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Welcome to OpenHouse  The OpenHouse website is located at  It is recommended that this site is viewed at a.

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1 Welcome to OpenHouse

2  The OpenHouse website is located at  It is recommended that this site is viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768.  There are a number of links on the left hand side providing information and further options to help you gain the most from OpenHouse.  The centre area will be used to provide details of any news items from OpenHouse.

3  The registration process follows a number of steps.  Simply fill in each field as requested and follow the on-screen steps.  You will receive an email notification when your OpenHouse user account is activated.  Alternatively, if your firm has a designated OpenHouse Administrator, he/she can create an OpenHouse user account.

4  On the right hand side is the login area where you can enter your username and password. To enter the site:  Please enter your User Name (example: Guest)  Please enter your Password (example: Welcome)  These are issued once your registration details are submitted and processed.  It is possible to change your password by clicking the link on the left.  If you are unsure of your username and password please contact our Help Desk on 0844 561 6021  To access your account click LOGIN

5 New Case File - Part 1 of 3 Existing Files Screen  OpenHouse works on a Case File principle, a file should be created per transaction.  When you logon you will enter the EXISTING FILES screen. This page lists your current files and allows you to create new files.  The set up is similar to a filing system with 2 tabs across the top of this screen. The first tab, Open Files shows your draft or in progress files. If this is your first time in your account you will have no existing files.  The second tab, Closed Files, shows all files which have been closed off.  If “show legend” is clicked an Actions Legend will automatically pop up on the existing files screen. This explains the icons which are located under the ACTION heading.  If you need any help click on the help link at the top right of the page.

6 New Case File - Part 2 of 3 Create New File  To submit a new search click the CREATE NEW FILE button at the top right hand of the page.  You will then be presented with a pop up window named ‘File Information’. Mandatory fields are indicated in red.  At this point you must choose a unique File Reference number for your search. The reference can be anything you wish but we recommend that it bears reference to the client and the accounting reference as this will appear on your invoice.  Enter the address in the other fields.

7 New Case File - Part 3 of 3 Address Search  You do not need to enter the complete address, simply a section of the address then click LOOKUP ADDRESS.  A list of the closest matching properties will be displayed as shown above  The search will show the top 100 matches. However, normally you will only find 1-5 results matching your property. If the required address is not returned, click CLOSE and try altering your initial search criteria.  Choose the correct address from the list by clicking on it.  Once you have entered your reference click CREATE NEW FILE.

8  You are now in the Selected File screen, your address details will appear on the right hand side of the screen.  The left hand side of the screen displays the File Information which can be changed at this stage (if required) by clicking on the EDIT button.  Underneath – Applicant Information details your company information and this is specific to your user name and password. If this is incorrect please call the OpenHouse Helpdesk.  The right hand side of the screen displays the Subjects to Search section. If your address is incomplete or you need to add an address click the EDIT button.  To make an order, click ADD NEW SERVICE.

9 Choose Service Type  You will now be presented with a list of possible services. Those services not available at this point of the transaction will be greyed-out.  Click your desired service.

10 Energy Report and Energy Performance Certificate The Energy Report and Energy Performance Certificate does not require any further information. Single Survey Report and Valuation Simply enter all the relevant information in the required fields. Mandatory fields will be shown in red. You can select your Preferred Surveyor from the dropdown list provided. Please also remember to provide an Access contact name and telephone.

11 Property Questionnaire – Online submission The Property Questionnaire contains a range of questions relating to the property. Simply select the relevant option in each case and enter further details if requested to do so in the text fields provided.

12 Property Questionnaire – Offline submission The Property Questionnaire can be submitted offline. You can upload the file using the option shown or send it by fax or post.

13 Once you are satisfied with all the information you have entered, click CONTINUE. Mortgage Valuation Report The Mortgage Valuation Report does not require any further information to be entered.

14  The service has now been created at draft status with each constituent part shown below.  Each service will also be allocated a unique Request Number. This can be quoted during any communication with the OpenHouse Helpdesk.  Each service can be accessed again whilst at draft status and any amendments made. Click the open folder icon under the Actions column.  The information entered will be compiled into a PDF document that can be viewed, saved and printed if necessary. Click the PDF icon under the Actions column.

15 View PDF  This is an example of the PDF document that is automatically created after your create your service request then click on the PDF icon under the Actions column.

16 Submit Draft Services  Once you are content with the service request instructions you have created, you are ready to submit them to OpenHouse for processing.  Click Submit Draft Services.  You will receive a popup message asking for confirmation of your submission.  Click OK if you are happy to continue.

17 Submit Draft Services  Notification is then given that your service request has been sent to OpenHouse for processing.  Click Continue.

