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E-books and E-journals Off-campus This presentation will show you how to log in and access Oxford Brookes Library e-books and e-journals when youre off.

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1 E-books and E-journals Off-campus This presentation will show you how to log in and access Oxford Brookes Library e-books and e-journals when youre off campus. Just click your mouse or the Down arrow to advance.

2 Oxford Brookes Library isnt just a building. We have thousands of e-books and e-journals available to search and download online. You can access nearly all these resources from anywhere you have an Internet connection, and as a Brookes student you dont have to pay anything because the Library has subscribed to them. So you can save time (no need to come to the Library), money (weve already paid for you) and get better marks (by referring to a wider range of material), all without leaving home! This tutorial will show you how to log in, search for e- book and e-journal titles and access the resources you want. Any time, anywhere…

3 To access any of our electronic resources from off-campus, you always need to start by logging in to Athens on the Library home page:

4 In the Athens login boxes, put your Brookes student or staff number in as Username and your portal password (your email/PIP password), then click Login.

5 You should get confirmation that your Athens account has been recognised and you are logged in. If instead you are told Your login has failed, go back and double-check that you entered your username and password correctly. If your username and password were correctly entered and you still cannot log in, please email supplying your full name, staff/student number, date of birth and home address; staff will if necessary post a replacement password out to your home address (we cannot email or phone through passwords for security reasons) Once you are logged in, either : Go to Subject Help (if you need tips on relevant resources for your subject, including databases to search for journal articles on a topic), or Go to the Library Catalogue if you want to look up a specific e-book or e-journal. Well look at the Library Catalogue now, starting with e-books.

6 To find out whether we have a particular e-book, or e- books on a topic, type the authors surname, title, keywords for your topic, or any combination of these, into the search box.

7 To start with, your search results will contain both print and e-books that match your search. Either scroll through the list and look for the e-books, or pick them out by clicking Electronic Books Catalogue in the Refine Your Search menu on the left. (If you dont see Electronic Books Catalogue in that menu, then there are no e-books that match your search – try a different or broader search instead.)

8 To access the e-book you want, click on its title. Remember: you need to have logged in to Athens by this stage. If you havent, do that first then come back to the Catalogue and find your e-book again.

9 On the next screen, click on the On and off campus access link. Our e-books come from several different suppliers, so the page you see next will vary…

10 If you get this login screen next… Dont try to use the MyiLibrary login boxes at the top – that wont work because your Brookes details are not a MyiLibrary username and password. Instead, click on the Athens Authentication link.

11 If you get this home screen, click the Sign in button on the top right…

12 … then use the Athens login button (not the Direct login boxes).

13 If you get this screen, then you forgot to log in to Athens earlier. Despite what the screen suggests, you cant log in using these login boxes. Go back to the Library home page and log in there first instead.

14 When you get through to your e-book, you may need to click on Open Now (in some cases Read online).

15 With some e-books you have the choice of reading online or downloading for a limited period

16 In MyiLibrary, if you choose to read online (or Open Now), you can click on the Next and Previous arrows, or any section in the TOC (Table of Contents) on the left, to navigate through the book. You can also Search within the book, or print or download a limited number of pages.

17 In Dawsonera, the screen looks slightly different but the navigation is very similar – Next and Previous arrows, Contents, Copy and Print options.

18 Now well look at electronic journals. You can find e-journals via the Library Catalogue. Remember, if youre off-campus, go to the Library home page first and log in to Athens. In the Catalogue search, type in the title of the journal you want (not the titles or authors of individual journal articles!) (If you dont already know a journal title and need to search for journal articles on a topic, youll need a database – find those through the Subject Help pages for your subject from the Library home page.)

19 Youll see both print journals and e-journals, if we have them, in your search results. To access an e-journal, click on its title.

20 On the next screen, click on Access details.

21 Now youre in our A-to-Z of e-journals. On the left, in blue, you can see the journal packages supplying the title you want. Check the dates each package covers (Embargo means you cant access the most recent issues) and click on a package including the year you want.

22 If so, DONT type anything in the login boxes – this wont work. Those boxes are for non-Athens users (not you!) DO click on the Athens login link (it may say Athens signin, Athens authentication, or something similar). This tells the website to check for your Athens login. As long as you are already logged in to Athens, you will now be taken through to the journal. As with e-books, when you are off-campus, you will probably see an extra login screen before you get through to the journal title.

23 Once youre through to the journal, click on the year, volume and issue that you want.

24 Scroll down the contents list to the article you want and click the Full Text link.

25 Once you reach the article, you can usually print it, save it or email it to yourself using the menu buttons.

26 Nearly all our e-journals use Athens login, but a few dont. If you see a padlock icon on the A-to-Z screen, theres a different login. Click on the padlock to go through to a PIP page where youll get the login details for that journal.

27 Remember, if you dont know a journal title and want to search for journal articles on a topic… Youll need a database instead of the Catalogue. You can find the best databases for your search on your Subject Help pages on the Library Web site.

28 Need more help? If you need more help with e-books, e-journals, Athens login, the Library Catalogue or database searching, you can: Ask for help at any Library Enquiry Desk Have a look at the guides and help on your subject help pages on the Library Web site Contact your Subject Librarian by phone, email or in person – find their details on the subject help pages This is the end of the tutorial.

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