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Society & Aerospace Technology TC Winter Meeting 4 January 2010.

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1 Society & Aerospace Technology TC Winter Meeting 4 January 2010

2 2 Notes from January 3 ETM Group Meeting Discussion of making emeritus member an official TC membership designation The SAT TC will be organizing the Delta Forum for the ETM Group for the year 2011. Tentative topic of the forum will be System Integration Other ETM Group committees interested in supporting the forum include the Systems Engineering TC, Economics TC, and Value-Driven Design PC Contact the Energy Optimized Aircraft and Equipment Systems PC to see if they are interested in supporting this forum Discussion of other conferences that may be appropriate for the SAT TC to attend or participate in: Joint Propulsion Conference Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference (ATIO) Inside Aerospace

3 3 ETM Metrics for Measuring TC Success The ETM Group has been developing metrics to be used to help monitor the health of TCs within the group. Draft ideas include the following: 1.Number of products that benefit the Institute at Large, which might include –Planning/organizing conference sessions –Sponsoring Technical Awards –Delivering Short Courses –Publishing Highlight Article, Standards, Journals, or Position Papers –Supporting specific Institute activities (e.g., Institute Governance, etc). 2.Number of activities conducted by TC members providing advocacy or education on aerospace or TC related topics. 3.TC organization –Value-added meetings and teleconferences, which could also include activities such as focused topical meetings, working groups, etc. –Maintaining an up to date TC Governing Document / Bylaws. –Leadership/membership succession plan and committee balance.

4 4 ETM Metrics for Measuring TC Success Draft ideas include the following (continued list): 4.Percent of membership participating in meetings during the year. 5.Number of TC Members who are Young Professionals (under age of 35)? 6.Number of TC Members who are International Members? 7.TC member satisfaction with value that they receive from participating in TC? (Very, somewhat, maybe not, not at all).

5 5 SAT TC Annual Report SAT TC Annual Report is due 31 January 2010. I may be contacting TC members in the next week or two for contributions to the annual report.

6 New TC Membership Updated TC roster is due 31 January 2010 Terms for new members will begin in May 2010 Objective is to grow TC to full membership (35 full members) Special emphasis needs to be given to recruiting new members with the following backgrounds: Aeronautics Sociology Public policy Arts and humanities 6

7 7 Current ETM Membership FullAssociateInternationalTotalExpired Computer Aided Enterprise Solutions1100 4 Economics2801292 History2702290 Legal Aspects of A&A2100 2 Management2700 1 Society & Aerospace Technology2403271 Systems Engineering3043371

8 8 Update of SAT TC Website The SAT TC website is now on SharePoint. Link to TC website: TC Webmaster: Chi Mai (

9 9 SAT TC Support of AIAA Publications The SAT TC was asked to provide comments, suggestions, or questions regarding AIAA publications. Our TCs response included the following two comments: 1.Add a much more highly visible and comprehensive page/section to Aerospace America about the AIAA's Standards activities. This will improve the awareness (and possible involvement) of the AIAA membership about the AIAA Standards activities. 2.The AIAA should do more to encourage TCs/Subcommittees to publish books under the AIAA banner. Perhaps they should encourage compiling conference papers into books. I would image that they would sell better on average than individual papers on their website.

10 TC Charter and Bylaws The SAT TC has no current charter or by-laws A charter and bylaws subcommittee was formed to draft these documents. Subcommittee members include: Tom Gangale, co-chair Marilyn Dudley-Flores, co-chair Ramesh Agarwal Lynn Baroff John Christian Chi Mai Jim Pass 10

11 11 The New TC Description The AIAA Society and Aerospace Technology Technical Committee (SAT TC) focuses on (1) how aerospace technology and techniques help solve critical societal challenges and improve quality of life, and (2) understanding interactions between aerospace sciences and broader social and cultural trends.

12 Space 2010 Call For Papers The Space History and Society Track examines the history of our time in space, how the aerospace industry perceives current issues, the societal benefits of aerospace technologies, and the evolution of our spacefaring society. Track sessions will address these topics: The History of Aerospace – Legacy and Lessons Learned: Includes spaceflight and space technology; manned space programs; launch systems; unmanned programs; with an emphasis on people and organizations, programs, facilities and infrastructure. The Delta Forum – International Contributions to the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS): Focus on European, Asian, South American and other international programs to address the societal benefits of GEOSS through the application of space technologies. Interactions With Society – Aerospace and the Arts: Scholarly analyses of space themes in mainstream media, to include non-fiction and fiction books, film, television, advertising, or photography, highlighting the role of the arts in engaging society in space exploration. 12

13 Space 2010 Call For Papers (cont.) Space Medicine and Astrosociology: Focus on social, cultural, and ethical complications associated with practicing medicine in space; investigation of current issues and advancements in space medicine and analysis of how these technologies benefit society. Astrosociology: Focus on societal institutions needed for successful long- duration space missions or space settlements; planetary protection concepts from the perspective of psychology, social psychology, sociology and anthropology; protection of society & culture in the event of a large- scale impact with a near-Earth object. Space Law and Policy: Current and emerging issues affecting society and our future in space, including national space policies of the U.S., other countries, and the UN; international cooperation in space; orbital liabilities; space warfare; and legal institutions for settlements. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): Papers describing current programs and lessons learned for program implementation, with specific case studies to enable rapid adaptation for implementation. 13

14 ASM 2011 Call For Papers The Society and Aerospace Technology Technical Committee examines societal benefits of aerospace technologies as well as the relationship between aerospace and society, culture, and the arts. Abstracts are solicited that address these and related issues. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: Aerospace and terrorism Aerospace and public safety Astrosociology Benefits and examples of aerospace technology spin-offs Utilization of aerospace assets to address social problems Space medicine and medical astrosociology Group dynamics and societal institutions in isolated communities (space settlements, Antarctica, etc.) Discussion of aerospace topics and programs from the perspective of disciplines such as psychology, social psychology, sociology, and anthropology 14

15 15

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