18 Other Services  There are additional options within the OpenHouse casefile.  Add a Conveyancing service  Add AML Service  Clicking these options will connect you to MBOnline where such services can be instructed.

19 MBOnline  MBOnline is structured in a similar fashion to OpenHouse.  Any casefile you create in OpenHouse will be automatically recreated in MBOnline when you click through.  Full guidelines to using MBOnline are found in a separate instruction manual available from Millar & Bryce.  MBOnline is located at

20 Approving results – 1 of 5  Once a service has been completed it will be posted back to the OpenHouse website.  A final requirement is that each section of the Home Report is approved before it will be completed.  To access the results simply click on the icon under the Actions column.

21 Approving results – 2 of 5  A list will be displayed showing the services requiring approval and whether or not approval has been made.  To view the results click the file name to open as a PDF.

22 Approving results – 3 of 5  The PDF document will be displayed.  Look through the results to confirm that all parts are to your satisfaction.  If you find any part that should be amended then you can still open up the Property Questionnaire by returning to the Selected File screen and amend or upload a replacement document. If you have any difficulties with this process please contact the OpenHouse Helpdesk at or on 0844 561 6021.

23 Approving results – 4 of 5  If you are content with each service result, simply click the Approved box corresponding with each Service Type.

24 Approving results – 5 of 5  The date of approval will now be shown.  Should you wish to remove the approval, simply uncheck the tick box.  Once you have approved all components of the Home Report, click Generate the report.  To return to your casefile click Selected File in the top left of the screen.

25 Completed Services – 1 of 3  The Home Report has now been generated.  You can view the product by clicking on the results icon under the Action column.

26 Completed Services – 2 of 3  To view the completed Home Report simply click on the file name link.


28 Results Update – 1 of 4  If you require to update any part of a Home Report, simply click on Report Update in the Service Type list.

29 Results Update – 2 of 4  Enter the relevant details as required.  Select the type of report that is to be updated.  If you need to update more than one part of the report, you must submit an individual Report Update for each part.  Click Continue when you have completed the instruction and submit as before.

30 Results Update – 3 of 4  Once your Report Updates have been completed and returned to you, the status of the corresponding part in the Home Report will revert to Awaiting Approval.  Should you wish to update the Property Questionnaire, simply use the Open File icon under the Actions column and amend as necessary.

31 Results Update – 4 of 4  The Awaiting Approval process is dealt with in the same manner as before.  Tick all the relevant approval boxes and click Generate Report to create a new Home Report that will include your updated part(s).

32 Supplementary Details  Selecting Supplementary Details from the list of services allows you to enter any additional information that should accompany the Home Report.  Once you have entered the information simply click Continue and submit in the usual manner.

33 Public Viewing of results – 1 of 3  One of the features of OpenHouse is a provision for giving members of the public who have shown an interest in a property the option to view any associated Home Report.  By clicking Add, you will be able to add details of anyone who would like to be able to view the Home Report when it is available.  By ticking the box under selection corresponding with each name and then clicking Remove, you can remove names from the list.

34 Public Viewing of results – 2 of 3  Members of the public who show an interest in viewing a particular Home Report can lodge their own interest by accessing the public site.  The details entered here will then be entered on the list of Public viewing of results.

35 Public Viewing of results – 3 of 3  Once the Home Report is complete you can send the results to those members of the public who have shown an interest in viewing the report.  Tick the required selections using the corresponding check boxes.  Then click Send Results.  Each selected member of the public will receive a copy of the Home Report for this property.

36 Administration – 1 of 4  Each firm will be assigned an administrator who has the responsibility to create, amend and deleted user accounts for OpenHouse.  Administration options are accessed via the link in the top right of the screen.

37 Administration – 2 of 4  The Edit Company tab allows the Administrator to amend any of the company details. These details will apply to all users after amendment.  There are also options to select a Senior Contact, Accounts Contact and change the designated Administrator.  The Senior Contact will be the individual who is the most relevant to contact regarding any company-wide issues.  The Accounts Contact will be the individual who will receive invoices.  The Administrator is the person responsible for managing OpenHouse user accounts.  If you make any changes, these will not be finalised until the Submit button is clicked.

38 Administration – 3 of 4  The Edit Users tab allows the Administrator to add, amend or delete OpenHouse user accounts.  To deactivate a user without deleting their user account simple uncheck the corresponding tick box.  Any changes will not be finalised until the Update button is clicked.  To add a new user click Add User, fill in the form and click Submit.

39 Administration – 4 of 4  The Branding tab controls the logo and strap line that will appear on the front of any Home Report ordered by your company.  To upload an image simply click Browse, navigate to where the image is saved and click on the file.  To add or change the strap line simply amend the text field  Any changes will not be finalised until the Update button is clicked.

40 OpenHouse The Home of Home Reports Thank You

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