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Measuring and reporting outcomes for your BTOP grant 1Measuring and Reporting Outcomes.

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1 Measuring and reporting outcomes for your BTOP grant 1Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

2 BTOP’s reporting system relates to a community technology logic model InputsActivitiesOutputsImpacts You will be asked to keep track of and report your inputs, activities, outputs, and impacts on a quarterly basis for the duration of your grant in order to: Show the value of the services you offer Show the changes in use as a result of your grant Evaluate the impact of the grant on the outcomes of your clients 2 Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

3 Inputs are the people, equipment, or facilities that allow you to offer activities. InputsActivitiesOutputsImpacts Activities are things like classes or programs you offer to your clients. Outputs for community technology projects are usually expressed as the number of clients who have used your services. Impacts are the results of clients taking advantage of your inputs and activities, like finding a job, or learning new skills. 3 Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

4 The BTOP reporting survey will ask questions about your activities, inputs, outputs, and impacts according to the impact types you identified in your BTOP grant application. The impact measures included in the reporting survey were informed by the grant applications. You are not expected to have impacts to report for every category or question! Impact types are categories informed by the CCN study and BTOP’s policy goals Computer skills enhancement Help clients gain computer and Internet skills to enable them to independently use technology Can be at any skills level and includes multimedia training Employment skills and opportunities Help clients learn how to use computers and the Internet to strengthen their ability to become employed Provide access to employment opportunities Education enhancement Provide supplemental learning support for students challenged by limited learning resources Access to information and services Enable clients to use digitally accessible information for personal needs like managing health problems Enable clients to access government information, benefits, or services Life skills and social inclusion Includes special services for people with disabilities Help clients learn to use technology for managing personal relations Help clients learn about and use technology for money management, finding support, interacting with the community, and daily living skills (e.g. getting bus schedules) teach and empower clients to use digital technology to express themselves and participate in their communities 4Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

5 Instructions for completing the BTOP web survey for periodic reporting 1BTOP Reporting Survey

6 Web survey launch site Go to 6BTOP Reporting Survey

7 Launch the web survey Go to Click launch survey. 7BTOP Reporting Survey

8 Log in to the web survey Your custom ID is the email address provided in your BTOP application. 8BTOP Reporting Survey If you would like to use a different email address to login to the survey, please email

9 Web survey features You can save the survey and return to it later. Clicking the save for later button will save your entries and close your survey session. Closing the survey window without saving will erase all entries. 9BTOP Reporting Survey

10 First report Your first report will ask for background information on your organization. You will not need to repeat this section for subsequent reports. 10BTOP Reporting Survey

11 Periodic reporting Your periodic reports will first ask for general information on your organization’s inputs, outputs, and any activities you have added during the reporting period. 11BTOP Reporting Survey

12 Periodic reporting You will next be asked series of questions related to impact types addressed in your BTOP grant proposal. 12BTOP Reporting Survey There are 5 impact types we are asking you to report on: Computer skills enhancement Employment skills and opportunities Education enhancement Access to information and services Life skills and social inclusion We encourage you to report impacts in each of the these areas where your center may contribute, even if that is not your primary purpose

13 Periodic reporting The survey questions about the impacts of your activities are quite detailed. You may wish to review them at the start of your grant to get some ideas about what you should track during the reporting period. If there are other impacts you have observed that are not listed in the survey, or if you have any client stories to share, you can also include them here. 13BTOP Reporting Survey

14 Submitting the survey 14BTOP Reporting Survey When you reach the end of the survey, you will be taken to a review screen where you can look over all of your answers. Be sure to click submit responses before you close the browser or your responses may be lost!

15 Submitting the survey If everything looks good, click submit responses. You will receive a confirmation code for your records. 15 BTOP Reporting Survey 15

16 Revising your report You may revise your report until the last day of the month during which your report is due. Simply log in with your email address, and click the link to your prior submission. 16BTOP Reporting Survey

17 Tracking tools BTOP requires you to submit training hours in a particular way. We have created a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your training hours so they are in the correct format. You do not need to submit this spreadsheet. BTOP tracking tools17

18 Tracking training BTOP tracking tools18 On the training tracker tab, insert the training type, name of class, and other information to automatically calculate the training hours required for reporting

19 The class totals for reporting tab will automatically do the calculations into the format required for the survey. Tracking training BTOP tracking tools19

20 You will be asked in the reporting survey to provide the average weekly visits to your center each quarter. We have provided a worksheet to keep track of your weekly visits and average them for you. Tracking visitors BTOP tracking tools20

21 You will be asked in the reporting survey to provide the number of newly added services or equipment as a result of your BTOP grant. We have provided a worksheet to keep track of these activities on a monthly basis and total them for the reporting survey. Tracking new equipment BTOP tracking tools21

22 The real value in this grant program is the outcome it enables for clients, like improving their workforce skills or getting help for enrolling in government programs. You should carefully review the paper version of the survey to decide which client outcomes you should track. We encourage you to track as many of the outcomes as you can based on what you believe your clients will achieve during the grant period. Besides keeping track of the activities your center and staff engage in to promote those outcomes, you may want to design an online or paper survey and ask your clients to report their outcomes We will provide some tools to help you with this, but because each of your centers are unique and serve different types of clients, we cannot develop a single tool that will meet all of your tracking needs. If you design a tracking survey or other tool to track your client’s outcomes, we encourage you to share it with the grant administrators and make it available to other grantees. Tracking client outcomes BTOP tracking tools22

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