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CareCentrix Direct Training. | CareCentrix Direct Overview CareCentrix is very excited to introduce a new enhancement to our provider portal called CareCentrix.

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1 CareCentrix Direct Training

2 | CareCentrix Direct Overview CareCentrix is very excited to introduce a new enhancement to our provider portal called CareCentrix Direct. This feature will allow providers access, through the CareCentrix provider portal, to referrals available in their area, and includes the ability to sign up for notifications via or text. This new functionality will allow providers to receive referral notifications sooner, to quickly and easily accept those referrals and, to do it all entirely online. This training will cover the steps for how to sign-up for CareCentrix Direct and how to accept referrals. 2

3 | 3 Part I CareCentrix Direct Sign Up

4 | Where to Sign Up for CareCentrix Direct Portal Administrators at your location can easily sign up your agency to use this feature Click the User Admin link on the main portal home page to access the sign up screen 4 Click User Admin to sign up

5 | Step 1: Click CareCentrix Direct Contacts 5 Click the CareCentrix Direct Contacts tab to sign up locations for the CareCentrix Direct feature Important! The Portal Administrator for your company controls which individuals at each provider location can receive the referral notifications via or text. Click CareCentrix Direct Contacts to sign up

6 | 6 Note: The CareCentrix Direct feature will remain disabled until you enable it. Step 2: Enable CareCentrix Direct Click Enable to activate CareCentrix Direct

7 | 7 Step 3: Select Notification Type Notification Types: a. /Text & Online access (Recommended) b. Daily Digest & Online access c. Online Portal access only Note: CareCentrix strongly recommends selecting the All Notices option so that the appropriate contacts are immediately notified for every new referral. If you choose the Daily Digest or Online option, it will be your agency’s responsibility to check our Portal continuously for new referrals. No other automated notification will be issued about referrals available to your agency.

8 | 8 Step 4: Add Location Level-Contacts If your agency has multiple locations with different contacts for the automated notifications, it is critical that Portal Administrators click on the Add Location Contact button to set up location-specific contacts. Click Add Location Contact to add agency contact information

9 | 9 Step 4: Add Location Level-Contacts Click the location name in the Select location field. Select a notification type for the locations selected (All Notices option is recommended) Enter the address and/or phone numbers for each location Click Save Hold the CTRL key down while making a selection to choose multiple locations Note: If you check the box labeled ‘Include default contacts on notices sent to selected locations’, then your default location as well as your specified locations will receive all notifications.

10 | 10 Administrators can come back to this screen at any time to update contact information. Step 5: Review CareCentrix Direct Information Your CareCentrix Direct sign up is complete! Check all information for accuracy. Click Edit to update the default contact information Click Edit or Delete to manage your location contact information

11 | 11 Editing Default Contact Information Update the desired contact information Click Save Click Save to store the updated information

12 | 12 Editing Location Level Contact Information Click Save to store the updated information Update the location contact information Click Save

13 | 13 Part II CareCentrix Direct Feature Overview

14 | Now that you have completed the sign up process for the CareCentrix Direct feature, you will now be able to receive referral opportunities quicker with just the click of a button. This training will cover the steps for reviewing, accepting, or declining a case using the CareCentrix Direct feature. 14

15 | Notification of CareCentrix Direct Referrals 15 If our system determines that you are one of the providers able to staff a case, you will be notified by the method you selected during set up of your CareCentrix Direct account: Text message Daily Digest Online The notification will instruct you to log into the Portal to view the specifics of the case. After reviewing the case, you may accept or decline it.

16 | New CareCentrix Direct Referrals 16 Case staffing activities will be managed on the My Referral screen. To access the screen click on the link in the , or you can access the screen whenever you are logged into the CareCentrix portal. The screen will default to all Active referrals, which are the referrals you can still accept. Click the Accepted tab to view cases you previously accepted and agreed to provide services. The Declined tab displays referrals you declined to provide services. The Inactive tab displays referrals that can no longer be accepted because another provider accepted or they timed out. The Active tab displays referrals you can accept. The Accepted tab displays cases you accepted. The Inactive tab displays referrals that can no longer be accepted. The Declined tab displays referrals you declined to provide services.

17 | New CareCentrix Direct Referrals 17 The My Referrals screen displays: The referral notification date and time Patient location information Referral status Remaining response time The amount of time remaining for any provider to respond before time expires. The amount of time remaining that your agency has to respond before notices go out to other agencies.

18 | CareCentrix Direct from My Referrals 18 Click the “All” tab to view all referrals including accepted, inactive and declined cases. Click All to view all case staffing activities.

19 | Advanced Search 19 You can search for specific case staffing activities using the Advanced Search Feature. Click Advanced Search Enter the desired information in one or more of the data fields (i.e., patient name, state, zip code, notification date, etc.) Click the Search button Enter the search information in one or more fields. Click Search.

20 | Accept the Referral 20 Click the View link to review the details of the referral and either Accept or Decline. Click the View link for the referral you want to accept.

21 | Accept the Referral 21 You can view details and decide whether you want to accept or decline the referral. Information available includes: Service Code and HCPC Service Description Start of Care Date Diagnosis Code. You can hover over the diagnosis code to see the description. To accept the referral, click on the accept button. Note: You will need to accept all services listed to be able to accept the case. To decline the referral, click on the Decline button. Click Accept to accept all services listed for the case.

22 | Accept the Referral 22 If you choose to accept the referral, you must confirm that you can meet the start of care and that you will verify the patient is eligible and has the benefit to receive the service prior to starting care. Click OK. Check each box and click OK.

23 | Accept the Referral 23 If the service is one for which we do not have negotiated pricing with you, enter your rate for each service displayed. Click Submit. Enter your rate for all services. Click Submit. You have officially accepted the referral and should proceed in providing service!

24 | Accept the Referral 24 After accepting the referral all other notifications to any other providers will be cancelled and you can receive applicable clinical information and the Service Authorization Form through the Auth Status option. Note: CareCentrix will still contact providers manually if all providers have declined, or there is not enough time before the earliest start of care date to give enough time to complete the automated process.

25 | Decline the Referral 25 If you choose to not provide the services for the referral, click on the Decline button. Click Decline to refuse the services.

26 | Decline the Referral 26 Select a reason from the drop-down list box that best describes the reason why you are declining the referral.

27 | Decline the Referral 27 If you select “Request or Service out of Providers’ Service Area, you will be asked to provide the time period in which you will not be able to provide the services (one day, one week, greater). CareCentrix will stop sending you notifications for that service in that area until the timeframe you selected expires.

28 | Thank you for completing the CareCentrix Direct training! We hope that you are now as excited about CareCentrix Direct as we are at CareCentrix. CareCentrix strives to invest in technology that promotes greater operational efficiency for all providers in our network, and CareCentrix Direct is a great example of this. We will continue to provide updates to you as this feature continues to develop. As always, feel free to contact your Network Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

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