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Volunteer, Work & Learn Volunteering Product Training 2011/2012 This section covers Volunteer productsGlobal Land Product05/10/2011.

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1 Volunteer, Work & Learn Volunteering Product Training 2011/2012 This section covers Volunteer productsGlobal Land Product05/10/2011

2 Volunteering Fast facts, brochure layout & suppliers What you need to know about our volunteering products

3 Current and new changes A global overview for all markets What’s changed in the last twelve months 98% of projects have guaranteed departures Brochure expansion to include new categories 60% of projects have <14 days durations A heap of more product added to fill previous gaps

4 14/07/2011Travel with Purpose & Responsible Travel4 Features20112012 Page88 + 4152 + 4 Pagination37 ExpansionVolunteeringVolunteer, Work, Languages, Skill Distribution70,000136,000 # Projects8090 Volunteer/Vo luntour 64 Volunteer/16 Voluntour72 Volunteer/18 Voluntour Exclusive2830 Type18 Children/22 Animal/16 Conservation/24 communities 19 Children/22 Animals/4 Building/12 Communities/5 Do It All/12 Conservation New Projects80 new products (1 st time published) 38 projects shorter duration, better lead in prices New destinations Greece, Thailand, LaoFiji, Uganda, Malawi, Mongolia, Cambodia CategoryAnimals, Communities, Conservation, Children NEW: Building & Do it all Product development Asia and Latin AmericaIndia, Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador

5 Why pay to volunteer? How you can convince customers to volunteer Take the time to read trip reports & blogs from our staff who’ve experienced it Keeping you safe wherever you are in the world Some projects offer meal inclusions 24/7 support from volunteer partners Donations to the project is included in the price you pay Your time and money invested will make a sustainable difference The projects need material, equipment, personnel & training

6 Fast Facts: Volunteering 2 nd edition volunteering brochure What do we need to know? 90 projects world wide 33 countries spanning 5 continents Volunteer or Voluntour option Bookable in STAy, Sherpa & B2Bs 20 – 25% commission Duration 4 days – 6 months 136,000 copies for 2012 24/7 local support Different type of accommodation Different types of projects Internship options 17 suppliers

7 Voluntours are a way to learn about the people and place you are visiting on a much deeper level than a normal adventure tour. It is a way to give back to the community you are visiting, to lend a helping hand to someone in need, to work towards a cause you believe in, or simply to find a way to make a positive impact through your travels. Our Voluntours provide opportunities for travellers to engage in community projects that are working on health, education, conservation and small business opportunities around the world. Volunteering is all about making a greater commitment towards the project you are visiting. By volunteering you are making a positive difference to the lives of others on a much more intimate level, through donating your time, energy and experience. All of our projects have the central goal of helping local people achieve a sustainable way of life in an environmentally sensitive manner, as well as assisting conservation and community programs worldwide. No specific skills are normally required, just a desire to lend a hand, and learn more about what life is like in communities around the world.

8 WORK WITH CHILDREN Inspire the newest generation to break the cycle of poverty. Your work will provide them with basic skills, and create an environment in which they can reach their full potential. WORK WITH COMMUNITIES Spend time with a broad cross-section of the local community. Your work will improve quality of life and ensure community sustainability in some of the worlds most remote areas. WORK IN CONSERVATION Protect some of the world’s most fragile environments. By preserving these ecosystems, you’ll contribute to the project’s long term sustainability, and help re-educate the community. WORK WITH ANIMALS Contribute to the protection of endangered species. In their desperate fight for survival, you’ll develop an understanding of their conditions and work to protect them. Types of volunteering

9 BUILDING FOR COMMUNITIES Many hands make not only lighter work but lighter hearts. You don’t need any specific DIY or building skills to do it; you just need the heart to help construct a roof over someone’s head. DO IT ALL Combine conservation, animals, children, community construction, and development; and you will have contributed in the most extraordinary way.

