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IMPLEMENTATION KICK-OFF.  Perry’s Introduction  Project Director  Stacy Garton  Executive Team  Sandy  Jason  Bill  David.

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2  Perry’s Introduction  Project Director  Stacy Garton  Executive Team  Sandy  Jason  Bill  David

3  What would you like to see come out of the new system?  Service  Accounting  Operations  Preconstruction  Human Resources

4  Our current system contains a linear accounting mindset and does not encompass project management functionality.  The current system has only provided basic regulatory updates over the past 5 years, leaving the system obsolete.  Using the current system, transactions are posted weekly and reports are generated monthly for the project and service staff.

5  Prepare for bigger projects  Expand future possibilities  Create competitive advantage  Allow us to enter into new possibilities

6  Reduce/eliminate the need for separate spreadsheets  Eliminate dependency on too many offline spreadsheets  Company-wide consistency  Risk Management  E Light can better mitigate problems on projects by having more current information more easily accessible to allow for the project team to make immediate decisions to avoid profit loss.  Integrate project management and implement consistent approach  Integrate service management as part of overall solution  Provide timely feedback to preconstruction based on buyout of materials

7  Improve Processes  Payroll automation  Accounts Payable automation  Subcontractor management  Billing Automation  REAL TIME access to information would improve visibility into job costs and field productivity. ▪ Improve visibility into field productivity with real time basis ▪ Automate time entry and accelerate update to job cost.

8  ACCOUNTS PAYABLE  Automate accounts payable process, implement invoice scanning, and electronic invoice approval.  Fully integrated with job cost, general ledger, subcontract ledger, and purchase order modules.  GENERAL LEDGER  PAYROLL  Simplify payroll entries by setting up controls by job or by State to eliminate errors.  Incorporate mobile time to increase productivity reporting in the field as well as providing the PM’s with daily monitoring of hours.  Fully integrated with Job Cost, Cash Management and Human Resources.  ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE



11  An open database structure that provides maximum flexibility in sorting and reporting data, and the integration with the Payroll module keeps data synchronized. Section in HR Module include…  HR LEAVE  HR ACCIDENTS  HR RESOURCE BENEFITS  HR SALARY HISTORY  HR COMPANY ASSETS ASSIGNED TO EMPLOYEES

12  JOB COST  Provides location to track costs/revenue for jobs  Ensures costs on job are appropriately invoiced  Compares estimated costs to actual costs  Identifies profitable areas  Provides enhanced reporting with drill down reports to actual invoices or timesheets  Interfaces with Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Subcontract Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, and Project Management allowing for real time job cost tracking.  PROJECT MANAGEMENT  Centralizes documents & emails in one system  For on-time, profitable jobs these days it is essential to have a powerful project management tool to facilitate all the complex work activities that occur simultaneously. Project Management in Viewpoint is easy-to-use reflects real world construction workflow and processes and is integrated with V6 Accounting.

13  SUBCONTRACT  Better management of subcontractor compliance & documents with a notification system to monitor.  JOB BILLING PROGRESS  JOB BILLING T&M  PURCHASE ORDER



16  Work Order Management  Creating Work Orders  Scheduling Trips  Creating Purchase Orders  Customer Billing ▪ Automate T&M billing, set-up, store customer rates, & work locations for quick access to historical data.  Project Management  Dispatch Board


18  Identify vendors that meet your needs  Track pertinent vendor information, such as S/W/MBE  Track and Qualify all potential vendors  Prequalification Process will be centralized.  Setup project detail form Bid Meetings to Plans  Automate process to create a Project in the PM Module once the job is awarded  Send and track responses to requests to bids from vendors.

19  Field staff will have web access to project documents without requiring a login  Photo Management  Version Control  Integration with existing file shares



22  Focus groups to review current processes  Monthly updates to end users  Practice in Test Company  Weekly lunch and learns  Learn more about our processes  Find nuisances  We need your participation  The project is only a success with everyone’s involvement

23  What kind of processes would you like to see improved and implemented into Viewpoint?

24  We need to come up with a name for the software that has our own E Light twist on it. Here are a few examples that could be possible candidates. ▪ E-Box ▪ E-View ▪ E-Zone ▪ E-Tech

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