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A Presentation On We Make Things Happen

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1 A Presentation On We Make Things Happen

2 Overview  Who We Are  What We Do  NIMMS Benefits Functionalities Features  Conclusion We Make Things Happen

3 Who We Are N Infosoft is a next-generation provider of information systems and software solutions. Our personnel provides them with knowledge, experience and technical expertise. We are rapidly progressing as a total IT solution provider. Our successful assignments with client companies have established our reputation as superior providers of IT solutions and services. We are integrated as an organization of talented consultants and programmers having extensive expertise in all facets of system design, development, implementation and maintenance. Our professional computer consultants are equipped with a wide variety of Client/Server and Web technologies. “Synergizing business performance Through enhanced human capabilities” “Synergizing business performance Through enhanced human capabilities” We Make Things Happen

4 Who We Are Our goal is to offer solid solutions to our clients. At N Infosoft, our consultants don't work on the cutting edge - they define it. Our reputation for excellence and delivery is a direct reflection of our people. We aim to carve a position in the forefront, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our clients. The team consists of highly qualified and experienced Software professionals, dedicated to providing high quality services to customers around the world. Several of our staff have worked with our customer to gain a better understanding of the requirements. We leverage deep industry and functional expertise, leading technology practices, and an advanced, global delivery model to help clients transform their highest-value business processes and improve their business performance. We Make Things Happen

5 What We Do  Our Focus To partner with our clients and add value to their businesses To significantly enhance overall performance through intelligent use of technology  Our Core Competencies The N Infosoft team has extensive & in-depth experience in managing technology projects, end-to- end. Right from selecting tools and platforms, to implementing information technology solutions. And all this on time and within budgets.  Our Service leverages our core capabilities Quickly understanding and documenting business requirements in a way that facilitates solution design Choosing tools that solve today's problems and anticipate tomorrow's needs Establishing appropriate development processes and working with development organizations to adopt them Making effective user centered design practices a key part of the development process Managing large, low cost, off-site and on-shore development teams We Make Things Happen

6 What is NIMMS?  NIMMS+ is a felicitous software solution package for the Hospitals to manage their system more efficiently. The goal of this system is to provide easily manageable Tools for the Hospital staff to manage various functions of the hospital forgoing the tedious manual process.  NIMMS+ for healthcare vertical include technology offerings in managing patient data, Clinical information, administration support, Pharmacy and managing laboratory inventory. The objective is to ensure optimum IT deployment for automation, cost effectiveness and process streamlining. All our solutions include strong compliance to global and local regulatory standards like HL7 regulations and European standards for data management, safety and recovery. We Make Things Happen

7 The NIMMS+ Imperative  NIMMS+ became a Mantra  To boost revenues and profit margins  Gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly deregulated and Healthcare market place.  Allure of NIMMS+ is simple Based on a powerful common sense premise …Know Your Patients and Treat Them Uniquely Establish personal relationship with Patients. Create a loyal following of Increasingly profitable Patients. We Make Things Happen

8 Advantages We Make Things Happen  Using NIMMS+, a business can:  A user-friendly GUI interface that ensures ease of use by technical and non-technical staff alike  Powerful search capabilities that provide quick and easy access to data elements  A single-keystroke report generator that allows you to see how the data are linked  Provide better customer service  Increase customer revenues

9 Benefits We Make Things Happen

10  NIMMS+ contains the following :  Patient Information System  Billing  Pharmacy Management  Services  Facilities  Lab Management System  HR  Inventory  Reports  Administration We Make Things Happen Functionalities

11 Patient Information System We Make Things Happen  PIS serves basically provides valuable information which is quick and easy to access for efficient management, to save valuable time lost in searching for information.  Patient Information  Appointments  IP Registration  IP Search  Treatments  EMR & ADT  Health Cards

12 Pharmacy Management We Make Things Happen  It caters to provide information about the stock of drugs available, controlling the stock functions with the option to store the data of nearly 40 thousand drugs and medicines.  Product Information  Purchases  POS  Purchase Returns  Sales Returns  Cash Flow  Balance Sheet

13 Billing We Make Things Happen  It helps in taking care of the function of preparing and managing the patient billing for the services availed by him during his visit or stay in the Hospital.  Appointments  IP Bill  Services Billing  IP Advances  Payment Voucher

14 Services We Make Things Happen  It keeps a track of all the medical services provided by the hospital and helps in managing the details of surgeries that take place, scheduling the operations in the operation Theatres.  Medical Services  Operation Details  Scheduling of Surgeons  Scheduling of Theatres  Managing Surgery Team

15 Facilities We Make Things Happen  It is Managing the functions of room, ward, bed management etc. It allows the concerned people of authority to view and keep a track of managing the house keeping operations efficiently.  Room Details  Ward / Block  Amenities  House Keeping  Complaints

16 HR We Make Things Happen  The LMS deals with various kinds of laboratory tests involving Biochemistry, Radiology, Hematology, Microbiology, etc.  Computer Data Mgmt  Laboratory Tests  Diagnostic Activities  Report Generation  Customization of Reports

17 Lab Management System We Make Things Happen  It caters the various HR related functions such as details of the employees and staffs, salary computations, maintenance of attendance, leave management of the Employees etc.  Master Setup  Employee Information  Payroll  Leave Process  Doctor’s Scheduling

18 INVENTORY We Make Things Happen  The activities of Inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances and reporting the status.  Stock Management  Stores Activity  Purchase Support  Material Issuing  Purchase Returns

19 Reports We Make Things Happen  Generation of reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis for various aspects like total number of patients, total services used and the cost of services used, inventory status of various materials etc.  Standard Reports  Drill - Down Reports  Services Reports  Report Configuration

20 Administration We Make Things Happen  It helps in various functions such as the management of admin rights by an Admin, through User Creations, Granting of Permissions, Setting up the Charges, Outlets maintaining the Hospital Records.  User Creation  Assigning Privileges  Back Up & Recovery  Application Maintenance

21 Success of NIMMS We Make Things Happen  NIMMS has been successfully implemented and is helping in increasing the efficiency and revenues of over two hundred hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centers in various cities through out Andhra Pradesh.

22 At The End Choosing the right Healthcare System helps Patients interaction and understanding efficient initiating process of better service and Patient retention. Methuku Manohar Reddy +91-9390461702 Thanks,

23 THANK YOU Namapur Infosoft Pvt Ltd # 8-2-684/J/7A, I & II Floor, Bhavani Nagar, Road No 12 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034 Ph: 040-23390479 Mobile: 9390461702 We Make Things Happen

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