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Society & Aerospace Technology TC Summer Meeting 14 September 2009.

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1 Society & Aerospace Technology TC Summer Meeting 14 September 2009

2 2 AIAA 2009-2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT David Thompson VICE PRESIDENTS ELECT PAST PRESIDENT PRESIDENT-ELECT VICE PRESIDENTS TECHNICAL DIRECTORS Intl Activities Mark Maurice Public Policy P Hattis Member Svcs M. Snitch Standards Wilson Felder Publications Mike Bragg Tech Activities Laura McGill Region I J. Malay Region IV James Walker Region II G. Lowrey Region V L. Brase Region III S. Gogineni Region VI B. Wilson R. Lindberg David Dolling Bonnie Dunbar Christian Mari (international) Susan Ying (international) Takashi Iida (international) A. Gupta N. PfeifferT. Sorensen B. Hassan K. Atkins J. Neidhoefer DIRECTORS-AT- LARGE & INTL REGIONAL DIRECTORS Education Merri Sanchez Finance Tom Smith Mark Lewis D. Riley George Muellner Public Policy Carol Cash VICE PRESIDENTS Region VII Juergen Quest Education Neal Barlow Liaisons Student Liaison Dustin Wood Young Professional Sarah Shull

3 3 TAC Organization Vice President Laura McGill Director of Aerospace Sciences David Riley Staff Liaison Betty Guillie New Initiatives Mark Melanson Program Committees Anthony Gross Director of Propulsion & Energy Ashwani Gupta Director of Aerospace Design & Structures Kathleen Atkins Director of Information Systems James Neidhoefer Committee Liaisons Director of Space & Missiles Trevor Sorensen Director of Aircraft & Atmos Systems Neal Pfeiffer Director of Eng & Tech Management Basil Hassan VP-Deputy Basil Hassan

4 4 ETM Group Leadership - 2009-2010 Basil Hassan, Director and Deputy VP Technical Activities Nancy Andersen and James Afarin, Deputy Directors TC Chairs / Chair-Elects Computer-Aided Enterprise Solutions – Mike Jahadi Economics – Marilee Wheaton / Annalisa Weigel History – Scott Eberhardt / Kevin Burns Legal Aspects of Aeronautics and Astronautics – Pamela Meredith Management – David Elrod / Andrea Amram Society & Aerospace Technology – John Christian Systems Engineering – John Day / Sophia Bright Value Drive Design PC – Paul Callopy / Peter Hollingsworth

5 5 ETM Membership FullAssociateInternationalTotalExpired Computer Aided Enterprise Solutions1100 4 Economics2801292 History2702290 Legal Aspects of A&A2100 2 Management2700 1 Society & Aerospace Technology2403271 Systems Engineering3043371

6 New TC Membership Nominations for TC membership are open through 1 November 2009 Terms for new members begin in May 2010 Objective is to grow TC to full membership Special emphasis needs to be given to recruiting new members with an aero background Review membership section in TAC handbook … 6

7 TC Officer Elections In an online vote the summer, the TC decided on the following officer structure and term durations: A committee member is elected to the position of chair-elect/vice-chair for a term of two years. The positions of chair-elect and vice-chair are concurrently occupied by the same individual. After the completion of this two year term as chair-elect/vice-chair, the individual becomes the committee chair for a term of two years. The chair-elect/vice-chair/chair sequence represents a four year commitment. All other officer positions (secretary and subcommittee chairs) have a term of one year. 7

8 TC Officer Elections Online voting for vice-chair/chair-elect and for astrosociology subcommittee chair have begun. The online election closes at midnight on 17 September 2009 PLEASE remember to vote!!! 8

9 TC Charter and Bylaws The SAT TC has no current charter or bylaws A charter and bylaws subcommittee was formed to draft these documents. Subcommittee members include: Tom Gangale, co-chair Marilyn Dudley-Flores, co-chair Ramesh Agarwal Lynn Baroff John Christian Chi Mai Jim Pass 9

10 10

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