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A Flawed Peace : World War I Ends

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1 A Flawed Peace : World War I Ends
(Ch. 13 Sec. 4)

2 Treaty of Versailles

3 Treaty of Versailles Treaty officially ends World War I 1918: Treaty signed by Great Britain, France, United States, Italy, Germany, and Austria Treaty decided the direction of the World After World War I

4 What was the Treaty Supposed To Do?
A fair peace achieved by ending secret treaties freedom of the seas free trade between nations smaller militaries

5 What was the Treaty Supposed To Do?
fairness towards colonized peoples self-determination: letting colonized peoples rule themselves League of Nations: an international world wide peace keeping organization

6 What Did Great Britain and France Want the Treaty to Do?
TO PUNISH GERMANY! Reward themselves strip Germany of its ability to wage war,

7 Punishment for Germany
Germany lost a lot of territory!! Germany had severe restrictions placed on its military “War-Guilt Clause:” accept total blame for the war Germany had to pay $33 Billion in reparations to GB/Fr.

8 Changes to the World Map

9 Changes to the World Map
Ottoman lands in the Middle East were carved up into colonies for GB and France;

10 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson

11 Wilson’s 14 Points President Wilson’s Plan to maintain world peace after World War I

12 Wilson’s 14 Points Included League of Nations: an international peace keeping organization

13 League of Nations America did not join: they didn’t want to be dragged into future European wars because of treaties or alliances Without U.S. support the League of Nations was unable to take action in various problems and disputes around the world

14 Countries Feel Cheated
a legacy of resentment and rage amongst Germans Africans/Asians were angry they weren’t granted independence Japan and Italy angry they weren’t given as much land as GB and France

15 Legacy of the Treaty of Versailles
Problems, greed, shortcomings of the Treaty of Versailles caused more anger, frustration, and resentment that before World War I The Shortcomings of the Treaty eventually allowed _____________to rise to power……………

16 Adolph Hitler (r )

17 Good Morning/Afternoon
Warm-up 1. Why do you think Archie wanted to join the military so badly? 2. From the movie, what problems did soldiers face in the trenches? 3. Why did they call this time period “The Lost Generation”? 4. What problems might the world face right after the war?

18 Good Morning/Afternoon
Warm-up Take out a blank piece of paper What’s Up Wednesday

19 Friday’s Agenda 1. Complete paragraphs on terms in packet, Theater of War, etc. 2. Complete a flawed Peace Slide Questions, questions 1-16. 3. If complete start researching terms (20) for WWI Story Board Project. Page #’s are in the directions. 4. Stamps at the end of class. 5. Quiz on Friday.

20 Class Assignment 1. A Theater of War 2. The Schlieffen Plan
3. The Western Front 4. The Eastern Front 5. The Middle Eastern Theater of War 6. The U.S. & Russia 7. The U.S. enters World War One 8.The Russian Revolution 9. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

21 Class Assignment Complete Questions 1-10

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