10 Fairly self explanatory – duration of project Type of trip – Volunteer/Volunt our Work logo illustrates what type of work is involved An brief overview of the programme and what to expect Some of the best bits! Project unique selling points Upselling couldn’t be easier with ‘Extend Your Stay’ options included on most pages Trip code – important! Generally 2 codes: 1 for the main project and 1 for extend your stay See this Planeterra symbol? Project is bookable in Sherpa Understand the bigger picture… The nitty gritty. Be familiar with the detail before booking Lead in price based on illustrated duration. Don’t forget to check out the Inclusions Box for ‘Extra Weeks’

11 How do I know where its bookable? Identifying trip codes Booked in STAystudent, Sherpa or Vodkatrain B2B website Look for the ‘PLANETERRA’ logo to the brochure layout to make it easier to identify Any trip code starting with ‘GA’ is bookable in Sherpa as it’s a GAP Adventures product Any trip code starting with ‘STA’ is bookable in STAystudent There is only one volunteer product booked outside of STAy and Sherpa and that’s the ‘Trans Mongolian Railway & Nomads’ through Vodkatrain B2B site trip code ‘ME’

12 Ambassador Program & Training Training, Stories, Communication All staff stories available on the Intranet

13 How has it changed you? Incredible KNOWLEDGE Understanding Inspirational Amazing Appreciation EYE-OPENER Connect Giving PERSONAL OPPORTUNITY

14 05/10/11Volunteer, Work & Learn Brochure Training14 “Any fears I had evaporated as one girl took my arm and despite language barriers showed me around her world.” - Helen Lester, STA Travel Brighton United Kingdom Kenya Teaching & Safari

15 05/10/11Volunteer, Work & Learn Brochure Training15 Project Brazil “He opened our eyes to the Favelan reality and bridged the gap for our language and culture barrier.” – Courtney Drake, STA Travel Pacific Beach U.S.A

16 05/10/11Volunteer, Work & Learn Brochure Training16 Thai Elephant Conservation “There are many people at the project that were all very inspiring and all doing their bit to make a difference.” – Rebecca Noble, STA Travel Queen St New Zealand

17 Island Conservation in Southern Thailand Jennifer Lehmann, STA Travel Germany

18 Teaching in Zanzibar Anita Veness, STA Travel Australia

19 Sea Turtle Conservation Costa Rica Kim Steinly, STA Travel U.S.A

20 Teach Life Skills in Antigua Becky Davis, STA Travel U.S.A

21 Teach Children in Cambodia Patricia Seel, STA Travel Austria

22 Build a future for Indian Youth Mylene De Vincenzo, STA Travel Switzerland

23 Project China Pandas Global FAM Trip June 2011

24 Supplier 1 of 17: Planeterra (GAP Adventures) Who: Planeterra was founded in 2003 as a non-for-profit organisation based in Toronto, Canada as a part of GAP Adventures supporting social and environmental needs of people Number of projects in brochure: 38 Book in: Sherpa Commission: 24% Products: 1.Island Conservation in Southern Thailand20. Teach Children Mozambique 2.Thailand Volunteer & Hilltribe Trek21. Teach Children in Kenya 3.Thai Elephant Conservation22. Project Kenya & Safari 4.Vietnam Animal Rescue23. Teach Children in Zanzibar 5.Teaching English in Central Vietnam24. Project Kenya Safari 6.Teach English in Halong Bay25. Project Cuzco kids 7.Explore Cambodia and Laos Volunteer26. Project Peru Amazon 8.Teach Children in Cambodia27. Galapagos Island Farming 9.Project China Pandas28. Galapagos Island Conservation 10.Build a future for Indian youth 29. Whale Conservation Ecuador 11.Teach children in South Africa30. Ecuadorian Coastal Farming 12.Zambia Community & Safari31. Teaching English in Argentina 13.Zambia Lion Research32. Organic farming in Argentina 14.Zambia Medical Project33. Learn Spanish & Volunteer kids 15.Project Brazil34. Learn Spanish Volunteer Costa Rica 16.Caribbean Sea Turtle Costa Rica35. Children’s Art & Culture Workshop 17.Wildlife Rescue in Costa Rica36. Teach life skills Antigua 18.Project Costa Rica37. Learn volunteer in Nicaragua 19.Surf and teach English Costa Rica38. Learn & volunteer in Panama

