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Unit 5 I’m watching TV Period 1 (1a – 2c). What do you usually do on school nights?

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1 Unit 5 I’m watching TV Period 1 (1a – 2c)

2 What do you usually do on school nights?

3 talk on the phone read cleaning clean watch TV

4 eat dinner do homework Play computer games

5 I am talking on the phone with my mother at 7 o’clock in the evening. What are you doing at that time? I am … watching TV reading cleaning eating dinner doing homework playing computer games … …

6 There are many people in the happy apartment.

7 Jenny TomDave Mary JohnBobTony

8 What is he doing? He is talking on the phone. Bob talk on the phone

9 Jenny watch TV What is she doing? She is watching TV.

10 Tom Dave & Mary John Tony What is he / she doing? He / She is … What are they doing? They are …

11 What is he / she doing? He / She is v.-ing… What are they doing? They are v.-ing… Useful expressions:

12 He is playing computer games. What is he doing?

13 He is running.

14 What is he doing ? He is … playing basketball playing the guitar playing computer games playing football reading a book brushing teeth

15 eating dinner What’s she doing? She is … singing taking a shower dancing doing homework

16 What are they doing? They are dancing.

17 What are they doing? They are … swimming dancing sleeping playing ping-pong talking

18 现在进行时的基本结构 : Be + V-ing He is doing homework. They are watching TV. 动词现在分词的变化方法: 1 、多数情况下直接加 ing. 2 、以不发音的 e 结尾,去掉 e ,再 加 ing. 3 、以重读闭音节结尾,且词尾只有一个辅 音字母, 则双写最后一个字母再加 ing.

19 4.sleep put singmeet playthrow drawopen ride have give see sit run sleeping putting singing meeting playing throwing drawing opening riding having giving seeing sitting running

20 Add –ing to the following verbs. 1. ask — look — carry — asking looking carrying 2. close — take — ride — closing taking riding 3. swim — get — sit — swimming getting sitting put — begin — putting beginning

21 1.__doing homework 2. __ watching TV 3. __cleaning 4. __eating dinner 5. __ reading 6. __talking on the phone 1a a b c f e d

22 A.Jenny ___B. Dave and Mary ____c. John___ 1b Listen. What are these people doing? Write numbers from 1a. 41 2

23 Pairwork What’s he doing? He’s reading

24 Writing Father mother Grandfather Bob Nancy grandmother 描述一下 Bob 一家在干什么

25 Is Nancy doing homework? No, she isn’t. She’s writing a letter.

26 Is Bill writing? Is Mary writing? Is Tom writing? Guess

27 He is doing homework. What are you doing? I am watching TV. 一般疑问句: Are you watching TV? Yes, I am. No,I am not. 否定句: I am not watching TV. Is he doing homework? Yes, he is /No, he isn’t. He isn’t doing homework.

28 A: Is Tom reading a book ? B: No, he isn’t. He’s doing his homework. Tom Mr Green MrSmith Guess Bob Uncle Wang Miss Green

29 Exercise: now. 1.We ___ _______(watch) TV now. now. 2. He__ _____ (do) his homework now. 3. Look! 3. Look! That girl __ ____ (ride) the bike. 4.She __ _____(fly) a kite in the park now. now. 5.Tom and I ___ ________(clean) our bedroom now. now. 6.My mother and I ____ _______(make) cakes now. 7.The baby is sleeping and his mother _____ _______ _____(look after) him. Listen! 8. Listen! The twins ___ _______(sing) under the tree. are watching is doing is riding is flying are cleaning are making is are singing looking after

30 用现在进行时填空 : 1.My mother _______ ( cook ) supper. My father ________ ( wash ) the car. 2. They _________ ( run ) over there. 3.Our English teacher ________( talk) with a new student. 4. My aunt _______ ( watch ) TV 5.The boy ________ ( clean ) the room. 6. They _______ ( have ) a meeting. 7. Mr. Green and Mrs. Green _______ _( look ) for their son. 8. The child ________ ( open ) the windows. is cooking is washing are running is talking is watching is cleaning are having are looking is opening


32 Smile face competition RULES : 分为四个大组。优胜组可以获得电 影票。 ……

33 drawing drinking speaking eating thinking reading talking cleaning watching TV doing homework write---writing skate---skating dance---dancing smile---smiling run---running swim---swimming

34 Homework Make a survey: What are your family doing at 7:00 pm ? NameActivity Father Mother Give a report like this: My father is... My mother is... I am...


36 What is he doing? He is playing the violin.

37 What is he doing? He is painting / drawing.

38 1.What is Steve doing?______________ 2.Does Steve want to go to the movies?_____________________________ 2a Listen to the conversation and answer these questions. He is watching TV. Yes, he does.

39 3 2 1 2b put these questions and answers in order to make a conversation. ___Do you want to go to the movies? ___I’m watching TV. ___What are you doing? ___That sounds good. This TV show is boring. 4

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