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三上 Lesson Five Mine Is Much Smaller Than Yours 三上 Lesson Five Mine Is Much Smaller Than Yours 高雄市立右昌國中英語科教師黃莉芳.

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Presentation on theme: "三上 Lesson Five Mine Is Much Smaller Than Yours 三上 Lesson Five Mine Is Much Smaller Than Yours 高雄市立右昌國中英語科教師黃莉芳."— Presentation transcript:

1 三上 Lesson Five Mine Is Much Smaller Than Yours 三上 Lesson Five Mine Is Much Smaller Than Yours 高雄市立右昌國中英語科教師黃莉芳

2 附加問句 Tag Questions 附加問句乃指附帶於直述句句尾的簡單問句,通常 只有兩個字。 其意義視語調而定:語調向下時並不是真的在問一 個問題,而只是要對方同意你的談話。 “ Tom doesn ’ t look very well today, does he? ” “ No, he looks awful. ” She is very attractive. She has beautiful eyes, doesn ’ t she? 而語調上揚時,則附加問句就是一個真正的問句。 “ You haven ’ t seen Ann today, have you? ” “ No, I ’ m afraid I haven ’ t. ” (= Have you seen Ann today?)

3 Grammar Focus (A) 含有 Be 動詞的附加問句 Lindaisa teenager,isn ’ t she? The chairsarecomfortable,aren ’ t they? The partywasat 7:00,wasn ’ t it? Johnisn ’ ta baseball player,is he? Their parentsaren ’ tat home,are they? The studentsweren ’ tlate for class,were they? 肯定直述句 + 否定附加問句 ? 否定直述句 + 肯定附加問句 ?

4 Make Sentences … The jacket is too big for Tom, isn ’ t it? too big for Tom not made in Taiwan The camera isn ’ t made in Taiwan, is it?

5 The jacket is very delicious, isn ’ t it? very delicious not junior high school students The boys aren ’ t junior high school students, aren ’ t they?

6 He was late for work yesterday, wasn ’ t he? late for work / yesterday not cold / last Sunday It wasn ’ t cold last Sunday, was it?

7 Grammar Focus (B) 含有一般動詞的附加問句 Tomjogs in the park,doesn ’ t he? The studentsclean the classroom,don ’ t they? Marybought a dictionary,didn ’ t she? Ericdoesn ’ tlike fast food,does he? The boysdon ’ twalk to school,do they? The Lin familydidn ’ tgo to the movie,did they? 肯定直述句 + 否定附加問句 ? 否定直述句 + 肯定附加問句 ?

8 Make Sentences … The girls walk to school, don ’ t they? walk to school not cook dinner Mr. Lin doesn ’ t cook dinner, does he?

9 Aunt Annie has a beautiful garden, doesn ’ t she? have a beautiful garden not drink juice Susan and Lisa don ’ t drink juice, do they?

10 Iris bought a new computer last week, didn ’ t she? buy a new computer / last week not wash the windows/yesterday They didn ’ t wash the windows yesterday, did they?

11 Grammar Focus (C) 含有助動詞的附加問句 The studentswillgo on a picnic,won ’ t they? Kevincanplay tennis well,can ’ t he? Paulhasdone the work,hasn ’ t he? Vivianwon ’ tforget it,will she? The dogscan ’ tride bikes,can they? Neilhasn ’ tread the letter,has he? 肯定直述句 + 否定附加問句 ? 否定直述句 + 肯定附加問句 ?

12 Make Sentences … The Wang family will take a long trip, won ’ t they? will take a long trip can ’ t play basketball in the classroom The students can ’ t play basketball in the classroom, can they?

13 The children will have a birthday party, won ’ t they? will have a birthday party can ’ t keep the dog Cathy can ’ t keep the dog, can she?

14 Kevin and his family have had dinner, haven ’ t they? have had dinner haven ’ t finished the homework Alex hasn ’ t finished the homework, has he?

15 祈使句的附加問句 (a) 肯定或否定的祈使句, will you? Please come in, will you? Don ’ t stand over there, will you? (b) 邀請對方吃東西,won ’ t you?/ 詢問對方要不要,will you? Have some tea, won ’ t you? Have some tea, will you? (c)Let ’ s VR, shall we? ( 咱們 … 吧 ) Let ’ s go home now, shall we? Let us VR, will you? ( 請求你讓我們 … 吧 ) Let us play basketball, will you? Let ’ s not VR, O.K.? / all right? Let ’ s not close the door, all right?

16 附加問句的注意事項 I am happy, am I not? 或 aren’t I? 代表否定句的用字 not, no, never, nothing, seldom, few, little There is nothing wrong with the radio, is there? We have few friends here, do we? He is seldom late to school, is he? 主詞為 This / That 不論代替指人或物,代名詞皆為 it That is a nice dictionary, isn’t it? That is our new teacher, isn’t it? That boy is tall, isn’t he? 注意動詞是否為過去式 He read a letter for his mother, didn’t he? John put the book on the desk, didn’t he?

17 附加問句的注意事項 He ’ s 是 He is 或 He has 的縮寫 He ’ s decorating his room, isn ’ t he? He ’ s become a good man, hasn ’ t he? have + p.p. / have to + VR / have + … They have finished their homework, haven ’ t they? They have to finish their homework, don ’ t they? They have much homework to do, don ’ t they? 以主要子句來決定附加問句 When you drive a car, you should follow the rules, shouldn ’ t you? 附加問句也是一種 YesNo 問句

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