25 Supplier 2 of 17: Global Vision International (GVI) Who: GVI was founded in 1998 supporting international charities, non-profits through volunteering opportunities, internship programs, training and direct funding. Number of projects in brochure: 25 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Volunteer with Children in Ao Luk 2.Volunteer with novice buddhist monks16. Jaguar & Puma Research Project 3.Teach children in Laos17. Mexico Marine Conservation 4.Volunteer and teach english in China18. Community Building Nicaragua 5.Volunteer with disadvantage children in Kerala19. Outback & Marine Conservation 6.Trek to Mt Everest base camp & volunteer20. Volunteer with turtles in Vanuatu 7.Wildlife Conservation Programme South Africa21. Teach Children in Fiji 8.Work with elephants in Namibia22. Fiji Marine Conservation 9.Marine Conservation Seychelles23. Fiji Island Conservation 10.Kenya Community Conservation24. Fiji Community Building Project 11.Wildlife conservation with Kenya’s Maasai25. Work with turtles in Greece 12.Peru Community Building Project 13.Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Expedition 14.Guatemala Building Project 15.Teach Children in Mayan communities

26 Supplier 3 of 17: Camps International Who: Camps International operate a permanent network of international volunteer camps in the heart of rural communities and wildlife conservation areas in Kenya, Tanzania, Borneo, Cambodia and Ecuador. Number of projects in brochure: 5 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Camp Kenya 2.Camp Tanzania 3.Camp Cambodia 4.Camp Borneo 5.Camp Ecuador

27 Supplier 4 of 17: Educational Travel Centre (ETC) Who: Established in 1976, ETC offers experiences of more than 30 years as an inbound tour operator. With four offices in Bangkok staffed by highly trained travel professionals our aim is to provide holiday arrangements to meet each client’s specific requirements at the most competitive prices, whether it is a budget tour or first class, while maintaining the highest standards. Number of projects in brochure: 2 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Meaningful Thailand Experience (currently off sale due to floods in September 2011) 2.Hill tribe helping hands adventure

28 Supplier 5 of 17: The Great Projects Who: The Great Projects aims to promote the importance of setting standards in endangered animal welfare and conservation in the tourism sector. Number of projects in brochure: 4 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Experience Borneo and conserve orang-utans 2.Work with endangered Orang-utans 3.Build a future for orang-utans in West Kalimantan 4.The Great Gorilla Project Uganda

29 Supplier 6 of 17: Book Bus Who: The Book Bus Foundation was founded in 2007 by Tom Maschler with the aim of spreading literacy and the joy of reading to children in Zambia. The Book Bus now operates in Malawi and Ecuador as well as Zambia and the people and connections that we have made along the way have swelled the Book Foundation into a dynamic and international organisation. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Volunteer as a story teller in Malawi

30 Supplier 7 of 17: Volunteer Africa 32 Who: Volunteer Africa 32° South (VA32) is a volunteer organisation based in Chintsa on the stunning Wild Coast of South Africa. VA32 volunteer programs address education, social and conservation issues in the wider Chintsa area. Operating for 5 years, Volunteer Africa has seen 1000+ volunteers take part in our life changing volunteer experiences. This project is accredited with the Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) mark Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Wild Coast Schools Project

