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Airmux-400 General Availability Release 2.8.20. Agenda Airmux Technology Target Markets Airmux-400 Product Portfolio What’s new in ver. 2.8.20? Case Studies.

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1 Airmux-400 General Availability Release 2.8.20

2 Agenda Airmux Technology Target Markets Airmux-400 Product Portfolio What’s new in ver. 2.8.20? Case Studies Airmux-400 advantages Summary

3 Airmux Technology

4 Highly advanced radio technologies: OFDM MIMO Diversity Sophisticated air interface to ensure: Native Ethernet TDM Interference mitigation techniques Transmission in NLOS conditions Robustness and link stability Unmatched performance at sub-6GHz Airmux Technology

5 Target Markets

6 Mobile carriers –Rural to urban cellular backhaul –3G Small cell for remote areas –Small cell backhaul –Access for large corporations Fixed Service Providers & ISPs –IP backhaul for 4G /broadband PtMP –Access for large corporations Security & Surveillance –Video Surveillance, homeland security, municipal ‘Safe City’ projects, Transportation Security, Oil & Gas, Border Control Private Networks –Government, Utilities, Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Enterprises

7 Product portfolio

8 High capacity wireless links Up to 200 Mbps throughput Up to 16 E1s/T1s and Ethernet Seamless migration to IP Long range (120 km) Redundancy (1+1, SECUR technology) Multi-band Radio: 2.3-2.7GHz, 3.3- 3.8GHz and 4.4-6.4GHz OFDM, MIMO, Antenna Diversity Easy to install Competitive pricing Airmux-400 Point-to-Point Portfolio

9 Airmux-400 – Backhaul Ultra-Capacity –Up to 200 Mbps net aggregate throughput (Asymmetric & Symmetric) –5/10/20/40 MHz channel bandwidth –Advanced networking & QoS –10/100/1000 Ethernet interface Native TDM (up to 16 E1s/T1s) + Ethernet Optimized for high capacity IP backhaul applications Seamless migration from TDM to all-IP networks

10 Airmux-400L – Backhaul and Access Up to 50 Mbps aggregate throughput Asymmetric and Symmetric traffic Up to 8 E1s/T1s Advanced networking & QoS 5/10/20 MHz channel bandwidth Flexible combination of native TDM + Ethernet Supporting converged IP + TDM Access & backhaul application

11 Airmux-400LC – Last Mile The best competitive solution for Access and Video surveillance Available in 2 models (both with integrated antenna or connectorized unit) - Up to 25 MBps and 4E1/T1 - Up to 10 Mbps MiMO /OFDM with full features of Airmux-400 family 5, 10, 20 Mbps Channel bandwidth

12 What's new in 2.8.20

13 SNMPv3 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an Internet-standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks SNMPv3 provides important security features: –Confidentiality – Encryption of packets to prevent snooping by an unauthorized source –Integrity – Message integrity to ensure that a packet has not been tampered with in transit including an optional packet replay protection mechanism –Authentication – to verify that the message is from a valid source Airmux supports SNMPV3 protocol with security level of DES (in the future AES) Airmux supports both SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 by default SNMPv3 Supported by RADview-EMS

14 Cable Free HSS Airmux Ethernet Hub Site Synchronization (EHSS) method provides intra- and inter-site synchronization between ODUs without the need for external cables or an HSS unit. Advantages: Reduce number of outdoor elements: No need for HSS and its cables Save outdoor installation cost Increase installation simplicity – Unique solution Save place on tower Mandatory for TDD sync of Airmux-400LC ODU that support new HSS: –Regular ODU HW Rev. 9 and above –Small-form-factor ODU HW Rev. 4 and above

15 HSS (Current vs. New) CAT5e HSS HSC Rev. 9 HSC Rev. 9 HSM Rev. 9 HSC Rev. 6 HSC Rev. 6 HSM Rev. 6

16 Backup & Restore BackupRestore Backup firmware and configuration and restore to another ODU unit Restore is applicable only if all of the following conditions are valid: –Backup is performed with manager of 2.8.20 or higher –Same P/N –Same HW Revision –Same Capacity

17 Case studies - Vertical markets

18 Oil & Gas Customer: Oil & Gas Requirements: Connect T1s in oil refineries Connect control equipment to monitoring center on site (telemetry) Challenge: Extreme nLOS situations shooting through metal pipes Why Airmux: OFDM technology enables operation even in nLOS Cost effective Excellent performance – met Shell’s high performance & quality requirements

19 Power Stations Surveillance Customer: Power Utility Project: Video surveillance of power stations, each site covered by 4-5 cameras Why Airmux : High quality transmission fit for mission-critical projects Ability to aggregate traffic from multiple cameras High-quality, real-time video transmission 24x7 Fast and simple installation 19

20 Case studies - Carriers

21 Urban Cellular Backhaul Customer: Mobile Carrier Project: Cellular backhaul in the city – hundreds of links Why Airmux: –Solutions operate in nLOS –High stability –Carrier-class performance –Future-proof, IP ready Cellular Backhaul IP & WiMAX Backhaul Cellular Backhaul

22 Cellular Backhaul in Rural Village Customer: Mobile Carrier Project: Cellular backhaul in rural village with no direct LOS Why Airmux: –Carrier-class – links operate where other solutions failed –Robust – links operate in high humidity and nLOS conditions –Fast and simple installation, minimal technical expertise needed –Minimum maintenance

23 Competitive Advantage

24 Full IP67 - Operates in all environments & terrains MIMO, OFDM & Diversity technologies - Enabling nLOS installations Monitored Hot Standby 1+1 Support and RING topology - Ensuring high availability Inter/Intra TDD synchronization - Maximizing network capacity while reducing tower space Multi-band radio – One platform, multiple frequency bands Complies with international regulations – Can be installed anywhere Native TDM & Ethernet – One box solution for all services PtP & Multiple Point-to-Point - Deployed in various topologies & configurations Competitive pricing Airmux-400 Advantages

25 Summary Reliable & Robust Wireless Mobility Long RangesFlexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective OFDM/MIMO Technology enables NLOS deployment Up to 200Mbps Aggregate throughput Up to 120Km between ODU’s Multi-frequency band– 4.8 to 6GHz, 3.3 to 3.8 GHz High capacity ODU reduces the tower space needed Simple radio planning, training, installation and maintenance

26 Thank You For Your Attention

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