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WORLD HISTORY Have out your bell work paper and World War I packets.

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2 WORLD HISTORY Have out your bell work paper and World War I packets.

3 Bell Work Week 18: Thursday 05.21.15  Respond to the following in the space for Thursday on your bell work paper.  Tell me at least 4 things you have learned about World War I so far this week.

4 Essential Question What caused World War I, how was it fought and what effect did it have on world events?

5 What events led to the end of the war? What issues were faced by the delegates to the Paris Peace Conference? Why were many people dissatisfied with the Treaty of Versailles and other peace settlements? Topical Questions

6 America Joins the Allies

7 The Sinking of the Lusitania

8 The Zimmerman Telegram

9 11 a.m., November 11, 1918 The Armistice is Signed!

10 9,000,000+ Dead 9,000,000+ Dead

11 The Big Four 1. Woodrow Wilson USA 2. David Lloyd-George Great Britain 3. Georges Clemenceau France 4. Vittorio Orlando Italy Peace Process

12 Negotiations for Peace  Allies Meet at Versailles  Wilson had a plan for peace called the 14 Points – 1. End of secret treaties – 2.Freedom of the seas – 3. Free trade -- 4. Reduced armies and navies – 5. Colonial rights (for colonies) – 6.-13.New borders (new nations) – 14. Idea for the League of Nations  League of Nations

13 A Harsh Peace  Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919 (five years to the day after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

14 The Terms  The Treaty: – Germany lost territory in Europe, Africa and Asia (to new nations and to the Allies/France) – Germany had severe restrictions placed on its military operations. (limited size of army and navy, no air force, and no purchasing weapons.) – Article 231 (of the Treaty) aka “War Guilt” clause- placed sole responsibility for the war on Germany’s shoulders. – Finally, Germany forced to pay $33 billion in war reparations to the Allies, over 30 years. This completely destroyed Germany’s economy and helped lead them into a Great Depression.

15 The Legacy of the WWI  Germany was bitter, since it was blamed for the entire war, and had to pay reparations.  Colonialism continued, despite discussion of giving colonies some independence or self-determination.  League of Nations (which US did not join) was powerless to take any actions to prevent war.  10+ million dead, 30 million in casualties (wounded and dead)

16 Legacy (cont.)  Entire generation of Europeans wiped out. (16-28 year olds)  Economic cost for the Great War = $338 billion.  Economic depression that followed, allowed fascist regimes to take over some countries.

17 Independent  Work on your World War I packets  We will begin WAR HORSE today.

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