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Unified Communications Strategic Initiative IT Stakeholder Meeting April 16, 2014.

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1 Unified Communications Strategic Initiative IT Stakeholder Meeting April 16, 2014

2 Agenda UC Strategic Initiative - Updates UC Vendor/Solutions UC Vendor Evaluation Next Steps and Future Meetings 2

3 UC Strategic Initiative Project Updates

4 Unified Communications Initiative Updates Milestones Completed Since we Last Met ITCRB Meeting for UC project Capital Funding – 4/2/14 Process to evaluate capital projects in progress – timeframe for feedback end May, early June Project continues in the planning phase Centrex Contract Renewal Complete – 3/28/14 3 Year contract for services, w/ optional 2 year extensions; 7% line rate increases, take effect July 1, ’04 Rates are significantly better than COMA rates; after year 5 we expect larger increases in rates Annual dollar commitments – we can forecast 4-5 years of stable rates w/current processes & support Gives us sufficient window of opportunity to plan and migrate to next generation service UC Initiative presented at the CIO Council – 3/10/14 3

5 Unified Communications Initiative Updates Milestones Completed Since we Last Met (Continued) UC Proof of Concepts Initial Blue Jeans desktop video pilot complete; planning for a Cisco Jabber POC Voice Portal beta (initial rollout ) - Installed Aastra/I2 Demo service To become more familiar with this platform and service features Logistics: SharePoint site for IT Stakeholder updates and Materials Sharepoint site for materials (UNIVERSITY credentials required) etings.aspx 3

6 UC Strategic Initiative Vendor Solutions Comparison

7 Next Generation UC Solution Matrix Platform Architecture Aastra/I2 BroadsoftPresidio - CiscoVerizon - Cisco Platform/Technology Hosted or Hybrid BroadsoftManaged CiscoHosted Cisco Geo-Redundancy NY - TXOxford St.– Summer St. or Hosting Facility MD - CA Scalability 1 million users40,000 devices per cluster60,000 scales to 300k Service – Platform Availability (SLA) 99.999% 100% Network Resiliency I2 / InternetHarvard NetworkMPLS / MPLS Local Survivability Audio Codes Survivable Gateway Cisco Survivable Gateway E911 E911 EnableCER and PS/ALICER – PS/ALI, 911 to physical address included in SIP Trunk Authentication / Directory Services Active Directory, Shibboleth support Active Directory Harvard Integrations AD/Shibboleth & Lync only. Others separate cost AD, Lync, Service Now, paging. Google separate cost AD, Lync, paging. Others separate cost Service – Platform Upgrades Included for hosted components Applications Only – install fee applies (one per year). Hardware – Harvard Cost Applications & Infrastructure hardware and software (one per year) for hosted components

8 Next Generation UC Solution Matrix Features & Service Aastra/I2 - BroadsoftPresidio - CiscoVerizon - Cisco User Feature Package Proposed includes: desk and soft phone, mobility features, IM&P, voice mail. Auto attendant, Call Center, conferencing and video available. Enterprise License- incudes multiple devices (phone or soft clients), IM&P, E911, mobility features, voice mail, video. Call center and web conferencing (WebEx) available Proposed includes IM&P and one device (desk or soft client), E911 server. Call Center, Web conferencing (WebEx )and other service packages available. Provisioning – Administrative MACD OP Easy Portal and Broadsoft PortalCisco Collaboration Prime - Second Nature / Line One Verizon Administrative Portal – TBD. Cisco Portal End User Portal OP Easy PortalSecond Nature-Line One for some, Cisco End User Portal Cisco End User Portal Training Remote Administrative and End User; Onsite Early Adopter. Online training available at no cost Administrative and End User – Onsite early adopter. Online training available at no cost Vendor Project Management Remote but option to provide on- site On-Site Vendor design/service and installation Remote –option to provide on-sitePrimarily on-site IP Phone Monitoring Tools TelchemyPrognosisWAN Demarc – option for MLAN IP Phone Support (Stock 10% spare phones) Harvard First Level Help Desk. Remote Management Option. Firmware and software updates provided Harvard First Level Help Desk. Remote Management Option. Firmware and software updates Harvard driven. Harvard First Level Help Desk. Firmware and software updates provided

9 Next Generation UC Solution Matrix Industry Standards, Roadmap & Additional Services Aastra/I2 - BroadsoftPresidio - CiscoVerizon - Cisco Open Standards SIP 2.0, non-Aastra phones limited features set; no H.323 support SIP 2.0 but non-Cisco IP Phone – limited feature set WebRTC Broadsoft launched 5/2013 for UC One Jabber Guest -proprietary Seamless Mobile Client experience Clearspan for Android and AppleJabber for Android and Apple Video Support Point to point today. Telepresence integration in progress Point to point, Telepresence and WebEx integration Point to point and Telepresence, and WebEx integration Remote User/ Access Clearspan Client – eSBC ProxyJabber Client – Expressway Proxy SIP Trunking Level 3/ eSBC (85 min per DID)Level 3 /eSBCVerizon (250 min per sim call) SBC included Number Porting No additional charge No additional charge. Porting process should be easier. Wireless Carrier Integration / IMS Mobile Application client – IMS dual profile - future Mobile Application client – Jabber IMS dual profile 2015

10 UC Strategic Initiative Vendor/Solution Selection and Evaluation

11 11 Develop Evaluation Criteria Method Recommendation/ Wrap-up Vendor/Solution Selection Process April, 2014 May, 2014 June, 2014 Develop Detail Evaluation Criteria Forms Key critical areas for consideration Rating system with criteria weights Solicit Input UC CIO Council Stakeholders Other Strategic Project leads Voting System To check against qualitative exercise Fill out Detail Criteria Evaluation Forms UC Project team Project Team Voting Check against qualitative measures Project Team Summary and Recommendation To the UC CIO Council Target Vendor/Solution decision by July, 2014 Vendor/Solution Evaluation Extended Team Voting & Recommendation UC CIO Council and Key Stakeholders Present to CIO Council Final Vendor Decision and Negotiations

12 UC Vendor Evaluation Scorecard

13 UC Vendor Evaluation Scorecard (cont’d)



16 Next Steps Key milestones and activities coming up: E911 approach and vetting with OGC POC rollouts and evaluations Vendor/Solution Evaluations UC Strategic Initiative Website Next Meeting (Suggestions?) Telecommunications Expense Management Program (Centrex line Cleanup) POC Updates & Voice Portal Demo E911 Summary Vendor Selection/Evaluation Update 16

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