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Today’s Agenda (3/30/10):  Discussion  Notes on the end of World War One.

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1 Today’s Agenda (3/30/10):  Discussion  Notes on the end of World War One

2 Let’s Discuss…  How did so many believe this was the War to end all Wars?  Do you believe it is possible to prevent war? Why or why not?  Knowing what you know about World War One, what are some ways World War Two could have been prevented?

3 Section 4

4 Learning Targets  I can describe the outcome of World War One  I can evaluate the effectiveness of the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.

5  Allies dictate harsh terms on the defeated powers, especially Germany

6  U.S. President Wilson  French ruler Georges Clemenceau  David Lloyd George of Britain  Vittorio Orlando of Italy  Notably left out: Japan

7  Wilson proposes Fourteen Points – outline for world peace  Calls for free trade and end to secret alliances, military buildups

8  Promotes self determination – right of people to govern their own nations  Envisions international peace keeping body to settle world disputes

9  Britain and France want to punish Germany for starting the war.  Allies make Germany sign the Treaty of Versailles.

10  Creates League of Nations.  Germany must pay for all the damage the war caused.

11  League will rule German colonies until they can be made independent.

12  Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottomans all lose land  Russia loses land and new countries form in SE Europe

13  Treaty creates feelings of deep bitterness on both sides  Germans feel bitter at harsh peace they must accept

14  Americans refuse to sign treaty, oppose League of Nations.

15 ₦ Japan and Italy are not rewarded for their help against the Central Powers.

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