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2012 Kick Off Alvarion 2012 - GTM Gadi Bahat - January 2012.

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2 2012 Kick Off Alvarion 2012 - GTM Gadi Bahat - January 2012

3 Proprietary Informatiom. What do you think about Alvarion?

4 Proprietary Informatiom.

5 Is this really us ?

6 Proprietary Informatiom. Is this really us ? Do we keep seeing the empty half ?

7 Proprietary Informatiom. Bump, Bump, Bump …Is it really the only way ? Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it.

8 Proprietary Informatiom. There is another way We need a team that believe we can change our faith by working together We need you !

9 Proprietary Informatiom. 2011 update Alvarion 2012 Whats new ? Alvarion GTM strategy Alvarion & Wavion

10 Proprietary Informatiom. 2011 Good Vs Challenging MIXED FEELINGS Winnings VMC, First Media, NGI, Free mobile, Wavemax Freshtel, Cilux, 4G, Canary Islands Successful TD-LTE trial in Barrett First successful migrations Strategic move : Merger with Wavion Did not meet 2011 revenue targets Many good people left Some of our channels introduce our competition Did not meet 2011 product launch plan

11 Proprietary Informatiom. Results and Highlights

12 Proprietary Informatiom. 2011 update Alvarion 2012 Whats new ? Alvarion GTM strategy Alvarion & Wavion

13 Proprietary Informatiom. We used to be in a Formula 1 race

14 Proprietary Informatiom. We had our top gear…

15 Proprietary Informatiom. A tight race …

16 Proprietary Informatiom. And winners!!

17 Proprietary Informatiom. From Formula 1 to Paris – Dakar From Formula 1 to

18 Proprietary Informatiom. Use to Run from Paris to Dakar (Senegal) for 16 days Today moved to Argentina and Chile Most dangerous race in the world – only 40% of participants cross the finish line Tough environment Requires extreme endurance and navigational skills Not a place for princesses Some facts about the Dakar Rally

19 Proprietary Informatiom. The different type of winners Money, Money, Money Specialized cars, big engine, high speed Quick and clean race Experience Field proven machines Determination and dont give up approach Willingness to dig in the dirt DakarFormula1 Great team with good drivers Great driver with supporting team

20 Proprietary Informatiom. How to win a Dakar race ? Collection of many small winnings No short cuts Fight for every small deal The team winning is more important than the individual winning Have passion

21 Proprietary Informatiom. Life is very different We need to understand its a long road For the next 12 months we are going to sweat

22 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 – How do we start ? Tough business environment Many internal issues We are fighting hard to meet our targets

23 Proprietary Informatiom. Do you hear the engine?

24 Proprietary Informatiom. 2011 update Alvarion 2012 Whats new ? Alvarion GTM strategy Alvarion & Wavion

25 Proprietary Informatiom. But – take a look at the bright side.. Its the year of new products Optimized organization Focus on the Vertical & Channel machine Harvest the BWA installed base Wi-Fi boost to our business

26 Proprietary Informatiom. The year of New Products Alvarion 2012 is blooming Compact family Ultra P2P Ultra P2Mp Extreme Ver 2.0 New 4000 and 6000 CPEs New WiFi Offering TD-LTE demo on Compact

27 Proprietary Informatiom. Optimized organization Functional, flat, outbound oriented Efficiency, supporting the field, quick response Unified strong regions: APAC EMEA Americas Channel group within the sales Unified delivery group HQ supporting units

28 Proprietary Informatiom. Harvest the BWA installed base Introduction of the Compact family TD-LTE Demo – on Compact CPE 4000 & CPE 6000 Migrations Introduction of Wi-Fi off load solutions

29 Proprietary Informatiom. Focus on Verticals and Channels MKT & Product focus in specific verticals Integration of sales and Channel group Enhance Channel positions in regions Higher focus on system Integrators/resellers BD focus on global channels

30 Proprietary Informatiom. Wi-Fi boost for our Business Integration of Wavion team & market Boosting market New offering for our customers & channels New opportunities Complementary solutions

31 Proprietary Informatiom. Our secret weapon Alvarion team

32 Proprietary Informatiom. Yes we can !

33 Proprietary Informatiom. 2011 update Alvarion 2012 Whats new ? Alvarion GTM strategy Alvarion & Wavion

34 Proprietary Informatiom. BWA Mobile Carriers Mobile Carriers In Direct Verticals In Direct Verticals Our GTM strategy - The three pillars of our 2012 business

