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Housing Extranet RGI Calculation Forms By Dan Douglas Section 48 and Section 49.

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1 Housing Extranet RGI Calculation Forms By Dan Douglas Section 48 and Section 49

2 What are they? RGI Calculation forms provide a simple web based interface to do your RGI calculations. Results are accurate and effectively eliminate the possibility of calculation errors.

3 What are they? Complete RGI calculations quicker than ever before with our easy-to-use interface.

4 Objectives Provide an automated calculation form to allow housing providers to simplify the RGI calculation process. Adhere to the RGI regulations. Provide accurate calculations. Allow housing administrators a tool to easily spot check RGI calculations if need be.

5 Housing Provider Requirements Changes to regulations are reflected in the RGI application. All calculations use the latest regulations. Print and file easy to read RGI calculation form for audit purposes. Save time creating RGI calculations. All calculations are accurate. Customer Satisfaction Accuracy Quick Easy to use

6 Saving Time The web based RGI calculator is estimated to take 10% of the time it takes to do a manual RGI calculation. Plus the RGI calculations limit the chance of user error. Number of calculations done in a 3.5 hour time frame.

7 Saving Time Point and click functionality. Select your options, enter the dollar figures, and let the RGI calculator do the rest.

8 Filing Reports Detailed reports are generated showing the RGI calculations, rent scale amount, etc.

9 Accuracy Adheres 100% to the regulations. Contains accurate values for the rent scales, extra charges, and allowances. Different data sets available for Southern, Central, Northeastern, and Northern regions.

10 Consistency When the regulations change. The web- based RGI changes accordingly.

11 Templates Template Manager allows you to save RGI worksheet information. Very simple to modify and generate a previously saved RGI worksheet template.

12 RGI Help Context sensitive help system gives users step by step information when filling out the RGI worksheets. This help system gives users information from the regulations and assistance with the online RGI worksheets.

13 RGI Help Each item on the worksheet has a help button. Clicking the help button brings up the help file for that item.

14 RGI Help Help contains useful information on filling out the RGI Worksheet, and also provides help on understanding the regulations pertaining to RGI.

15 Key Benefits Time saving. Accuracy. Minimizes user error. Consistency with government regulations. Detailed reports make for easy filing.

16 Housing Extranet RGI Demonstration By Dan Douglas Section 48 and Section 49

17 Objective Demonstrate the features of the web based RGI calculations.

18 Demonstration For a Section 48 calculation you begin by selecting the benefit unit size and the rent scale. Section 48

19 Demonstration The income limit check will verify that the units income is not greater than the rent threshold. Section 48 We will specify the type of the unit and the size of the unit.

20 Demonstration Standard extra charges, allowances for water and appliances, and heat allowance are specified. Section 48

21 Demonstration We will complete this RGI calculation by clicking on the Calculate RGI button. Section 48 We are presented with a detailed report of this RGI calculation. We will print and file this report.

22 Demonstration For a Section 49 calculation you begin by selecting options. Here we specify whether the household contains children (as described in the regulations). Section 49

23 Demonstration We are presented with the following interface. We will list each member of the household as well as their incomes and assets. Section 49 We can add monthly incomes, salary incomes, weekly incomes, income generating assets, and non-income generating assets for each member.

24 Demonstration We will start by entering the household members name. We will add a salary income, a monthly income, and a non income generating asset. Section 49 The income and assets were added as shown.

25 Demonstration We will add a second member to the calculation and add a weekly income as shown. Section 49

26 Demonstration We will select unit type/size options and add the additional extra charges and allowances as we did in Section 48..

27 Demonstration We are presented with a detailed report after submitting the RGI calculation. Section 49

28 Conclusion Dan Douglas Web/Database Developer (705) 474-2151 Ext 193 Bob Barraclough Community Housing Services Manager/Planning/Training (705) 474-2151 Ext 197 This concludes the RGI calculator preview and demonstration. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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