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The Allies Turn the Tide

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1 The Allies Turn the Tide
14.3 Notes

2 Standard and Objective
Objective- To understand the major turning points of the war Standard Identify and locate the Allied and Axis powers on a map and discuss the major turning points of the ward, principal theaters of conflict, key strategic decisions and resulting war conferences, with emphasis on the importance of geographical factors

3 I. All-Out War U.S and Britain Women help win the war
Increased governmental power Total war Restricted rights Propaganda Japanese internment camps Women help win the war Jobs in factories/ construction Rosie the Riveter Served in military auxilery roles

4 II. The Allies Forge Ahead
Pacific Theater- Battle of Coral Sea and Midway (May-June 1942)- U.S. victories North Africa Eisenhower defeats Rommel (May, 1943) Europe “Big Three”- Churchill, FDR, Stalin agree to focus on Europe first (Nov, 1943)

5 II. The Allies Forge Ahead cont.
Italy- July 1943, U.S. British forces land in Italy Italians defeated but fighting continues vs. Germans Soviet Union Battle of Stalingrad- July Feb 1943 bitter street by street fighting Soviets encircled attackers Huge German losses

6 III. The Allies Push Toward Germany
Dwight Eisenhower- supreme commander of Allied forces June 6, D-Day- invasion of France Round the clock bombing of Germany Battle of the Bulge- Dec. 1944 Massive German Counterattack Last German offensive After victory was certain

7 IV. Yalta Conference Big Three agreed to divide Germany into 4 occupation zones Soviets would enter war with Japan in three months Disagreement on Eastern Europe Stalin wanted control FDR, Churchill wanted self-determination Stalin agreed to free elections

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