35 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 GTM Strategy 2012 Focus: Maintain Yearly booking 84M Migration potentials Launch Compact Family & CPE 6000 TD-LTE roadmap Focus : Africa, LATAM, APAC Growth Yearly booking 84.5M New Ultra family Vertical focus Global partners Improved channel management Wavion synergy Focus : LATAM, Europe, NA Penetrate 3-5 new carriers Recruit partners Identify processes Dedicated teams BWA Verticals Mobile carriers

36 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 GTM Strategy II 2012 Focus: Flat organization : APAC, EMEA, Americas Delivery group GTM BD Integration of Alvarion and Wavion sales team Yearly Revenues – 195M 168.5 BWA & Verticals 26.5 – Wi-Fi Outdoor GM= 45% Not loosing direct customers Engage to 50 SI Insert Wi-Fi portfolio into more channels Global players SI focus PtP market Migrations Compact & CPE 6000 Wi-Fi outdoor Market share from competition Organization Business Targets Growth engines

37 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 tools New products Building a dedicated and professional Indirect / Channel sales force to grow Alvarions Indirect sales Automation tools :, Configurator PRM Vertical aids : Commercial packages, MKT aids, Specific product features, engage Vertical partners

38 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 tools - II Integration of the sales teams : Full integration – APAC, Europe Partial integration : Africa, Americas Channel integration Delivery group - Unite Services and HQ functions – one delivery group including PMs End to End accountability Simplified and functional WBD - Functional structure, faster response, focused MKT group

39 Proprietary Informatiom. How much we rely on big Deals? Percentage of yearly booking coming from customers ordered 1M-3M or more than 3M a year.

40 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 Forecast by market segment

41 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 Targets (Includes Wavion)

42 Proprietary Informatiom. 2012 targets APAC 28MEurope 55M Africa 43M NA 30M 1.Maintain leadership in BWA market 2.Focus : Nigeria, SA, Kenia, Angola, Kongo, Orange, Cameroon 3.Develop key channels 4.Recruit new channels 1.Maintain Key accounts : NGI, Linkem, WaviMax, Elro, Freshtel, MTS 2.Reengage channels in : Spain, France and Italy 3.Focus : UK, Poland, CIS, 4.Engage to SI 5.Introduce Wi-Fi portfolio 1.Develop big accounts : TMx, Telefonica 2.Focus on Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Peru 3.Introduce Wi-Fi portfolio to the regions 4.Engage top SI 5.Ramp up migration projects 1.Full integration with Wavion 2.Focus : China, Indonesia, India, Australia, Japan, Philippines 3.Develop partners and Channel business 4.Increase BWA presence : First Media, VMC, LB, 1.Building the sales team 2.Grow Barrett and MSBB 3.Recruit additional Platinum partners 4.Develop the Muni Vertical 5.Improve Service and training AMERICASAPACEMEA LATAM 43M

43 Proprietary Informatiom. 2011 update Alvarion 2012 Whats new ? Alvarion GTM strategy Alvarion & Wavion

44 Proprietary Informatiom. Alvarion + Wavion = Synergy Need to work on the graphics We want to leverage the synergy and upside our targets in 10-15% We want to leverage the synergy and raise our targets by 10-15%

45 Proprietary Informatiom. Alvarion Sales Synergies in Process Starting point: Separate sales groups Full integration in APAC,West Europe – All ready in place West Europe –Strongest area of performance for Alvarion weakest for Wavion –Sales to be led by Yaron and Yossi in W. Europe Asia –Strongest area of performance for Wavion, weakest for Alvarion –One Sales organization in 2012 led by Zeev Partial integration in East Europe, NA, LATAM and Africa Sales engagement plan Ending Point: Full integration to one group by the end of 2012

46 Proprietary Informatiom. Alvarion / Wavion sales engagement plan Both groups to push all product lines – we want to benefit from the synergy : 1. Clear engagement rules - Clear leader per opportunity 2. Supporting cross commission plan – win / win incentive 3. Managed introduction process for Channels and distribution 4. Intensive raining for both groups 5. Working mutual accounts: Kenya (Safaricom), Spain (Telefonica), Srilanka (LB), Large opportunities in Brazil

47 Proprietary Informatiom. How we work Alvarion and Wavion We are all partners with common goals The business is more important than the organization Both cultures are important – Dont try to teach our way 46 Lets start working – the integration will be natural

48 Proprietary Informatiom. We need to learn how to sing together 47

49 Proprietary Informatiom. Our Culture We fight for every deal Better to do and make mistakes than not to do Who is with us on the bus is more important than where the bus goes We will do it together !

50 Proprietary Informatiom. 49 Team work – Together we can do it

51 Proprietary Informatiom. Alvarion style TEAM WORK

52 Proprietary Informatiom. Think Alvarion Thank You!

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