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for Suppliers who’ve received a letter from the Council containing a unique Access Code

2 Introduction This User Guide is intended for suppliers who’ve received a letter from the Council containing a unique access code. If you’ve received a unique pin code from the Council then please do not use this guide, instead use the Supplier Registration for Pin Code Suppliers guide. We strongly suggest you read through the user guide prior to beginning the process.

3 Supported Browsers The portal will work best on the following web browsers… Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or above Google Chrome Safari Firefox If you are operating a web browser other than those stated above you may not be able to utilise the full functionality of the system.

4 I’ve received a letter from Flintshire with a unique Access Code – what do I do?
If you’ve received a letter from us then your letter will contain your unique Access Code. You will need to click on the link to the PROACTIS Supplier Portal, which can be accessed from the councils E-Procurement page Once you’ve reached the Portal, you’ll have 2 different Options (sets of instructions) depending on the following:- You are completely new to the Portal and have never registered before. You’ve previously registered on the Portal.

5 Option1 – New to the Portal
Follow these instructions if you’ve never registered on the PROACTIS Supplier Portal. If you have registered then jump to Option 2.

6 Option 1 - What information will I be asked to provide?
We want to make the registration process easy for you so we’ve created a list of information that you will be asked for so as you can collate this ahead of registration. Information marked with an * is mandatory. Company Registration Number (please enter if you have one) VAT Registration Number (please enter if you are VAT registered) DUNS Number (please enter if you know it) Organisation Type* Other Organisation Categories (please select at least 1) Company Address(es)* Users (people from your company)* What you sell*

7 Option 1 – New Registrations
Once you’ve reached the Portal (from clicking on the link from the E-Procurement page), you should see the following:- Add your Access Code in the Access Code box and click Go.

8 Step 1 – Organisation Details
Check that your Organisation Name is correct and if not amend it. You can also change your Organisation ID to something more memorable if you like (as long as it’s not already been used). Fields marked with a are mandatory. Hover your mouse over the for more information about fields. Add your Company Registration No. if your company is registered, otherwise tick the Not Applicable box. Add your VAT No. if your company is VAT Registered, otherwise tick the Not Applicable box. Add your DUNS No. if you know it, otherwise tick the Not Applicable box. If you are part of the Construction Industry scheme (CIS), select your CIS Registration Type. Tick at least 1 Organisation Type box. Once all the information has been provided, click on the

9 Step 2 – Additional Data As you’ve already entered your Access Code, you can ignore this step (this is for suppliers who’ve already registered on the Portal – Options 2 & 3 above). Click

10 Step 3 – Address Details This is the address we currently hold for you. This should be your main company address. Please click on the blue pencil to validate that your address details are correct – postal address, telephone number, address etc. This main company address will default to be your address for the following Address Types :- Ordering, Payment, Invoicing, Delivery & E-Sourcing. If you need to add additional addresses to match these types, then you can do so by clicking on the Add Address button.

11 Step 4 – User Details By default, the system allocates you an ADMIN user, however you may add more users if you wish. It will be your responsibility for the maintenance of any users. If a user leaves your company you will need to ensure you disable their account. You must click on the blue pencil to add the ADMIN username’s details. By default, this user will be the main General, Sales, Payment & E-Procurement Contact. If this is not the case, then Add additional users.

12 Step 5 – Classifications
Please enter the Product Classification(s) for the Goods / Services that you provide. You MUST select at least one Product Classification; you can always enter more or deselect Classifications within the Supplier Portal later. This information will be used by the Council to search for Suppliers who can provide the Goods and/or Services they require, therefore try to be as accurate as you can when selecting Product Classifications. You can either click on the small triangle to the left of each main Classification Category to then see sub-categories or you can search for the relevant Classification in the search box. Please be as detailed as possible. N.B. If you click too high a classification, you may receive Opportunities from us which may not be relevant.

13 Step 5 – Classifications
The following example shows that the supplier has selected Carrots. This was done by ticking the relevant box on the left side followed by clicking in the middle. This then transfers this over to the right side.

14 Step 6 – Primary Contact Details
This step will request you to check your personal details and to input some memorable information that will be used if you need to reset your password.

15 Step 7 – Terms & Conditions
This step will give you the opportunity to read over the User Licence. Tick the box if you are happy with it. If you would like further information on PROACTIS then please visit their website:

16 Step 8 - Finish You’re nearly there! You'll need to set a password and also make a note of your Organisation ID and Login Name. You will need these to log in to the system following completion of registration. Click on Complete Registration. This will then take you to the Supplier Portal Home page.

17 Supplier Portal Home Page
For a full description of how to use the Supplier Portal, click on the ?

18 Signing / Logging Out of the Portal
Click on the down arrow to the right of your company name, followed by Sign out.

19 What if I have problems? If you forget your password please access the link to reset. For general issues / problems, please click on the Contact Us link. This will allow you to log a call with PROACTIS.

20 Option 2 – Already Registered Supplier on the Portal
Follow these instructions if your organisation has previously registered on the Portal.

21 Login to the Supplier Portal
If you’re organisation is already registered on the Supplier Portal, then once you’ve reached the Portal (from clicking on the link from the E-Procurement page), you should login using your Organisation ID, Login Name & Password

22 Supplier Portal Home Page
Once logged in, click on the Customers icon on the left.

23 Your Customers The ‘Your Customers’ section shows you which Customers you are linked with. In the search box below, search for Denbighshire & then click Search. If Denbighshire doesn’t show in the list below you will need to add them as a Customer by clicking on the + Customers button.

24 Your Customers – Adding a Customer
Scroll through the available Customers until you find Denbighshire County Council. Tick the box to the right and then click Add.

25 Your Customers Once added, or if Denbighshire County Council showed in the previous search as already being one of your customers, the following should appear. Click on the to expand the customer record.

26 Your Customers – Expanded View
Click on Edit to edit the Customer details

27 Customer Information – Additional Data
Under Additional Data, please add the Access Code from your letter, then click Save. You do not need to fill in any other fields unless there’s a red asterisk.

28 You can now logout of the Portal


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