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Alvarion Markets, Positioning and Offering

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1 Alvarion Markets, Positioning and Offering

2 Outline Alvarion Market – “The 3 pillars” Market trends Who are we ? Where are we coming from ? Alvarion Offering and Positioning Road Map New Alvarion - Marketing rebound Wavion who?

3 Alvarion New Market Focus – "3 Pillars"
BWA Market Traditional, Fix operators, Licensed, WiMax driven Size – $1.9B (Mobile and Fix) Addressable (BWA Fixed/Nomadic WiMAX) – $500M, moderate growth Growth components: WiMAX CPE Networks in transition WiMAX/LTE Fixed/Nomadic TD-LTE Market will move partially, slowly, to TD-LTE Alvarion strategy - Preserve market position - Look for large enough niche markets to leverage Alvarion technology

4 Alvarion New Market Focus – "3 Pillars"
5GHz Private networks (Enterprise, Verticals) market Typical topologies: PtP, PtMP - WiFi, WiMAX, Proprietary “Close garden” solution Size - $800M, CAGR - 13% Alvarion Strategy - Rebound and grow Carrier grade WiFi market New, Mobile Carriers Traditional, Enterprise Open system, mobile WiFi device driven Size - $500M, CAGR - 40% Alvarion Strategy - Grow and lead

5 Wireless Broadband Market
Smartphones and tablets are driving exploding data and video traffic Operators’ usage of Wi-Fi for data offloading and backhauling, in order to reduce cost, improve QoS, and enable service expansion Technology choice (Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, Femto) driven by capacity, availability & cost “White Space” initiative and unlicensed spectrum will use Wi-Fi and LTE Wi-Fi 4G/LTE Unlicensed Spectrum/bands (2.4, 5 GHz) Licensed bands (700MHz, 1.8, 2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 3.5 GHz) Focused on fixed & mobile applications Focused on country- wide mobile applications Lowest cost last mile solution (matured, small BS, CPE volume, consolidated standard) consumer electronics Medium to high cost (non-mature, large BS, expensive CPE) 2-3 years for mass market Expanding to “White Space” – “Wi-Fi on Steroids” Frequency & bandwidth allocation delays, diversified Wi-Fi and LTE are complementary solutions for carriers

6 Exponential Data Usage Growth
AT&T reports an 8X increase in data traffic between ‘07-’10, coinciding with the launch of the iPhone; driving broadband download demand with less capability to provide capacity Cisco study projects 26x growth from ’10 -’15, to 6.3 exabytes/month; 2/3rds will be video Skyrocketing Data Usage Average Demand vs. Capacity per User (USA) Capacity Demand Mobile devices and increased mobile video driving usage Capacity Shortage Capacity Supply Source: AT&T Source: Rysavy Research 2010 Data Downloads Users Operators now understand they need all spectrum and all technologies 6 6

7 Where Are We Coming From ?
2 decades of wireless experience One of the largest fix wireless focused R&D organization One of the largest outdoor fix wireless installed base Large customer base Larger partners base WiMAX, WiMAX, … many technology building blocks (OFDMA, MIMO, etc.) are part of LTE

8 Who Are We? Broadband Wireless Solutions provider Strong two market pillars – Carriers, Enterprise Multiple technologies – WiMAX, WiFi, DAS Value creator – Connectivity, Coverage, Capacity Company in transition From the Elephant track to leading in large niche markets In turn-around: From declining to stabilizing to rebounding Providers of optimized broadband wireless solutions to address connectivity, capacity and coverage challenges of public and private networks

9 New Alvarion - Launch Reposition the company: New strategy and messages Multiple technologies and solutions Serving both Public and Private networks New product launches after 2 years with no product “news” Profitable company after few years with losses New branding to serve the above Launch in the Sales kick off 9

10 Alvarion Multi-Technology Solution Portfolio
Market / Solution Mobile Carriers BWA Operators/WISPs Enterprise/ Vertical Markets 4G RAN (Licensed & Unlicensed spectrum) Primary Secondary - Close Garden 5GHz - Carrier-Grade WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz (cellular offload) (access, backhaul) (access; backhaul) Intelligent DAS Unique combination of complementary solutions optimized for a variety of networks, applications, topologies, and environments

11 Products and Solutions
Public Safety Smart City Industries & Business & Utility Private Networks WISPs Fixed Access 4G Broadband Urban & Rural 4G Wireless Access 4G Small Cell Backhaul DAS In-Building Capacity & Coverage Metro WiFi Carrier WiFi 3G Data Offload WBSn WBSn WALKair Breeze Ultra BreezeCell BreezeMAX 4Motion Breeze Compact BreezeMAX Extreme Breeze Access VL BreezeNet B

