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McAfee One Time Password Easy. Flexible. Complete. 1 Product Marketing NSBU.

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1 McAfee One Time Password Easy. Flexible. Complete. 1 Product Marketing NSBU

2 Product Overview McAfee One Time Password Strong Authentication Solution Secure VPN Access Secure Application Access Secure Virtual Desktop Access Easy to deploy Flexible to use

3 It is time consuming both for users and administrators to enable strong authentication Current solution Current solution does not enable strong authentication for all needs Customer Challenges Need compliance with regulatory requirements Username and password no longer offers needed protection Dont know who is accessing my network and applications Authentication Costs, logistics and administration of hardware tokens is too high

4 Features & Benefits Flexibility to adapt to use cases and requirements Easy to integrate with your systems Avoid expensive hardware tokens Reduce Service Desk costs Easy to deploy Support for multiple authentication methods Ready made integrations modules and step by step guides Software token included in the offer Self Service and Service desk portal Seamlessly integrated SMS service

5 Software Token Pledge Secure generation of one-time passwords Easy to deploy Automatic key enrollment Customizable themes Multiple token support No transaction costs Less administration Available for both Mobile Phone and Desktop Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Java ME, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

6 McAfee Simple Message Service Add-on Easy to use service for one-time passwords via SMS SMS authentication is a great option for user-friendly strong authentication Add-on to McAfee OTP One-time passwords via SMS Seamless to activate Flash SMS support User friendly Agent-less Currently available to EMEA customers Deployment 2 min

7 Web Manager Self Service and Service Desk management tool End-user self service and Service Desk day-to-day administration Service Desk Assign tokens Resynchronize tokens Emergency one-time password PIN code Verify caller Enroll software token Self service Set PIN code Change password Enroll software token

8 Low cost of operation through maximized self service Low cost of operation through maximized self service Versatile and scalable platform for all SMB and enterprise needs Rapid installation, integration and deployment Easy. Flexible. Complete. Conclusion

9 Architecture – OTP Server User stores Application Service Local Network Authentication 2. User credential validation 3. OTP generated 4. End user enters OTP 5. Validation of OTP 6. Access granted 5 Access Gateway (username / password) Access Gateway (username / password) 2

10 Token Db Remote Access User 5ID-123 User 4ID-124 User 6ID-241 Legacy Authentication Server Legacy Token Setup (before) Legacy Token

11 Pledge User 1PledgeID-231 User 2Legacy tokenID-123 User 3YubiKeyID-414 Token Migration Setup (after) SMSLegacy Token Remote Access McAfee One Time Password Legacy Token DB User 5ID-123 User 4 ID-124 User 6 ID-241 Legacy Authentication Server User Store


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