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2 TRAINING OVERVIEW There are 3 sections covering: Volunteering, languages and learn a skill You’ll need audio for the video Refer to the Volunteer & Learn brochure as your reference


4 SNAPSHOT This is the 3 rd edition of the Volunteer & Learn brochure Printed on recycled paper which looks and feels ‘green’ Over 85 volunteer projects spanning 33 countries Short durations start from a day tour in Australia, 6 days in Panama and 7 days to 3 months so that you can bolt on adventure tours or sell a long trip dedicated to volunteering Extra weeks available for over 80% of projects Introducing ‘sports’ as a type of volunteer option 6 new volunteer suppliers joining STAy A great mix of ‘volunteering’ and ‘voluntouring’ available 25 culled from 2012 with fabulous development of 22 new volunteer offerings

5 WHAT’S NEW IN THE BROCHURE? NEW - Check out ‘Where does my money go?’ to overcome sales barriers and answer the nitty gritty question about where your money goes. NEW - There’s an FAQ section for volunteers NEW - We’ve associated our STA Travel supported projects throughout the brochure and bring to life the stories about your fund raising efforts and corporate social responsibility initiatives in our company. We’ve removed the ‘Work & Travel’ section The design, tone and layout is consistent with our STA Travel brand We’ve used more images of staff at the volunteering projects to make it as authentic and real as possible! Andres Ochoa (STA Travel US – Panama Safe Drinking Water Project)

6 WHAT’S IMPROVED? We’ve taken on board all point of sale, product teams, customers and supplier feedback to produce a leaner, price driven, competitive and quality range of products for 2013! - Correct trip codes - No risk products that will cancel - All established projects and vetted - Short durations and extra weeks available - Better itineraries - Flying into major hub cities around the world - Quality projects with long term sustainability - More information on product pages to help you sell these products 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd edition of Volunteering brochures

7 Features20122013 Page152 + 4112 + 4 Suppliers1721 ExpansionVolunteer, Work, Languages, SkillVolunteer, Languages, Skill Distribution136,000 copies worldwide106,600 # Projects9088 Volunteer/Voluntour72 Volunteer/18 Voluntour72 Volunteer/16 Voluntour Target US ($)$2.5 mil$3.0 mil Type19 Children/22 Animals/4 Building/12 Communities/5 Do It All/12 Conservation 24 Children/25 Animals/3 Building/14 Communities/6 Do It All/14 Conservation/2 Sports New Projects38 projects shorter duration, better lead in prices 22 new projects New destinationsFiji, Uganda, Malawi, Mongolia, Cambodia Indonesia, Malaysia, Panama, North America, Sri Lanka CategoryNEW: Building & Do it allNEW: Sports Product developmentIndia, Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam Brazil, South Africa, North America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama BROCHURE COMPARISON

8 NEW SUPPLIERS We work with a total of 21 volunteer suppliers of which 6 are new to STA Travel. These 6 new suppliers are set up in STAy and are bookable in 1SOURCE. We’ve listed the countries where they’ve got projects below. DiVo Dive Voluntourism (Bali, Indonesia) Destination Creators Asia (Ipoh, Malaysia) Buffalo Tours (Hanoi, Vietnam) BUNAC (Port Elizabeth, South Africa & Catalina Island, USA) Earthwatch (Goiania, Brazil) Elephant Human Relations Aid (Windhoek, Namibia) Jessica Morris (STA Travel South Africa – Teach Children in Fiji)

9 QUESTION: Who are our 3 global preferred suppliers for volunteering globally?


11 NAME CHANGES Product name changes below for 2013 2013 – New Name2012 – Old Name Thai Beach and VolunteerIsland Conservation in Southern Thailand Volunteer China PandasProject China – Pandas Teach Children in New DelhiBuild a future for Indian Youth The Kingdom Wildlife SanctuaryKingdom of the White Lion Volunteer Tanzania and SafariProject Tanzania and Safari Volunteer Kenya and SafariProject Kenya and Safari Volunteer Cuzco KidsProject Cuzco Kids Volunteer Peru AmazonProject Peru Amazon Volunteer BrazilProject Brazil Volunteer Costa RicaProject Costa Rica Teach English in Costa RicaSurf and Teach English in Costa Rica Volunteer and teach children in GuatemalaTeach Life Skills in Antigua


13 WORK IT INTO YOUR SALES PITCH Don’t mention it at the end, do from the onset! Doing a RTW? Why not give back to some of the beautiful places you are visiting while you’re travelling. Ever travelled in a meaningful way? Check out our new Volunteer & Learn brochure Live like a local and stay with a local family while helping in the surrounding local communities Get up close to animals such as elephants, orang-utans and trek jungles, swim in the ocean while learning about marine conservation Our STA Travel staff have been on these trips too! Globally we’ve sent over 2,000 travellers on volunteer trips since 2010 Karis Beattie & Jo Devlin (STA Travel UK – Camp Ecuador)

