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AIAA Task Force on Earth Observations 2 October 2009 AIAA HQ Reston VA.

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1 AIAA Task Force on Earth Observations 2 October 2009 AIAA HQ Reston VA

2 2 Agenda Review of AIAA strategic imperative Review of EO-related events Discussion around AIAA-unique contributions Potential activity based on previous IAC discussions Defining a way forward

3 Earth Observations – An AIAA Strategic Imperative AIAA 2009-2013 strategic plan approved in January 2009 - Identified 3 strategic imperatives to be addressed by AIAA products and services Advance technologies to monitor and reduce environmental impacts – provide venues and programs around key advancements needed to measure global climate change Other two focused on workforce and aerospace energy efficiency, all three interrelated Impacts across the Institute Tech Activities – no less than 2 new technical forums in strategic areas Public Policy – at least 10 annual policy events, majority focused on imperatives 3

4 Recent and Upcoming EO-Related Events Climate Change Data Calibration (21 September) co-sponsored by AEO, LM, NG Global Space Development Summit (12, 13 November) co-organized with CSIS, CSA, SF Infotech @ Aerospace (20-22 April) Inside Aerospace (11-12 May) 4

5 AIAA Approach to New Areas of Interest Many new areas involve both policy and technical interchange and are global in nature Those that do not have well established venues for technical interchange represent an opportunity for AIAA International policy issues are not something we typically deal with; but important to many corporate members One notional approach to includes the following Participation and visibility – since we must first be seen as a player if we want to be a leader. Need to find active role(s) for volunteers and staff in relevant activities. Partnering with other, established organizations is critical to success. Provide integrating thought leadership – this is important in policy issues, but we must be an integrating factor, not just a US only focus. This area is also easiest to get corporate participation. Need to target new corporate members with similar interests as well as increased activity of current corporate members. Recognition of AIAA value added – this drives activities such as embassy receptions, small summit conferences, and collaboration with other societies. Could also include sessions at other events (AIAA or others) to get a quicker start. Development of new targeted products and services - for information exchange and networking in relevant areas. Could include new events, professional development courses, and books/journals. 5

6 Open Discussion on Potential AIAA Contributions Are there specific problem areas in EO community not being addressed? How can AIAA core competencies add value in these problem areas? Technical expertise across wide spectrum of disciplines Forum planning, management, and execution Public policy outreach and monitoring Publication development Standardization Professional development and training courses Are there potential partner organizations we need to engage? Cooperative opportunities to leverage the resources AIAA can bring to the table? 6

7 One Potential Activity Development of U.S. Earth Information Roadmap Derived from past discussions and initiatives of IAC Series of workshops, each addressing single element of EO framework: Observables Platforms and sensors Modeling and simulation Decision support Potential workshop structure around each element Review of current state Identify needs Identify gaps Define way forward (policy, budget, technology development) Workshops held over the next year with Fall 2010 as target for completion Possibly leverage Inside Aerospace for interim report out Intent would be that workshops would be highly inclusive and leverage the strengths of multiple organizations (AIAA NCS, AAS, AEO, SEC, AIA, etc.) 7

8 Formalizing AIAA Involvement Potential exists to form AIAA Program Committee AIAAs Program Committees (PCs) bring together experts on specific programs. These committees serve as focal points for leading edge or emerging programs in the aerospace industry, and keep AIAA informed of progress and new developments. The PCs integrate related Technical Committees (TCs) to ensure that all of the program areas are represented. Report through AIAA VP-Technical Activities Requirements for approval Charter, goals, success metrics, timelines Member champion to serve as initial chair Initial list of members Potential activities Focal point and body of knowledge for all AIAA EO related activities Coordinate AIAA activities with relevant organizations and partners Plan and sponsor relevant events (technical, policy, educational, networking) Provide input for public policy issues and AIAA responses Annual article for Aerospace America 8

9 Next Steps Staff will summarize discussion and action items from today Develop plans and support structures for any activities identified today Follow up with necessary volunteer bodies (i.e., ETC, TAC) regarding potential new PC Identify any budget implications and potential sources of Institute funding and/or sponsorship 9

10 Thank You This is an important initiative for AIAA. Your involvement and guidance is invaluable 10

11 11

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