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2 o 80% of people said that the availability of in-store WiFi influenced where they shop. o 74% of shoppers are happy for a retailer to send a text or with promotions while they’re using in-store wi-fi. o 69% say their smartphone is a critical tool to have a better shopping experience o 70% plan to use their smartphone more to help their shopping experience in the next year Shoppers Want and Expect Wireless

3 o Delivers a key customer amenity with carrier-class Wi-Fi connectivity o Provides secure, anonymous analytics o Shopper count, duration, repeat, heatmaps, … o Creates a new, in-store personalized customer touchpoint o Location context significantly increases value of ads and promotions o Enables complete online marketing automation capabilities o Supports operational systems including PoS, RFID, IP Video, … o Can be installed, supported via trusted Managed Services partners 3 Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi is an Ideal Retail Platform RUCKUS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL

4 Simply Better Wireless for Shopping Malls 1.Stronger Wi-Fi signals at longer ranges 2.Adapts automatically to environmental changes 3.More concurrent users per access point 4.Stable connections and faster speeds 5.Highly scalable, centralized management Interference

5 o Enables ultra-easy design, management and monetization of Wi-Fi hotspot services o Combines the scale, efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based services with best-in-class Smart Wi-Fi products and technology o Scales from large airports, malls and nationwide chains to single store locations o Captures customer demographic and contact information to enable online marketing campaigns Smart Access Management The first cloud-based, carrier-grade Smart Wi-Fi Access Management Service

6 o Industry's first completely cloud- based Smart Wi-Fi positioning service o Works seamlessly with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi to deliver: o Shopper / staff location analytics o Real time location data o Includes API and SDK for third-party developers o Active SPoT location ecosystem Introducing Ruckus SPoT ™

7 o Ruckus has a large and growing location eco-system o …and can easily integrate with your existing apps o Proven solutions can be customized and integrated for Mall and REIT requirements SPoT Location Application Ecosystem Retail apps with in-store location and associated store-centric features drive five times more shopper engagement than identical apps without these features

8 Current SPoT Ecosystem Partners

9 Ecosystem: Shopper Traffic Analytics o Unprecedented insight into user behavior o Store/mall traffic optimization based on real-time and historical analytics Shopper count by zone/time Length of stay Repeat customer % Heat maps o Loyalty offers for repeat customers o Improve new customer traffic

10 Ecosystem: On-Site Customer Messaging Ruckus SPoT ecosystem partners enable retailers and venue operators to communicate to consumers’ smartphones based on location data while they shop.

11 o Real time maps o Directions to stores or to specific products in stores o Track searches and shopper path Ecosystem: Shopper Navigation

12 o Integrate digital ad networks into your shopping mall app o Increase CPM and usage with real time location context o 5x CPM improvement o Enable mall-based promotion and advertising opportunities Ecosystem: Advertising

13 o Leverage Wi-Fi access to collect customer marketing data o Name o Demographics o address o Friends Ecosystem: Social Marketing

14 Complete Product Line-up For Stores and Malls 7352 Entry level n X3, 3-stream dual-band n 7372 Mid-range dual band 7762 Mid-range Dual band 7731 Point to point and multipoint bridges INDOOR 6 to 50 Aps SME 50 to 500 APs Mid-range 50 to 1000 APs High end MANAGEMENT OUTDOOR x3:3, 3-stream dual-band Omni or sectorized IP 67 Rated Up to 10K APsvSCG

15 o Single infrastructure for shopper access, store access and operational support including VoWLAN, IP Video signage, and security o In-store guest Wi-Fi o 5x greater impact from mobile apps o New, in-store/mall touchpoint o Analytics dashboard showing shopper activity and patterns o Advertising portal o Opportunity to enable tenant ‘flash promos’ o Social marketing platform o 3G / 4G offload (future) Wi-Fi ROI for Malls and Stores


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