31 Supplier 8 of 17: Marine Dynamics Who: Marine Dynamics is a Shark Cage Diving company based in Kleinbaai, a small harbour town, part of Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa. This area is known as the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. Sister company Dyer Island Cruises a boat based Eco-Marine Tourism Company, allowing visitors an unforgettable experience to see whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and sharks, as well as many species of rare pelagic birds that reside close to the shore. These two companies allow volunteers access to a diverse area of learning, and a holistic insight into the challenges of ocean conservation at the tip of Africa. Number of projects in brochure: 2 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Great White Sharks Volunteering 2.Whale & Marine Wildlife Project

32 Supplier 9 of 17: Kingdom of the White Lion Who: The Kingdom of the White Lion although primarily set up for the filming of the feature film Kevin produced called “White Lion-Home is a journey”. The park is home to lion including the rare white lion, both brown and spotted hyena, black leopard, jaguar and a variety of antelope species including blue wildebeest, giraffe, impala, blesbok and nyala. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 25% Products: 1.Kingdom of the White Lion Experience

33 Supplier 10 of 17: Shamwari Game Reserve Who: Conservation has always been a priority for Shamwari Game Reserve. In many aspects Shamwari has been the pioneer in the Eastern Cape eco tourism resurgence and in order to ensure responsible wildlife management the Shamwari Wildlife Department was created in 1996. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Shamwari Conservation Experience

34 Supplier 11 of 17: You2Africa (Y2A) Who: You2Africa is an African web based company that promotes sensitive, meaningful and well priced African Volunteer Projects. You2Africa is a specialist in Africa volunteer projects focusing on sourcing volunteers from the international market those who don't just want to sightsee in Africa but who want to have a worthwhile experience and participate in community development projects and travel work in Africa whilst visiting our beautiful continent. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Helps for orphan children in Cape Town

35 Supplier 12 of 17: Indian Network for Development Exchange (IDEX) Who: Indian Network for Development Exchange (IDEX) designs and locally supports volunteer and travel programs in India that are educational, culturally immersive, and beneficial to the social development of local communities in need. Number of projects in brochure: 3 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Himalayan Adventure & Volunteer 2.Goa Beach & Volunteer 3.Experience Exotic Rajasthan

36 Supplier 13 of 17: Conservation Volunteer Australia (CVA) Who: Conservation Volunteers has partnered with individuals, businesses and governments in the conservation of our unique environment since 1982. In that time we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around Australia and across the world and supported their participation in a diversity of important projects to protect and enhance our environment. Number of projects in brochure: 3 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Conservation in Australia or NZ 2.Penguin Protection & Coastal Conservation 3.Arnhem Land Marine Debris Project

37 Supplier 14 of 17: Magic Traveller Network Who: From a small operation in the early days Magic has since grown into one of NZ’s most well known, award winning, tourism companies. Magic’s focus is still to provide a unique NZ experience and share everything the country has to offer with backpackers from all over the world. Magic Travellers Network now takes it’s passengers to all corners of New Zealand and provides them with unlimited opportunities to push their limits and have the experience of a lifetime – whatever that may be. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Kiwi Encounter Conservation Project

38 Supplier 15 of 17: Kiwi Experience Who: Kiwi Experience have teamed up with Conservation Volunteer to help support Punakaiki Reforestation project in New Zealand. Kiwi Experience has a fantastic adventure travel network starting in 1988 from humble beginnings with three friends. The bus passes too have been refined over time to ensure we continue to cover all the best parts of the country – the must see NZ icons, the unique hidden experiences off the tourist trail, and immersing travellers in New Zealand culture rather than having them watch it in a show. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Punakaiki Reforestation Project

39 Supplier 16 of 17: Nomads Who: Nomads Travel was formed to manage the wholesale travel business and to develop the Nomads Adventure Card. Nomads have team up with several local operators to develop a voluntour. Making a difference at Whakarewarewa living thermal village in Rotorua gives you an opportunity to participate in a volunteer program involving communities, cultural and conservation development. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: STAy Commission: 20% Products: 1.Maori Cultural Volunteer Programme

