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Patient Charges in Meditech 6.1

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1 Patient Charges in Meditech 6.1
Imaging and Therapeutics Services (ITS)

2 Getting Started Locate the Charging Desktop This can be within your usual job or set up as a “Second Job” The charging process includes a Desktop and routines for related reports and statistics.

3 ITS requires a Site Site designations assist in reporting and
statistics. For instance, Rehab charges entered for Rose Hill, Mt Airy and Urbana are automatically segregated in all reports and statistics. This segregation is passed on to billing where the same item can be charged a different amount depending on the site where the service was preformed.

4 Always verify your Site
For hospital based departments, “MAIN” will automatically default in. If you ONLY work at one site, that will default in for you. If you work at more than one site, one of them will default and you must change it to match the site you are charging for.

5 Define your Department
Most staff charge for only one department. That department will default in behind the scenes and you will never see this screen.

6 Entering Charges Use Find Patient to locate your patient Choose to enter a New Order Patient Charges allows for: timed charges, assigning modifiers, technicians and performing provider as required.

7 Follow your Procedures for Charge Entry
Only your category will be in the look-up Say YES if your charges requires Performing Provider. Specify which Provider for these charges Adjust date to match date patient was treated. You can back date up to 45 days If your department wants to keep stats on how many procedures each person does, fill in the Technologist field. This can be defaulted also

8 Charges are ready to file
Before filing these items can be adjusted

9 If you are entering a Timed Charge
Enter beginning date/time and ending date/time. Elapsed time is automatically calculated. BAR Comment not needed.

10 If your department requires Modifiers, you are prompted to add them after you file the charges
Highlight each item individually, use the look-up, choose the modifier. Then “OK”

11 Back on the Worklist Other functions – Charge Credit
Change quantity, You ordered 10, you are crediting 5. Billing comment is not needed

12 Other function – Edit Batch
Edit Status (Cancel), Change Order Source or Technologist

13 Other Buttons * View Detail * Preferences See next slides
If you do scheduling, you can access your scheduling desktop from here. If you charge for more than one site, you can change here without going back to home screen.

14 Other Function – View Detail
The detail of the order you choose includes the audit trail.

15 Other Functions - Preferences
Allows you to change the items you see on the worklist Worklist Preferences determine: * What status of charges you are viewing Your default is Complete and Logged (in-case an order has not been moved to Complete status) * How far in the past do you want to view the charges (based on Service Date) Your default is T-3 through today * What category of charges you have access to in charge entry You only see categories assigned to your department

16 Preferences Edit Screen
You should only edit the ORDERS tab CREATE LIST, don’t SAVE If your selections get all confused after editing and saving, use RESTORE DEFAULTS and start again

17 Billing Reports The Billing List must be printed and reviewed for accuracy and completeness within 24 hours after entering patient charges The Billing List must be kept by the department for 3 months and be available if there are billing questions.

18 Billing Reports - continued
Patient Billing Activity lists one patient’s charges for a time frame you specify. This is frequently used when answering questions about a specific patient.

19 How to get more information
Choose any billing or statistical report and use the question mark at the bottom on the page to get detailed information Click the question mark in the lower right corner of your screen for information on how to run the report and all about the information you get.

20 The End Please submit questions to your trainer, or to your department Super User. Thank You!!

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