14 BACKGROUND CHECKS Don’t panic! A Criminal Background Check might sound daunting to organise but if you follow our advice below you can ensure your customer knows what to do before they go. All G Adventures (Planeterra) and Global Vision International (GVI) children programmes require a background check and a letter of reference before travel Selected STAy suppliers also require travellers to do a background check The purpose is to protect children from harm and danger. It’s a serious issue so don’t let is slide! Allow 6 – 8 weeks for background checks to by process by local authorities If someone is travelling within 30 days of departure A ‘Subject Access’ or ‘Police Check’ is possible, however you must check with the relevant supplier before advising your customer. Should this not be completed before arriving to the project, your customer may not be able to participate in the programme. Eric Tal (STA Travel US – Teach Children in Kenya)

15 THE TOP 10 SELLERS 1.Thai Elephant Conservation, 7 Days – G Adventures (24% commission) Sherpa 2.Help for Orphans in Cape Town, 7 days to 3 months – You2Africa (25% commission) 1SOURCE 3.The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary, 15 days, The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary (25% commission) 1SOURCE 4.Camp Kenya, 2 weeks to 1 month – Camps International (20% commission) 1SOURCE 5.Experience Borneo & Conserve Orang-utans, 14 Days – The Great Projects (20% commission) 1SOURCE 6.Teaching Children in Cambodia, 14 Days – G Adventures (24% commission) Sherpa 7.Volunteer China Pandas, 14 Days, G Adventures (24% commission) Sherpa 8.Meaningful Thailand Experience, 21 Days – Educational Travel Centre (20% commission) 1SOURCE 9.Volunteer Costa Rica, 15 Days, G Adventures (24% commission) Sherpa 10.Teach Children in Fiji, 14 Days – Global Vision International (20% commission) 1SOURCE

16 QUESTION: What is the difference between a ‘Volunteering’ and ‘Voluntouring’ product?

17 ANSWER: Volunteering is generally located in 1 destination The day consists solely or mainly on volunteer activities You get really stuck into the project Lots of different options from 1 week to 3 months Voluntours are a mix between volunteering and touring. Your customer get to visit lots of different places. Short volunteering placements throughout the trip. Tour aspects take a large part of the trip Great for someone who wants to mix a bit of volunteering with a tour option on their trip

18 QUESTION: What are the 7 types of volunteering programmes we offer?

19 ANSWER: There are 7 types of volunteering programmes we offer below. Use these logos to help identify the type of project your customer wants to do in the brochure.

20 OVERCOME BARRIERS Break the price down ‘per day’ and it’ll sound more reasonable when you look at it from this point of view with it’s inclusions. Don’t assume they don’t want it! Customer’s don’t come in and ask for a tour so offer it from the onset. If your customer doesn’t want to do it independantly, then offer the ‘voluntour’. It’s a taste of volunteering and touring. See the sights and also give back. Location, location! Choose off beaten or projects in hub cities. Rebecca Noble (STA Travel NZ - Thai Elephant Conservation project)

21 QUESTION: Where do you book volunteering products in the brochure?

22 WHERE TO BOOK? SHERPA If you see a trip code starting with ‘GA’, drop the prefix and search for this on Sherpa. These are G Adventures (Planeterra) product. You can also search by name in Sherpa. 1SOURCE If you see a trip code starting with ‘STA’ drop the prefix and search for the 6-letter code in STAy. This is bookable in 1SOURCE. GVI and Camps will have ‘STAGVI’ or ‘STACAM’ to help you recognise the supplier. VODKATRAIN Only ‘Project Vodkatrain’ is bookable outside Sherpa and 1SOURCE. Log into Vodkatrain’s B2B website and search for trip code ‘ME’


24 WHY SELL A LANGUAGE PRODUCT? Languages can boost your customers CV It demonstrates their independence when travelling alone A few days or weeks makes a massive difference to your customers experience when conversing with the locals in country It’s the best way to live like a local Get your customers prepared so that they feel that they’ve got the most out of their experience in a new country

25 FAST FACTS: LANGUAGES Preferred supplier is ‘Globostudy’ Lead in prices include accommodation as well as lessons, so great value for money! With 200 schools across 20 countries Various course options for different levels with varied hours of study per week Highly qualified teachers Learn Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Thai, Hindi, Chinese & Japanese Bookings made on the website is ‘on request’ 30+ coursesDurations from 1 – 48 weeks 9 languages15% commission Minimum age 18 years oldChoose from ‘homestay’ or ‘apartment


27 WHY SELL LEARN A SKILL PRODUCTS? Boost your customers CV Give them a taste of something different Help customers break up their itinerary# It gives your customers a new skill such as diving, surfing, become a qualified game ranger… Your customers get a certificate after they’ve completed the course

28 FAST FACTS: LEARN A SKILL Bookable in STAy – 1SOURCE Look out for the ‘certification’ logo Spanning 6 countries: Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Ecuador, Fiji, New Zealand Commission between 15 – 25% Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with i-to-i bookable via their B2B website (UK, AU, US division only) Learn to surfLearn to be a surf instructor Learn to diveLearn to sail Learn to kite surfLearn to be a game ranger



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