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Frequency Adverbs 製作人: 林逸昀老師.

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1 Frequency Adverbs 製作人: 林逸昀老師

2 What are frequency adverbs?
Always Usually Often Sometimes Seldom Never… 100% 0%

3 When do we use frequency adverbs?
1. To show frequency (表示動作發生的次數) 2. 頻率(次數)高低 Always(總是)>usually(通常)>often(時常)> sometimes(有時)>seldom(很少)>never(沒有)(seldom及 never屬於否定副詞)

4 always usually often sometimes seldom never

5 Try it! (This is Peter’s Class schedule)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Social Studies Natural Science English Chinese Math Health PE Music Integrative Activity Art                  Performance Class meeting Computer Self-study

6 Fill in: (always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never)
He _________ has English (5/5). He _________ has Chinese (4/5). He _________ has math (4/5). He _________ has Social Studies (3/5). He _________ has natural science (4/5). He _________ has art (1/5). He _________ has music(1/5). He _________ has Biology(0/5). always usually usually often usually seldom seldom never

7 位置 1. be動詞後面 I am never late for school. It’s always windy here.
It’s usually rainy in winter. Be verbs: Am Is Are Was Were were always usually often sometimes seldom never

8 2. 一般動詞前面 I always drive to school. Tony often goes to baseball games. Anne never does much exercise. David sometimes eats snacks between meals. *Lily can never swim. always usually often sometimes seldom never Verb: go play have watch…..

9 3.簡答句或省略句時,主詞之後(be動詞或助動詞之前)
Do you have dinner at six? Yes, I usually do. Is he happy at school? Yes, he always is. 比較: 1. Does it often snow here? No, it 2. Does it often snow here? No, it here. never does never snows 3. Is Linda always sick ? Yes, she 4. Is Linda always sick? Yes, she sick. always is is always

10 Look at Charlie’s answers to the questions and write complete sentences
1. Do you ever play soccer? 2. Do you get up before six-thirty? 3. Are you ever late for school? 4. Are you at home in the afternoon? 5.Can you roller-blade? Yes, usually. No, seldom. Yes, often. Yes, sometimes. No, never.

11 Answer: 1. Charlie Brown usually plays soccer.
2. He seldom gets up before six-thirty. 3. He is often late for school. 4. He is sometimes at home in the afternoon. 5. He can never roller-blade.

12 Describe yourself: (請依照實際情況使用頻率副詞,完成下列句子)
1. study hard 2. talk in class 3. do exercise 4. be thankful 5. be considerate 6. be afraid 7. surf the net

13 其他的頻率副詞(通常放句尾) Once a week twice a month three times a year 次數 + 時間 :
次數 + 時間 : Every + 時間(每~) 她每兩天洗頭髮 too, very, so, + often 不要太長看電視 Once a week twice a month three times a year She washes her hair every two days. Don’t watch TV too often.

14 頻率副詞的問法: How often~? (多久~?)
How often do you study English? 你多久運動一次? 你哥哥多久上網? How often do you do exercise? How often does your brother surf the net?

15 與祈使句連用 Always (務必) + Vo Never (絕對不要) Never talk in class.
Always trust yourself.

16 倒裝句 Never BeV + S.+ ~ Seldom 助v. +S. +Vo 他很少對人體貼。
He is seldom considerate. =Seldom is he considerate. 他考試從未失敗。 He never fails his exam. = Never does he fail his exam.



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20 懶人遛狗

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