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Welcome to the Parish Computer System PCS Ministry Schedule System Overview Depress Left Mouse Button or Page Down Key to Continue PCS Schedule Overview.

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1 Welcome to the Parish Computer System PCS Ministry Schedule System Overview Depress Left Mouse Button or Page Down Key to Continue PCS Schedule Overview

2 PCS Help PARISH COMPUTER SYSTEM PCS Training Help …….. Go Forward: Left Mouse Button/PAGE Down Key/Right Arrow (Resumes Auto Show) Go Previous: PAGE UP Key/Left Arrow (Suspends Auto Show) Exit:ESC Key Menu of Commands:Right Mouse Button Help:F1 key

3 PCS Schedule Definitions HH Together Determines whether or not multiple ministers from the same household will serve during the same mass. No Mail For households with multiple ministers, this feature will prevent multiple mailings from being generated for the same household. Coordinator This indicates whether or not a minister is a coordinator for his or her ministry. Certified This flag indicates whether or not the minister in question has been certified for his or her duties by the parish. Minister Availability A range of dates from which the Ministry Scheduling program can access a particular minister during schedule generation. Ministry Pattern The Ministry Pattern assigns the number and type of each minister for a particular mass.

4 Basic Procedure A coordinator must review and change this information by the designated “cutoff” date which is determined by the Parish. Once all changes are integrated, the ministry coordinator then generates a Ministry Schedule on or before the “cutoff” date. Coordinators then review the schedule again and make any necessary changes. Finally, the Ministry Schedule “published” and an be E-Mailed and uploaded to the parish Web Site as available. The procedure for generating a Ministry Schedule requires that a Parish Ministry Coordinator reviews and adjusts, where necessary, a Parish Mass Schedule and Requirements. These Mass schedules are generated by parish administrators.

5 Setting up a Mass Identify or select a Mass Type Scroll through existing masses, or generate a new one Represents the type Ministry or Ministries required for this mass Represents the number of each type of minister required for this mass Indicates the language in which this mass will be celebrated Optional station assignments for ministers can be assigned prior to mass Start Time for this mass End Time for this mass Mass Date (Only used for Holy Days or special Mass. Otherwise, the date is generated automatically by the program’s calendar feature) Day or Days of the week on which this mass is celebrated Finally, set up mass times and days of the week on which they are celebrated Next, enter the Ministry Pattern, or Minister Requirements for this particular mass First, select a Mass Name and Type Create or select a Mass Name

6 First, enter the basic information for each minister Next, Enter the Ministry information specific to the capacity under which this minister will serve Finally, enter the dates of availability, setting any exclusions, for this minister during his or her term Setting up Minister Information

7 Set mailing preference Indicates status of parishioner within a particular ministry Number of times per month this Minister is eligible to serve Setting up Minister Information Indicates whether multiple ministers from the same household prefer to serve mass together

8 Type or types of ministries for that the selected parishioner has volunteered for is an active member Lists a range of dates during which this minister is available to serve mass Indicates whether or not this minister is a coordinator for this ministry List the Day or days of the week on which this minister can serve Lists the starting and ending range of times during which a minister is available to serve mass Lists the priority, determined by the minister, for these defined terms of availability Indicates the term of service for this minister (default is 2 years) Setting up Minister Information

9 To set availability exclusions, double click the item box for the line you are entering information. Use the calendar or day-of-the- week feature by double-clicking on the date entry field. The information from these shortcuts will automatically update the data entry fields. Setting up Minister Information

10 First, select a date range for which you are going to generate a mass schedule Next, generate the first “cut” of the schedule by assigning ministers based on a priority level (1) Generating a Ministry Schedule

11 The “Unassigned” box indicates how many open requirements for ministries remain for this schedule Blank spaces under the “Member Assigned” column provide a visual indication for each ministry with open requirements Generating a Ministry Schedule

12 Filling Open Requirements Click the “Assign – Selected Priority” button to regenerate the schedule using a new priority. This can be done as often as necessary. To fill open requirements manually, click the down arrow on the open requirement itself, and select an appropriate minter from the list that appears Change the priority to 2,3 and 4 (continuing on until you have used up all existing priority settings) to fill open requirements using subsequent priorities that pertain to each minister

13 A schedule may be deleted as often as necessary and regenerated in case of errors To Publish the schedule, click the publish button. Individual changes may still be made after this has been done. After you click “Publish”, the “Delete Schedule” feature is disabled. To enable it once more, click the church icon. Publishing a Schedule

14 You can review ministers by type, and make any necessary adjustments to the associated parameters in this screen. Select a Ministry type from the drop down list, and scroll through the parameters in basic or detailed view. Review Ministers by Type

15 There are several reports that you can review and generate to aid in schedule generation and mail distribution. The two main reports are Schedule by Date and Schedule by Date 1-line. Both of these reports can be found under the “Mass” tab. Creating/Reviewing Reports

16 To Preview a Report, make sure that the Print Preview flag is selected, and click the “Print” button Ministers scheduled for mass during a specified date range will be shown by type, with relevant contact information Reports

17 There are several different reports that can be customized based on user preference. The report description window describes what each report contains For different reports, there may be filters available that you can set to further define the final report. Each one can be previewed before printing.

18 PCs Schedule Overview Parish Computer System PCS Ministry Schedule System Overview Depress Esc Key to Exit

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