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A quick and easy way to prepare and manage UCC filings!

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1 A quick and easy way to prepare and manage UCC filings!

2 Welcome to UCC eZFILE is an online system that has been designed to automate much of the preparation of UCC filings. Built-in editing tools give the ability to create filings quickly and easily. UCC1s, Continuations and other UCC3s can be completed and submitted for filing with just a few clicks of the mouse.

3 MY INFORMATION: User Preferences Maintain current contact information Set preferences for columns that will display in the results fields for “History” or “Reports” sections of eZFile Select e-mails you wish to receive for continuation alerts, draft e-mails, submit e-mails, and acknowledgment e-mails

4 Use this screen to maintain your most frequently used addresses for both the Debtor and Secured Parties. You can find, add, or edit an address in this window. MY INFORMATION: Address Book

5 This window allows you to maintain your collateral descriptions. You can add, edit, and delete these descriptions to suit your needs. MY INFORMATION: Collateral Book

6 MY INFORMATION: Cover Letter The Cover Letter tab allows you to select your “everyday” preferences for searches to reflect, special instructions, and mailing instructions.

7 REPORTS Continuation Alert Report: Lists all of the UCC-1 filings within eZFILE that are due to be continued. This report lists only the primary debtor on your UCC-1 Continuation Alert Report with Full Entity Name Information: Shows all of the debtor names on a UCC-1 that is due to be continued. Address Book Report: Provides a list of all the names and addresses in your address book. Filing Summary Report: Lists all of the UCC Filings in the eZFILE system. This report can be customized to list only those UCC filings under a specific job number or client matter. Secured Party Notification Report: Shows all of the Secured Parties that have previously elected to be notified when their filings are due for continuation.

8 HISTORY History allows you to customize the way your results are presented, find and open previously entered filings, and preview the details of a filing. You can also delete filings and create UCC-3 filings based on previously acknowledged UCC-1 filings.

9 HISTORY Columns to Show: Choose the information you want to see Show me results by: Show filings entered by user or by everyone in your company. Filter By and Search Text: Choose how you want to search for the filings Filter By: Limit your search by entity name, status, filing number, jurisdiction etc.

10 UCC-1 The UCC-1 tab shows the UCC-1 form in WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) format. The user fills out the form directly, without having to use confusing wizards. The UCC form also features: – A tab to help the user determine jurisdiction rules – Convenient address book and collateral descriptions – Option to save as “Draft” or to “Submit” – Ability to add Addendums, Additional Party Forms or Attachments

11 UCC-3 The UCC-3 form has the same functionality as the UCC-1, including: – WYSIWYG format – Address book and Collateral descriptions – Addendum and Additional Party forms – Space for Cover Letter, Reference Number, and State and County Jurisdictions – Option to save as “Draft” or to “Submit” – Option to add attachments

12 TEMPLATES The templates function allows you to make a general template you can use to create multiple filings that are similar to each other. Templates help save time by eliminating the need to type the same information over and over again (such as secured party information) and reduces the likelihood for errors.

13 Benefits of using eZFILE Increase your productivity with automated filing preparation Consolidate all of your filing information in one easy-to- manage database Effectively manage your filings portfolio with customizable reports, history grids, and address book Significantly reduce your courier costs with electronic transmittal of filings Receive continuation alerts on filings about to expire

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