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Institute Engagement in AIAA Event Model January 2013.

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1 Institute Engagement in AIAA Event Model January 2013

2 2 Why the New Event Model? Our profession is evolving and AIAA must change with it  More emphasis in the industry on integrating systems and disciplines. AIAA must be in a position to support these growth areas.  Our membership numbers are in slow decline and we are not retaining membership in the young professional ranks.  Our conferences have evolved to more focused events that only attract a portion of the aerospace community.  Many in our profession, primarily those in industry (who make up nearly half our membership), do not find our current conference offerings relevant to their jobs.

3 Goals in Pursuing New Event Model Ensure our Institute is relevant to aerospace professionals (academia, government, industry) Ensure our conferences integrate a spectrum of topics of interest to the profession (technical disciplines, systems, policy, operations, etc.) and other areas of the Institute Ensure our overall events provide meaningful professional development and interaction opportunities to the broad aerospace community (conference papers/presentations, networking, education, exhibits, etc.) Ensure our events are financially viable (both for the attendee and for the Institute) Ensure that our conferences are “must attend” events for all those in our profession and can accommodate expansion into new technology and program areas 3

4 New AIAA Forums Approved by BoD in May 2012 AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (“SciTech”, Winter timeframe) AIAA Defense and Security Forum and Exposition (“DEFENSE”, Winter timeframe) AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (“AVIATION”, Early Summer timeframe) AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition (“Propulsion and Energy”, Mid Summer timeframe) AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition (“SPACE”, Late Summer timeframe) 4

5 Program Structure for Forums Three-Tiered Structure  Plenary – provides the aerospace professional insight into the opportunities and challenges that face the aerospace industry  Integration – provides the aerospace professional the ability to engage in cross-cutting topics and solutions to system level challenges  Discipline – provides the aerospace professional the opportunity to engage in technical exchange on focused topics of interest 5

6 Program Structure: Plenary Tier High-level keynote speakers and panel sessions focused on the integrating themes of the event that address critical issues facing the aerospace industry Sessions will be at the “Forum” level, be identified by “Executive Steering Committee” for the event, and involve participation and input from other areas of the Institute (Corporate Membership, Education, International, Public Policy, Publications, Standards) The target audience will be high level attendees from government, industry, and academia Topics could include areas like policy, funding, education, standards, acquisition, etc. These sessions should be open to all event attendees and have minimum overlap with other sessions 6

7 Program Structure: Integration Tier Sessions that explore multi-disciplinary topics and integration of systems and technologies Sessions will be planned by “Forum Organizing Committee” with representatives across the Institute who are tasked with focusing on bringing together people from several disciplines and identifying topics of interest to broad spectrum of attendees These topics will target those from academia, government, and industry that are interested in a more systems or operational focus Sessions could involve panel discussions, lessons learned, best practices, case studies, tutorials, seminars, workshops Joint sessions typical at current conferences when multiple committees have an interest in the same topic 7

8 Program Structure: Discipline Tier Discipline-focused topics typical of the current technical conferences that align within the framework of the overall forum themes Technical sessions would be planned by the “Technical Program Committee”, addressing topics that are both consistent with overall forum themes and historical foundational technical areas Little or no overlap in topics between individual technical disciplines 8

9 Potential Audiences and Activities 9 Forums provide the opportunity to different kind of sessions/ activities to appeal to a variety of audiences InsightKnowledgeSystemsSolutionsCareerInteractionOutreach Objective Providing inspiration and insight about the industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces. Providing opportunities for attendees to exchange technical information or learn new approaches and skills. Providing the ability to engage in cross- cutting topics and solutions to system- level challenges Providing practical information and ideas that attendees can apply at work. Providing information and interaction that help attendees plan for, enter, manage, and grow in their career. Providing opportunities for various audience segments to interact in B2B and B2C discussions Providing messages about insight and inspiration from event to other segments (public, students, media). Audience Executives, Managers, Engineers, Professors Executives, Managers, Engineers, Operators, Professors, PhD/Grad Students, Under Grad Students Executives, Managers, Engineers, Operators Managers, Operators, Professors, PhD/Grad Students, Under Grad Students Executives, Managers, Engineers, Operators Public,K-12 Students, Teachers, Parents, Media Activities Thought Leader Keynote Speakers, Industry Forecasts, Roundtables Discussions, Hot Topics/ Late Breaking News, Policy Sessions Technical Keynote Speakers, Panel Discussions, Paper and Poster Presentations. Technical Tours Paper and Poster Presentations, Panel Discussions, Workshops Lessons Learned, Case Studies, Best Practices Career Fairs, Mentoring Sessions, Resume Writing Seminars, Competitions, Continuing Education Courses, Motivational Speakers, Networking Activities Exhibit Demonstrations, Product Launches, B2B and B2C Meetings, Hosted Buyer Program Activities for Local Schools, Teacher Workshops, Exhibit Public Days, Public Lectures, Section Engagement, Press Conferences

10 Forum Organizing Structure 10

11 How Your Committee Can Engage Ensure your committee has a “Program Chair” on the Forum Organizing Committees for appropriate events to:  Provide input to the Forum General Chair on Executive Steering Committee-level topics (themes, plenary sessions)  Identity how to use the event to meet your program objectives  Align program area activities to the overarching theme and focus of the forum  Coordinate and integrate program area activities within the overall forum  Form and lead working committee to organize program area activities as needed  Help promote the event within your committee/community Need your representative for the SciTech Organizing Committee asap 11

12 Examples of Activities that Highlight Your Programs Themed workshop or seminars of interest to attendees Panel discussion or series of sessions on related topics Networking activity Motivational speakers Your ideas… 12

13 Upcoming Events 2013 Events (Starting to transition before 2014)  AVIATION: 12-14 August, Los Angeles, CA  SPACE: 10-12 September, San Diego, CA 2014 Forums  SciTech: 13-16 January, National Harbor, MD  AVIATION: 16-20 June, Atlanta, GA  Propulsion and Energy: 28-30 July, Cleveland, OH  SPACE 2014: 4-7 August, San Diego, CA  DEFENSE 2014: TBD 13


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