接問句 = 名詞子句 =wh- +S+V 1. Who is he? Do you know 2. Where does Tom live? I don’t know 3. What does that word mean? Tell me who he is ? where Tom lives? what that word means ?

24 24 猜測動詞 What will he buy? What do you think he will buy? 2. How much does the watch cost? How much do you guess the watch cost? S + V

25 25 3. Who will get the first prize? Who do you suppose will get the prize? 4. Where would she go? Where do you believe she would go? 猜測動詞 -2 S V 助 V+ S + V S + 助 V+ V

26 26 疑問句常考句型 What’s wrong with you? 2. What’s the matter with your car? 1. What does your new hat look like? 2. What does your girlfriend look like?

27 27 疑問句常考句型 How about taking a walk? =What about taking a walk? =What do you say to taking a walk? =Why not take a walk? = Would like to take a walk? =Shall we take a walk? =Let’s take a walk, shall we?

28 28 附加問句 S + 肯定句, 否定附加問句 S + 否定句, 肯定附加問句,be(n’t),do/ does/ did(n’t) + 代名詞, 助動詞 (n’t)

29 29 Examples 1. Peter is very popular in school, ____________? 2. He seldom goes there, _____________? 3. She cut herself, __________? isn’t he does he didn’t she

30 30 基本功 1. He is a good student, isn’t he? 2. She runs fast, doesn’t she? 3. You will help me, won’t you? 4. He should read this book, shouldn’t he?

31 31 記住此頁!不同的 have 用法 5. Your homework has been finished, hasn’t it? 6. We had something to eat, didn’t we? 7. He had to help you, didn’t he? 8. You had better go for a doctor, hadn’t you? 9. You had better not stay here, had you?

32 32 小心這些主詞 1. There is someone in the room, isn’t there? 2. These are good books, aren’t they? 3. Studying English is not easy, isn’t it? To study English is fun, isn’t it? 4. Mary is charming, isn’t she? Miss Wang is charming, isn’t she?

33 33 命令句的附加問句 1. Let’s go, shall we? 2. Let us go, will you? 3. Let me try next time, will you? 4. Pass me the sugar, will you? 5. Let’s not tell him, all right? 6. Have a cup of coffee, won’t you? 請求對方 邀請對方

34 34 I think S+V. 1. I think John has left, hasn’t he? 2. I think he stole the purse, didn’t he?

35 35 記住這些「否定字」 no, never, nothing, seldom, little, few, scarcely, hardly 1. He is seldom late for school, _________. 2. You have nothing to say, __________ 3. He has little hope left, __________. is he ? do you ? does he ?

36 36 S+V, 連接詞 S+V. 1. They were absent yesterday, but Mary wasn’t, was she?

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