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AIAA Engineering and Technology Management Group Leadership Meeting AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Grapevine, TX 7-10 January 2013.

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1 AIAA Engineering and Technology Management Group Leadership Meeting AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Grapevine, TX 7-10 January 2013

2 2 ETM Group Leadership Team Director – Allen Arrington Deputy Directors Nancy Andersen Sophia Bright Abdi Khodadoust Economics – Jairus Hind / Dan Nigg History – Cam Martin / Tom Crouch Legal (LA3) – Jim Rendleman / Doug Marshall Management – Andrea Amram / Tom Irvine Society and Aerospace Technology – Jarret Lafluer/ Brad Steinfeldt / Chris Hearsey Systems Engineering – John Dahlgren / John Eiler

3 3 New AIAA Forums Approved by BoD in May 2012 AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (“SciTech”, Winter timeframe) AIAA Defense and Security Forum and Exposition (“DEFENSE”, Winter timeframe) AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (“AVIATION”, Early Summer timeframe) AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition (“Propulsion and Energy”, Mid Summer timeframe) AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition (“SPACE”, Late Summer timeframe)

4 TAC Topic: New Event Model AIAA Staff is studying hotels/conference centers for size  Previously selected ASM hotels are planned for ASTF  Planning for 2014 has started Rolling out some features prior to 2014  ITAR sessions (US Only) at 2013 JPC  Aviation 2013  Space 2013 Forum Dates and Locations for 2014  Winter - SciTech January 13-17, National Harbor MD  Winter/Spring - Defense TBD, TBD  Early Summer - Aviation June 16-20, Atlanta GA  Mid Summer - Propulsion and Energy July 28-30, Cleveland OH  Late Summer - Space August 5-7, San Diego CA 4

5 The New Event Model (NEM) Three-Tiered Structure  Plenary – provides the aerospace professional insight into the opportunities and challenges that face the aerospace industry  Integration – provides the aerospace professional the ability to engage in cross-cutting topics and solutions to system level challenges  Discipline – provides the aerospace professional the opportunity to engage in technical exchange on focused topics of interest 5

6 AVIATION 2013 – Goals Provide a premier forum integrating policy, program and technical  Recent progress on aircraft, air traffic management, operations and aviation technology development  Policy, planning and market issues affecting the future direction of the global aviation community Create a venue for the interaction between academia, researchers, systems developers, product support personnel, operators, technologists, managers, and business developers from throughout industry and government Complement specialized meetings with a broad, integrating view of aviation Maintain attractiveness of event to the Technical Committees and Program Committees Assure constituency involvement

7 Conference Themes Global Aviation: Outlook, opportunities, and challenges The Energy Imperative: The impact of energy on the future of aviation The Connectivity Challenge: Protecting our assets in a networked world Developing the UAS Market Shaping the Policy Discussion 7

8 Aviation 2013: The First Step Experiments with aspects of the NEM Incorporates three of the proposed conferences for Aviation 20xx  Aviation Technology, Integration and Operations (ATIO) Conference  International Powered Lift Conference (IPLC)  Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange (CASE) Organized in 3 tiers  Plenary (speakers and plenary panels)  Integrated => CASE (invited panels)  Technical => ATIO and IPLC (call for papers) 8

9 Aviation 2013 Executive Committee Plenary The Big Picture General Chair - Jim Planning Committee Program/Track Chairs Session/Panel Chairs and Organizers CASE Integration/systems level stuff General Chair - Allen Planning Committee Program/Track Chairs (3 Tracks) Session/Panel Chairs and Organizers Technical ATIO, IPLC General Chair - David Planning Committee Program Committees Paper Sessions/Tracks (enough to cover the both conferences) Paper Session Chairs and Organizers Main themes from Plenary level work through systems/integration and on into Technology

10 10

11 CASE Tracks Complex Systems Development Integration, Test and Verification of Complex Systems Program Management of Robust and Resilient System Developing and overall theme that will mesh with the overall Aviation Forum theme(s). 11

12 12 TC Annual Reports TC Chairs are responsible for generating an annual report  See document “TAC_F_Annual Report Template with PC Mods_V02”  s/AllItems.aspx Due to ETMG Director by end of January Director develops an annual report to TAC based on these reports. Rosters due to Betty by the end of January.

13 TC Topic: General Reminders Chair-Elect  For new chairs, TCs need to select a vice-chair in a timely fashion  There are two accepted practices for chair-elect timelines (see TAC_P_Chairs Manual_V01)  TC Chair position is for 2 years Member Responsibilities  Maintain current AIAA Membership (must be an AIAA member)  Recruit new TC members  Submit names for AIAA awards  Submit names for AIAA elected offices  Propose membership upgrades  Propose session papers for AIAA journals 13

14 TC Topic: General Reminders Technical Committee size  Maximum of 50 members  35 US Members  International members  Associate members 34 years old or younger (non-voting)  Alumni members (non-voting)  Must get approval of ASG Director or Dep. Director to extend TC member beyond 3 year term  Cost to AIAA when TC meeting attendance goes up – Dinner cost – Audio Visual (AV) and speaker system – Reason for limitation on number of “visitors” to TC meetings. 14

15 15 ETMG Topic: TC Funds ETMG Director is given annual funding Need good, creative ideas (with technical content) from TCs so we can utilize the funds for what they were intended. VP TAC is very receptive to Student Paper Award Proposals Still Time for FY13  Fiscal Year ends 30 September  No requests to date

16 16

17 17 ASG Topic: ASM, NHF & Aerospace Expo Site Selection now ASTF location 2014: Potomac, MD (Gaylord National) 2015: Orlando, FL (Gaylord Palms) 2016: San Diego, CA (Manchester Grand Hyatt) 2017: Grapevine, TX (Gaylord Texan) 2018: Orlando, FL (Gaylord Palms)

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