12 A Full Spectrum Portfolio
MHz – – GHz WBS WBSn WBSn Ultra Breeze Cell BNB BNB VL VL Extreme BreezeMAX 4Motion WALKair Compact MHz – – GHz

13 Alvarion Product Plan 2012 New products launch in all three market pillars Compact Ultra WBSn Major product milestones Extreme 2.0 WALKair 5000 LTE Trial, Phase 2 NMS, Uplift and Wavion products DAS, Strategic customer and partner

14 Portfolio Roadmap - 2012 H2’11 H1’12 H2’12 WBSn-2400-E WBSn-2450-S
Carrier Wi-Fi WBSn-2400-S WBSn-2400-O WBSn-2450-S WBSn-2450-O WBSn-2450-SO/OS WBSn-2400-E AlvariStar DAS .. BreezeCell v2.0 Private Networks Extreme v1.8 Ultra PtP Ultra PtMP Extreme v2.0 4G Wireless Access 4Motion v3.5 WALKair 5000 Compact 3.5GHz BMAX Pro 6000 LTE Demo II Compact 2.5G *

15 Why New Branding? Reflect the new Alvarion strategy and messages
Reposition Alvarion as a key provider of broadband solutions to private and public networks Reflect the merger of Alvarion and Wavion – “One Company – New Brand” Connect to our customers’ business and lifestyle Give Alvarion a modernized and refreshed look

16 How Do We “Look”

17 COO Organization Structure
Tal Meirzon COO Mark Altshuller, Dr. Mati Wax CTO Yishai Amsterdamer, Ruby Tweg R&D Products & DAS Ron Agam Ulik Broida & Open Position Marketing & CS Eedo Lifshitz BD Zeev Farkash Sales Adi Sapir PMI & CFO Adi Corem Operation Lilach Romano HR 17

18 Who is Wavion? Mission Key Stats Customers Applications
Provide wider coverage, higher capacity and lower cost outdoor Wi-Fi solutions for carrier-grade broadband applications Key Stats Founded in 2000 An Alvarion company since 11/11 HQ – Yokneam, Israel Global presence in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, India, China, Philippines, Singapore, Africa, Russia Large scale deployments in over 75 countries and with hundreds of Service Providers Products, Solution, Technology Access, Backhaul and CPE products , spanning 2.4 GHz, 4.9 – 5.9 GHz, 700 MHz End-to-end Outdoor Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) solution Unique Beamforming and Interference mitigating technologies Customers Carriers and ISPs, Governments, Enterprises Applications Metro Wi-Fi Cellular off-loading Rural broadband Education, Healthcare, Hospitality connectivity SME, Residential and Enterprise Digital city (security and video surveillance) Energy management / Smart grid / Utilities 18

19 2011 was the transition year to “Outdoor 11.n”
Wi-Fi Market Trends Growing number of Wi-Fi devices Consolidation of Wi-Fi in Cellular handheld devices Start of Wi-Fi consolidation in the core cellular network (handoffs, mobility, roaming) Most of outdoor Wi-Fi market is still in traditional applications and developing countries Carriers growing interest in Wi-Fi Outdoor is noisier 2011 was the transition year to “Outdoor 11.n”

20 Demand for Carrier Grade Wi-Fi
In Developed Countries 3G data offloading due to high penetration of smartphones and tablets Broadband extension to rural communities In Developing Countries Low cost broadband access for Metro and Rural Residential and SME, mostly desk-top users Synergies with existing cellular infrastructure Large carriers require licensed and unlicensed (Wi-Fi) frequencies to fully meet capacity needs Active deployments in US, Korea, Japan, EU etc. RFPs from Multinational carriers – Bharti, Telefonica, Vodafone, T-Mobile etc. New Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Market is Ramping up

21 ISPs, Government, Verticals
Vertical markets Education Campuses Healthcare Hospitality connectivity Digital city (Security and Video Surveillance) Energy Management / Smart Grid / Utilities Growth in traditional unlicensed markets – mass market technology and devices

22 Selected Customer Case Studies
Wavion technology used globally in Developed and Developing Countries, each with unique requirements TTML (TATA), India (Carrier) China Carriers (Carrier) Wireless Coverage of ~50 K”m2 in Navi Mumbai 220 WBS-2400 base stations Utilizes the cellular infrastructure 10,000 subscribers China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom 3 Provinces – Sichuan, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia 1000 base stations Residential, 3G offloading, Universities, Terminal hubs San Luis Telecom, Argentina (Metro/Muni) Ural Sviaz (USI), Russia (Metro) Wireless coverage for the local community, schools, students, companies, factories, municipalities & hotels 84 towns, blanket coverage 620 WBS-2400 2nd order 100 WBS-2400 for 10 additional cities(2/2010) Wireless coverage of the area Capital Yekaterinburg 350 WBS-2400 base stations, 17,000 users Utilizes roof tops and the cellular infrastructure 22

