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RADWIN 3.5/3.65GHz Product Portfolio January 2010.

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1 RADWIN 3.5/3.65GHz Product Portfolio January 2010

2  RADWIN offers High capacity Point to Point working in 3.5GHz licensed band and in NA non-exclusive 3.65GHz band  Enabling 3.5GHz license holders to utilize their spectrum to increase revenue and save CapEx & OpEx

3 RADWIN at a Glance  Leading provider of Sub-6GHz broadband wireless solutions  Market leading sub-6GHz point-to-point portfolio:  RADWIN 2000 - 200Mbps net Ethernet throughput; up to 16xE1s/T1s  WinLink 1000 –18Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet throughput; up to 4xE1s/T1s  Deployments in over 110 countries  Offering Backhaul and access (last mile) solutions  Target Segments: Cellular Operators, Service Providers, Video Surveillance and variety of private networks verticals  Available bands 2.x and 4.9-6GHz, now offering 3.4-3.7GHz

4 RADWIN 2000 3.5GHz Portfolio Highlights  Point to Point up to 100Mbs throughput  Native TDM (up to 16 E1s/T1s) + Ethernet  3.4 to 3.7GHz band  Available in FCC (3.65GHz), ETSI, IC and Universal regulations  Long range - 120km / 75miles  OFDM / MiMO technology enables nLOS deployment  Field proven RADWIN 2000-C technology

5 RADWIN 2000 3.5GHz Portfolio Product Series Max. Throughput Target Applications C-Series  100 Mbps net aggregate throughput  Support up to 16E1s / T1s  20, 10, 5MHz channel BW IP+TDM backhaul X-Series  20 Mbps net aggregate throughput  Support up to 3 E1s/ 4 T1s  5MHz channel BW IP+TDM Access

6 RADWIN 2000-C 3.5GHz Value Proposition Utilize your unexploited licensed spectrum to reduce CapEx / OpEX in backhaul applications :  PtMP / IP & cellular backhaul  Save in backhaul equipment cost and in Microwave license fee by using already paid 3.5GHz licensed band  Replace leased-line OpEx in cities by one time low cost investment  Reduce infrastructure backhaul costs in rural areas using the 3.5GHz long haul nLOS performance link

7 RADWIN 2000-C 3.65GHz Value Proposition  WISP – Deliver broadband connectivity to the underserved  Provide broadband access to corporate clients and meet guaranteed SLA  Backhaul PtMP networks and WiFi Hot zones  Utilities, municipalities and Government  Built high capacity broadband network and save leasing OpEx

8 RADWIN 2000-X 3.5GHz Value Proposition Increase Revenue in Access / Backhaul applications:  Access Corporate clients  Offer higher capacity up to 20Mbps that can’t be delivered by PtMP including WiMAX  Ensure Service Level Agreement  Address the demand for high availability using PtP topology and built-in redundancy schemes  Remote / underserved area connectivity Deliver high capacity to longer ranges in the licensed band

9 RADWIN 2000 3.5GHz Portfolio Main Features  TDD Duplex, 5-20MHz channel BW  Supported frequencies and regulations:  FCC: 3.650 -3.675 GHz (As per 3.65 NA non-exclusive licensed band)  IC : 3.450-3.650 GHz  Universal: 3.400 -3.700 GHz  ETSI: 3.400-3.700 GHz  Support all RADWIN Indoor Units: IDU-C, IDU-E, PoE device  Available with integrated or external antenna

10 RADWIN 2000 3.5GHz Portfolio Main Air Interface features Service quality, availability, reliability, efficiency, maintainability  OFDM based air-interface, enabling nLOS deployments  Automatic Adaptive Rate  MIMO 2x2 increase capacity and spectrum efficiency  Antenna diversity improving nLOS performance  Multiple Point to Point from hub site  Inter site TDD sync reduce level of self interference

11 RADWIN 2000 3.5GHz Portfolio Main Service Features  Fixed or adaptive asymmetric traffic channel, increasing application-specific throughput and range  Service Protection for high service availability:  TDM through Hot Standby Monitoring  IP through 1+1 and Ring topology  Extended networking features  Support VLAN (802.1Q, 802.1P) / QinQ  4 Level QoS

12 Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long Ranges Flexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective Increase your revenue and save CapEx & OpEx using RADWIN 3.5GHz High Capacity PtP


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