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5 minute Online Demonstration. What is the Rental Workbook? Its an easy way to organise your rental property records – like an electronic cashbook. Its.

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1 5 minute Online Demonstration

2 What is the Rental Workbook? Its an easy way to organise your rental property records – like an electronic cashbook. Its used by hundreds of investors all around Australia. Its the quick, smart way to keep control of your rental properties and have all key information at your finger tips. Its an Excel-based program that stores details for up to 20 properties in one file.

3 Why use the Rental workbook? Easy to use: even by non-computer people! Comprehensive: addresses all tax considerations for rental properties in Australia. Compliant: complies with the audit requirements of the Australian Tax Office. Practical: developed with input from property investors, tax accountants and information technology advisers.

4 Whats in the Rental Workbook? Integrated worksheets for recording your property details as well as space for your own notes on each sheet. Automatically generated graphs on each applicable sheet. A comparison report of all properties. A Tax Summary sheet that reports key property indicators such as: Taxable Rental Profit / Loss Annual & Weekly Cash Flow Cost of Equity Other % Returns Lets take a look …..

5 Property Details Enter property details Store up to 20 properties! Keep Track of Tenants during the year Helpful pop up comments throughout All data entry cells are coloured light green. Links on every page to On-line web-based Help

6 Rental Income Enter Miscellaneous Income/Refunds Enter Rent Received or Refunded Automatically Generated Summary & Graph Surplus/Arrears rent position for your tenant Print Receipts for your tenant

7 Agent Expenses Enter Agent Expenses on a monthly basis Move around the workbook using buttons Comprehensive list of Expenses to choose from or add your own categories

8 Owner Expenses Record Monthly Owner Expenses The customised Rental Workbook Menu gives you all the key functions in one place Data automatically flows through from other Worksheets

9 Repairs & Maintenance Track repairs and maintenance expenses … … incurred by both you and your agent. Add more rows if you need them

10 Travel Diary Quick links to jump to other input sheets Select Engine Capacity and Engine Type from Drop Down Menus Comprehensive Travel Log with Odometer Reading Cents per km is automatically calculated

11 Other Travel Diary Record details of travel not using your car eg air, rail etc. Record extra details for each trip so you can remember each one Split your expenses into each category

12 Borrowing Cost Print the Page youre looking at Enter Borrowing Costs Your Taxation Claim is automatically generated

13 Capital Allowance Existing Asset Details and applicable Depreciation Charge Record New Assets purchased

14 Loan Summary Record Interest and Repayment Amounts Key Loan Details at your finger tips Handles up to 3 loans for each property Perfect for both interest-only and principal & interest loans

15 Line of Credit Keep track of drawdowns on your line of credit See the proportion of your line of credit that has been used for investment and personal purposes Automatically split bank fees, interest charges and repayments into personal and investment

16 After youve entered all your property information, the Rental Workbook automatically produces a very comprehensive report. Lets take a look…..

17 Annual Tax Summary Key Property Indicators – Net Rental Profit / Loss etc Expenses Summary Income Summary

18 Cash Flow & % Returns Annual and Weekly Cash Flow Status % Returns Scrolling down the page a little …

19 Notes & Graphs Throughout Enter important Notes for each Property on each Input Sheet Graphs that are easy to understand – Total Rental Income, Owner Expenses, Agent Expenses, Summary Income / Expense

20 Summary – All Properties Key data from all properties is summarised in this report to allow comparison between properties. Theres also a chart of the key figures, plus space to do a simple estimate of your overall tax position for the year.

21 Advantages of using Rental Workbook It is constantly updated when tax regulations change and new features are introduced. Saves you time and money. Why pay your accountant to do your bookkeeping when Rental Workbook makes it so easy you can do this yourself! Easy to use Excel based program – even for non- computer people! Store up to 20 properties in one Rental Workbook – keep everything in one place. No more hunting! The program cost is fully tax deductible against your rental income. Essential for all property investors!

22 Price of the Rental Workbook Only AUD$150 (including GST)! This gives you : A personalised, licensed copy of the program plus 12 months of FREE upgrades. A helpful user guide with full instructions on how to get started and how to use it the program. Free e-mail and online help forum support 12 months of newsletters about tax tips for investment property owners. After 12 months, its just $99 (inc GST) to renew for another full year!

23 How to Order? Use the secure online order form on our website (click Purchase) Pay via credit card or direct deposit We will e-mail your copy to you immediately!!

24 Purchase Today! And let us help you increase your wealth!

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