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{ Making Microsoft Office work for you Organizing Your Life at work and home in the Cloud Presented by: Matthew Baker (321)

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1 { Making Microsoft Office work for you Organizing Your Life at work and home in the Cloud Presented by: Matthew Baker (321) 222-7872

2 Learn some new things about Office! We will learn to use it to organize Your life at work and home, increase productivity and increase your technological skills.

3  Office Desktop  Conventional Applications located on the client  Very Powerful features  Programs not available remotely The Office Family - Desktop

4  Office Web Apps  Word, Excel, PowerPoint on the web!  Accessible anywhere  At the airport with no laptop?  No problem, use your tablet or smartphone!  Users can create, edit files anywhere there is a computer.  No software to install, just use a supported browser The Office Family – Web Apps

5  Word Web App The Office Family – Web Apps

6  Excel Web App The Office Family – Web Apps

7  PowerPoint Web App The Office Family – Web Apps

8  Store your files on the Cloud!  Free 7 Gigabytes of storage *(for new subscribers as of April 22 nd )  Requires no software install to use, just a standard browser. The Office Family - SkyDrive

9  For established SkyDrive users (before April 22 nd 2012), check your SkyDrive account for the free upgrade to 25 Gigabytes of free storage! The Office Family - SkyDrive

10  The SkyDrive client  Install the SkyDrive client on your PC  Access your SkyDrive files using seamless integration with Windows.  Everything put into the SkyDrive folder is synced between the computer and SkyDrive.  An optional feature of SkyDrive will allow you to connect back to your PC if you forgot something! The Office Family - SkyDrive

11  Also available on:  Windows Phones  iPhone and iPad  Mac  Android (limited support now, full support soon) The Office Family - SkyDrive

12  Other Applications that work with SkyDrive: The Office Family - SkyDrive

13  Office 365  Includes Office Web Apps, Office Desktop (E3/E4)  And… much… much… much…more! The Office Family – Office 365

14  Many of the features are standard:  Cloud-based email (25GB of storage space per user)  Contact and Calendar Sharing  Intranet Site for team collaboration  Instant Messaging, PC to PC calling, Video conferencing  Hosted Website for your business  Create and Edit Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote files online  Antivirus / Anti-spam filtering  Microsoft Community Support  Enterprise Directory Support The Office Family – Office 365

15  Features found in the E3 & E4 plans:  Hosted voice mail support with auto attendant capabilities (E3)  Advanced Email Storage and Archiving (E3,E4)  Licenses for each user for Desktop version (up to 5 devices!) (E3,E4)  Capability to replace your company PBX phone system! (E4) The Office Family – Office 365

16  Office  PC  500Mhz CPU or better  1 GB RAM or more  3 GB Hard Drive space  1024 x 768 display  Mac  OS X 10.5.8 or later  1 GB RAM or more  2.5 GB Hard Drive space  1280 x 800 display  Office 365  A computer with internet connection and a browser  Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9  Latest version of Firefox  Latest version of Chrome System Requirements - Compared

17  Will Office 365 Web Apps work with Office 2007, 2010? YES!  Files can be opened from Office 365 Web Apps, even if they were created from Office 2007 or 2010 and vice versa!  In fact, Office Web App users can simultaneously edit a document with Office Desktop users! Compatibility

18  Cloud storage is networked storage  Hosting companies operate large data centers, those who require data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from the hosting company. The hosting company allocates resources according to the requirements of their customers and make them available as unlimited storage pools  Physically, the data is spanned across multiple servers, in most cases in data centers physically separated.  Cloud storage services may be accessed through a web browser, or by using a cloud-aware application, like OneNote or SharePoint. What is "cloud storage"

19  Office 2010 Compared with Office Web Apps  SkyDrive with a browser  SkyDrive Client  Office 365 Services  Intranet – SharePoint Team Site SharePoint Team SiteSharePoint Team Site Live Demo

20  Office Web Apps: Sign up for a free trial!

21  Office 365: Sign up for a free trial!

22 Office 365 Costs

23  We want to help!  Contact us, we aim to set you in the right direction!  Office Web Apps and SkyDrive for small office, home, school use  Office 365 for larger offices who need advanced services like Intranets for collaboration, webhosting, email and voicemail Need more information?

24  Ad Astra Technology is part of the Microsoft Partner Network  We have resources to analyze, plan and deploy Microsoft solutions that enable your business to be present anywhere there is an internet connection.  When signing up for your paid subscription to Microsoft Office 365, be sure to use our partner code.  By using this code, you will associate Ad Astra Technology as your primary service provider for your Office 365 service. This will enable us to help with purchasing decisions and provide advice on your Microsoft Online Services that you purchase. This is very important, will help provide a point of contact in case you need support with your service should any issues arise.  Our partner code is: 2789711 Need more information?

25  Visit our website for more information  Our presentations are kept in the “Papers & Presentations” section. Need more information? Visit us for helpful publications, and case studies that you might find helpful. Visit our Facebook page:

26  1 HOUR FREE SUPPORT* FOR SIGNING UP WITH OFFICE 365 TRIAL  * Must pre-register at our booth at the event - Phone support only, onsite support will be at regular rates. Support offer must be used for business evaluation, not for personal evaluation. Free offer to all IAAP APW event attendees

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