23 New WBSn Family of Base Stations
Industry’s first two-way Beamforming with n Gigabit outdoor Wi-Fi system Carrier grade end-to-end solution Fastest ROI, 50% less CAPEX and OPEX required Leading interference immunity suite Seamless mobile data offload Sector & Omni Omni Sector Enhanced Omni Flexible Access and Backhaul Solution 23

24 WBSn - E2E Wi-Fi Network Solution
Wavion offers end-to-end carrier grade wireless networks for a variety of applications, based on its Omni-direction and Sector Base Stations Carrier grade Wi-Fi solution One-stop-shop for project execution Wide product range Access, backhaul, CPEs, NMS, service provisioning, billing Fully managed Open standards Layer 3 – 4 routing, QOS, AAA, etc. CPE Access Network Bridging & Backhauling Core Network Outdoor CPEs Point-to-point links Wavion Service-Pro USB CPEs Indoor CPEs Multiple configurations, 2.4 and 5 GHz dual band Integrated backhaul Self forming Self healing WavioNet NMS Portable Wi-Fi clients 24 24 24 24

25 Wavion’s Mobile Data Offload
WAN 3G/4G HLR Internet GW IP core Wi-Fi NOC Cellular Data Network Beamforming n Carrier grade SIM authentication Local break-out and full BH Future: HS2.0, LBS, roaming

26 Beamforming Explained
Leverages multiple radios and a unique High Gain Diversely Polarized (HGDP) antenna array Focuses the energy to and from clients on Rx and Tx Adapts per packet per user – tracks movements and noise variations Exploits multipath by coherently combining all reflections HGDP Antenna Array Signal Strength Need diagram 8 dB Beamforming gain and 12 dB HGDP antenna array gain 26 26

27 Typical Deployment Scenarios
As Far As Wi-Fi Can GO 27 27

28 Unlicensed BWA Market & Positioning
G r o w t h Alvarion + Wavion 3G Offload Altai, BelAir Ruckus Direct Cisco Motorola Access Service Radwin, Tropos, Firetide, Skypilot $$$ per Account Sea ports Mines Oil & gas Hotels Campus Safe City Air ports Malls SPG Ubiquiti High-End WISPs MikroTik Distribution Low-End WISPs

29 WLOB Sales Plan - 2012 2012 Target revenues of $26M @ GM=63%
2012 Pipeline of $40M China (CM, CT, CU): $6M - $10M Philippines (PLDT, Smart,Glob): $8M - $10M Nigeria (MTN, Glo): $5M - $10M Indonesia (Indosat, First Media) $2M - $4M LATAM, NA, EU (W&E), India region $10M - $15M WLOB Upside US, FM , $5M Nigeria MTN, Services $3M Brazil, Parks $2M Paraguay, Paracom $2M Strategic partners - ZTE, NSN $4M Alvarion sales team upside - TBD 29

30 WLOB Sales Plan - 2012 #2 Strategic Partners OEM with ZTE
Ericsson / NSN / ALU – achieve homologation, at least one Production in Brazil ODM for WiFi Indoor strategy - WCPEn / WBSn-I Market Penetration Asia - Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Australia Africa – Another Cellular group and large distributors Western Europe Eastern Europe - Serbia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary New Markets 5.x Access and Backhaul – “Open garden” Large scale indoor offering and GTM Cable market, product, GTM - TBD 700 MHz market – Sign new agreement with FM

31 Sales Synergies in Process
Western Europe Strongest area of performance for Alvarion weakest for Wavion Wavion missed major opportunities in Europe in 2011 – T-Mobile, O2 One Sales organization led by Gadi’s team in W. Europe Asia Strongest area of performance for Wavion, weakest for Alvarion One Sales organization led by Zeev Working few mutual accounts in several countries Cross compensation defined: win – win Knowledge: Webinars, Sales kick-off Offering: 2.4GHz, 2450GHz - “open garden” access products for channels 700MHz (700 – 800MHz) - WBS + CPE 31

32 2012 should be a turning point – It’s execution time !
Summary Wider technology, wider offering, wider addressable market New comer to a strong growth market, well positioned to succeed in this market Sizeable company for a growing market Strong synergies between Alvarion - Wavion Good news to the market - new strategy, new products, new markets Streamlined organization 2012 should be a turning point – It’s execution time !

33 Thank You Name: Tal Meirzon E-Mail:

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