40 Supplier 17 of 17: Vodkatrain Who: Vodkatrain takes the traditional ideas of group travel (regimented meal times, enforced sightseeing and following strange people holding umbrellas aloft) and gives them a hearty kick up the backside This is the first year where Vodkatrain has developed a special voluntour that includes volunteering opportunity in Mongolia at the Terelj National Park Conservation Project. Number of projects in brochure: 1 Book in: Vodkatrain B2B website (Name: Project Vodkatrain) Commission: 20% Products: 1.Transmongolian Railway & Nomads

41 How to book in STAy 1. Refer to STAy Product Information Pages – for specific departure dates, restrictions and duration details

42 2. Availability Search - enter search criteria: All Accommodations for accommodated product, (and if you know what specific category the product is classed as, refine the search even further by selecting Volunteering, Packages, Tour & Cruises etc) or All Items for non-accommodated product (again if you know what specific category the product is classed as, refine the search by selecting for example - Learn To, Others). Enter departure date, # nights, # pax and country/region (or you can skip right to the city code).

43 By clicking search at this point you will receive a list of all accommodated product in the desired city for the selected number of nights. If you would rather search specifically for a product, rather than sifting through a list of all product in that destination then double click on the ‘Accommodation Name’ field. A pop up window will appear. Enter the exact product name details and click on ‘Search’ If exact details are entered correctly, you should receive one result. Select the product by clicking on the blue hyperlinked product name

44 You will be taken back to the Availability Search page and the Accommodation name field will be correctly populated. You can choose to also include the city code, but as a particular supplier has been selected it is not mandatory that a city be selected too 3. Click on Search

45 4. Search Results - click on the hyperlinked product name

46 5. Room Details – various information tabs will appear. Ensure you read through each carefully as terms & conditions/cancellation policies are not to be taken lightly. Enter # of “rooms” and tick that acceptance of all errata and terms and conditions have been read

47 If you have been advised from the STAy Product Pages to add any additional pax details during booking process, click on ‘Add Special Requests’ A pop up window will appear and you should select Message To Supplier and add any details in the text box Click on ‘Update’ and then ‘Proceed’

48 6. Item Set Detail Results – skip additional services by clicking on ‘Skip’

49 7. New Overview - click on Book to add passenger details

50 8. Additional Details – populate all fields and click on ‘Proceed

51 9. New Booking Overview – confirmation of new booking with STAy reference.

52 How to book Vodkatrain Only 1 volunteering product which is bookable in Vodkatrain B2B website Trans Mongolian Railway & Nomads Trip code is ME 4 departures only from Jun – Aug 2012 20% commission

53 Highlights of Trans Mongolian Railway & Nomads Clean the Tuul River Travel the famous Trans Mongolian Railway Swim in Siberia in magnificent Lake Baikal Learn archery; take an ox cart to areas of natural beauty Local experience in cities with Honchos Travel with like minded 18-35s travellers

54 Online Booking Agents Login If you have not already applied to become a registered user you will need to follow the link to apply for a username and password. Your application will be verified within 72 hours of application. To Log In enter your Username Password It’s a good idea to save the email we send you advising your username and password.

55 Online Booking Agent Welcome Screen Content on the welcome screen will be uploaded when you start using this booking facility. Existing bookings – Use the left hand navigation menu to bring up the details you require New bookings - Use the Trip Search function or the Journeys tab to access our journeys. The Logout button is beneath the Trip Search function.

56 Online Booking Left Hand Navigation Menu Existing bookings In the Booking Summary and Client Documentation screens a summary of all existing bookings will appear. With an option to view details of any live bookings. The commissions page is a static list showing currency and amount. Booking Summary – locate an existing booking and view / update its details. Client Documentation – locate an existing booking and download invoices + pre departure info + visa support + travel documents

57 Online Booking Trip Search Make a new booking Use the drop down menus in the trip search function to find a specific journey. If you have used the brochure as a selling tool and have already selected the chosen departure, the trip search function is the fastest way to book. Alternatively, select the journeys tab and browse more information about the different trips on offer.

