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‘Total War’ this time.

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1 ‘Total War’ this time

2 Deaths During World War II (millions)

3 Defeat of the Axis Powers
Key factors: personnel reserves industrial capacity US joining the war turned the tide available materials shipbuilding vehicle production

4 Allied Victories Victory in Europe (VE):
Red Army (USSR) gains offensive after Stalingrad Western Allies in N. Africa, Italy a race to control post-war Europe begins D-Day: June 6, 1944, allied forces land in France bombing of German cities Dresden, February 1945: 135,000 killed 8 May Germany surrenders Victory in the Pacific: code-breakers and success at Midway ‘Island-hopping’ close enough to Japan bombing brings surrender 2 September 1945

5 By 1945 – allies, but not really allies
Soviet-dominated forces “Western” coalition forces raced to the river Elbe and divided Germany

6 And this was in no way the end: Origins of Cold War in WWII
unnatural allies Yalta and Potsdam Conferences (1945) Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt [Atlee and Truman] USSR vs. Japan ? free elections for Eastern Europe 1946: “Iron Curtain” descends

7 Money for Minds and Hearts
US: The Marshall Plan (1947) USSR: COMECON, (1949) Became an arms race: NATO Warsaw Pact MAD

8 The Truman Doctrine world divided: free and enslaved states
US to support all movements for democracy, and ‘militarization’ of the Cold War became global

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