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Web Shift Booking System

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1 Web Shift Booking System
Harris Out of Hours Web Shift Booking System An Introduction

2 Getting Started You will have received an giving you the address of the website. Using your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) enter the address given in the . You will be taken to a page similar to the next slide of this presentation.

3 The First Page

4 Logging In Click on Login at the top of the page. You may get a warning about security. This warning may be safely ignored – it is because we are using a self signed certificate – but all information sent between your PC and the website is encrypted for your protection. You will be presented with the login screen (shown on the next slide).

5 Login Screen

6 Entering Login Details
Enter your userid (your login name) and then highlight the password field and enter your password. When entering your password the letters you type are not shown on the screen but instead asterisks (*) will appear. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. You must enter the password in capitals and lowercase letters as shown on your . If you cannot remember your password there is a link below the password which requests the system to send you your password by or text message.

7 Completing Your Details
If this is the first time you are using the system you will be asked to complete your details (see the next slide).

8 Completing your Personal Information

9 Blocking Emails From Others
If you do not want to receive s from other users, click the option to “Block s From Other Users”. You will continue to receive automated system s and s from the administrative staff, but other users on the system will not be able to send you an on the system.

10 Completing Your Details
You will need to choose a new password and enter it twice. All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) must be entered. You are also required to enter at least one of your home or work telephone as well as your mobile number. When all your details are entered, click “Update Details” at the bottom of the page.

11 Errors in your details If any details are entered incorrect or are incomplete, the system will not save the details but will show any errors in red alongside the field that is incorrect: You should correct the errors and click Update Details again.

12 The Main Menu Once you have completed your details you will be taken to the Home Page with the Main Menu down the left hand side.

13 Using the Menu You can click items on the menu on the left or where there are a number of items the additional menu will pop out to the right. The first part of the menu relates to the booking forms, which is what you would select to book shifts (or cancel or swap them). The second section is for reports and the third section is for maintaining your details. A forth section is for additional information.

14 Booking Shifts Select the appropriate Booking Form from the menu on the left hand side. You will be presented with a weeks information at a time. Using the Previous Month, Previous Week, Next Week and Next Month buttons you can easily navigate to different days. If you need to move to a different booking form for the same date or to jump to a completely different date, use the options at the bottom of the screen.

15 Booking Form

16 The Booking Form You can see the details of shifts which have not been booked. If someone else has booked a shift, you will see the word “Booked” and no more details. You can see the details of shifts you have booked. If you hover your mouse over these shifts more details will pop up onto the screen. Shifts in a mustard colour or orange are not available to be booked.

17 The Booking Form Black shifts simply do not exist.
Shifts which are greyed out are not availble for you to book as you do not have the required capabilities for the shift. Hovering your mouse over an available shift will cause a popup to appear showing the total value for the shift. Clicking the shift will book it for you. Clicking the shift again will delete your booking.

18 The Booking Form When you first book a shift:
If the shift is to be worked within the next week, you are able to delete the booking for up to 10 minutes. If the shift is to be worked within the next month, you are able to delete the booking for up to 1 hour. If the shift to be worked is more than one month in advance, then you are able to delete the booking for 24 hours After these times you are not able to delete the booking.

19 The Booking Form If you are unable to work the shift, there are two options available to offer it to someone else. You can: Sell the Shift (in which case you offer it for sale and someone else can then take it from you). You can swap it for another shift with someone who has agreed to make the swap with you.

20 Selling a Shift To offer a shift for sale, simply click on the “Sell” link within the booking: You will be presented with an explanation of what you have done:

21 Selling a Shift The booking will change and the “Sell” link will be changed to a “No Sell” link. Clicking on “No Sell” will indicate to the system that you no longer wish to sell the shift.

22 Buying a Shift Where another user has put a shift up for sale, you will see that shift in a light green colour and hovering your mouse over the shift will provide you with more details. Clicking on the shift will enter you name against the shift and take it away from the other person. Please note, this action cannot be undone.

23 Swapping a Shift The Swapping system allows two users to agree a shift swap between themselves without involving the system administrators. The swapping system is accessed within the maintenance menu. To offer a shift to be swapped, you select the shift in the swapping system. Other users are then able to offer specific shifts to swap with you. You can view these offers and select a shift to make the swap.

24 Swapping Shifts After you have accepted a swap, all the offers are removed and the two shifts are swapped. You cannot undo a swap once it has been accepted. You can view shifts that others have requested to swap and offer your shifts against those requests. In that case, if the other person who requested the swap accepts your offer, the swap will happen. In each case you will receive appropriate confirmations about the swap.

25 Logging Out After you have finished using the system, please remember to log out using the Logout button in the top right corner of the screen – especially if you are using a shared computer. If you forget to log out, the system will log you out after one hour of inactivity. The system will not let you login on two computers to the same account simultaneously.

26 Additional Notes The system is designed to process requests as they arrive. There are processes in place to ensure fairness of use to all users and to ensure that users are not able to hog the system. If more than 30 pages are requested in a period of 1 minute, you will be blocked access for the next 10 minutes. Keep your password safe and do not divulge it to anyone else.

27 Additional Notes If you loose or forget your password, use the password recovery feature available from the login page to request that the system sends you your password. The system administrators do not have access to your password and so cannot give it to you (unless you have not completed your initial details). Passwords are case sensitive. If you are unable to login, ensure your Caps Lock is off and try again.

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