58 Online Booking Journeys tab Make a new booking Select the Journeys tab to browse detailed information about different trips. Vodkatrain offers a diverse range of overland journeys bringing your clients the best possible choice of itinerary, travel style and departure date. The Journeys tab will guide you through the key choices to select the right journey for your client.

59 Online Booking New booking Current valid prices Availability status Proceed to Book Now The web displays current valid prices which supersede any printed brochure prices. Live availability is also shown. Departures will be closed to new bookings approximately 30 days prior to departure.

60 Online Booking Agent Booking - Step 1 There are five steps to completing your booking. At Step 1 you are required to select the number of travellers. ‘Additional Service Options’ offered at Step 1 can be added at a later point by logging in again. Additional Service Options such as pre and post tour accommodation and/or transfers must be added by 60 days prior to departure. The booking will remain ‘incomplete’ until you verify whether these are required or not.

61 Online Booking Trip Overview The trip overview panel on right allows your agency to show or hide commission breakdown. By selecting ‘Client View’ you can turn the screen towards the client to ensure that you are capturing correct spelling / passport details etc. Use this button to change to “Client View” and hide your commission

62 Online Booking Agent Booking - Step 2 Enter Travel Details If your client has registered to receive our newsletter or if they are a repeat client they will be a ‘pre-existing user’. Enter details and click ‘verify user’ before proceeding. Vodkatrain has created an easy and efficient way for clients to access and download documents themselves. Easy for clients and saves you time and work! Just enter the client’s email in the booking. Auto-generated emails will be sent to the clients notifying them of their username and password for our sites Client Login area. When new documents are ready you and they will be notified simultaneously. Simply sign in, view and download as necessary. The client cannot add or change services, everything goes through you, their agent. You have access to see everything the client sees should you wish to look.

63 Online Booking Agent Booking - Step 3 ‘Visa Information’ requested at step 3 can be added at a later point (unless you are within 75 days of departure). The booking will remain ‘incomplete’ until you provide all required visa information. All bookings must be completed by 75 days before departure.

64 Online Booking Agent Booking - Step 4 Payment Vodkatrain doesn’t require payment from STA to make a booking. To make a booking on the website your agency must be holding a 10% deposit or full payment if booking is inside 75 days before departure. Should your clients cancel their trip, all cancellation conditions will apply to STA. Agent Booking Step 5 Confirmation

65 Online Booking Booking Summary If you did not complete sections 1 – Additional Service Options 3 – Visa Information revisit the Agent Login, go to Booking summary, and View the booking so you can update the details and set status to COMPLETE Please note: Visa support cannot be supplied until you supply visa information. Travel documents cannot be sent until all details are received.

66 Online Booking Documentation Invoices Pre Departure info Visa Support inc Russian Invite Travel Vouchers Joining Instructions When you receive an email advising a new document is ready you can revisit the Agent Login, go to Client Documentation and view or download the document. The client will also receive a notification and can access the documents themselves through the Client Login. We sent a client username and password to the email address you provided. Please encourage clients to read through the info we provide so they can adequately prepare themselves for the journey.

67 Online Booking The same online booking process applies to our Sundowners Overland website. You will find that the same username and password is valid for both Agent Log n areas.

68 Lessons learned Why we should volunteer? Fast facts about the volunteering brochure Current and new changes to the volunteer section of the brochure Brochure layout Information about 17 different suppliers Where to find trip codes Identify the difference between STAy and GAP trip codes Where to find staff stories on projects visited Difference between volunteer and voluntour What type of volunteer projects are offered by STA Travel How to book in STAy, Vodkatrain B2B and Sherpa

69 Need more information? Contact the Responsible Tourism Manager Hien Tran –

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