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Automate Integrate Innovate fenyaAST : Asset Tracking Made Easy.

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1 Automate Integrate Innovate fenyaAST : Asset Tracking Made Easy

2 fenyaAST or fenyaAssetTracking provides a quick and efficient means to track and manage your company’s assets with the use of mobile barcode scanners. Time wasting and unreliable information is no longer an issue as a systematic data exchange ensures data integrity. Manually transfer assets between locations or use the barcode scanner to ensure the right assets are transferred to the right location. Have a real-time view of where each asset is located and its location history with detailed reporting. Perform audits to highlight discrepancies and adjust data accordingly. Asset Movement and Asset history reporting with various filters. Welcome to fenyaAST

3 fenyaAST : How it works FenyaAST consist of a PC Application - FenyaAST - and the mobile barcode scanner application - FenyaSAT. These two programs interact with each other to ensure data integrity and efficient data capturing.

4 fenyaAST : Asset Maintenance In FenyaAST the user can edit all information relating to an asset, buildings, locations, asset types and suppliers. Specify asset types, location types and physical locations and building numbers for each asset. Maintain a companies entire asset register in Asset Maintenance. The following aspects fall under Asset Maintenance : Assets Asset Types Buildings and Locations Location Types Suppliers

5 fenyaAST : Asset Maintenance Asset Types - Creating Asset Types allows for a more descriptive analysis of the companies assets. Various reports can be pulled by asset type. Add, Edit or Delete Asset Types Location Types - Location Types distinguish physical locations and ensure reporting integrity Location Types describe the nature of a location and relating factors. Add, Edit or Delete Location Types

6 fenyaAST : Asset Maintenance Suppliers -Add, Edit or Delete Suppliers Return Faulty Assets to Suppliers and Retrieve them. Adding Suppliers allows assets to be tracked on return to suppliers and once the asset is returned from the supplier. In the case where an asset needs to be returned to a supplier (i.e. for repairs) FenyaAST allows the asset to be ‘returned’ to the supplier. This ‘disables’ the asset as if it was not part of your system until such time that you can return the asset and all previous data relating to that asset is restored.

7 fenyaAST : Asset Maintenance Add a new building and edit the address details. Add a new location. Edit an existing location. View all the assets in a selected location. Buildings and locations

8 fenyaAST : Asset Maintenance Assets Add, edit or delete assets. View a list of all registered assets.

9 fenyaAST : Scan-In-Assets In this process data is sent to the scanner (FenyaSAT), the user scans in new assets, fills in the required details and the captured asset data is transferred back to the PC application (FenyaAST). As seen above, the user will need to enter all relevant details that can be seen in the maintenance menu. On the left is the homepage of the FenyaSAT scanner application.

10 fenyaAST : Asset Transfers This section consists of Manual Transfers (using FenyaAST) and Scanner Transfers (using FenyaSAT). Manually select assets and transfer them between buildings and locations.

11 fenyaAST : Asset Transfers When using the scanner transfer option, data is sent to the scanner (FenyaSAT), the user then scans all the assets in the selected building and location. Once completed the data is sent back to the PC application(FenyaAST) where the user has the choice to update the system with the “scanned location” of each asset. Once uploaded to the PC, FenyaAST highlights whether an item has been scanned or not. On the left, the Scanner Transfer module on the scanner application FenyaSAT

12 fenyaAST : Asset Movement Asset Movement is a module in FenyaAST that tracks all the movements of the assets in the company. There are various filters from which the user can pull the asset movement report by, such as date, asset code, location and more. The report highlights the location it was moved to and which user authorised the transfer. * These reports can be printed to Excel

13 fenyaAST : Asset History Asset History is similar to Asset Movement in FenyaAST that tracks all the maintenance history of the assets within the company. *These reports can be printed to Excel

14 fenyaAST : Audit The Audit is a process whereby an assets current location is verified. The location of existing assets are sent to the scanner, the assets are scanned and the data is brought back to the PC application(FenyaAST) for verification. Once the data is transferred to the PC, the discrepancies are highlighted. The grid is colour-coded so that discrepancies are easily spotted. The user then has the choice to update the system with scanned location\ building or leave them in their current location\building,

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