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The Engine Driving Business Management in Project Centric Environments MAGSOFT INTERNATIONAL LLC.

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1 The Engine Driving Business Management in Project Centric Environments MAGSOFT INTERNATIONAL LLC

2 Providing innovative project centric enterprise software solutions Magsoft Solutions Overview

3 Bid & proposal management Complex sales management Purchasing & procurement management Business process management Project knowledge management Magsoft Solutions Overview

4 Magsoft Major Solutions Magsoft Solutions Overview 1. 2. 3.

5 Business automation solutions for project-based businesses pursuing large business contracts Manage business processes and track projects & proposals. Provides a collaborative environment linking project owners, clients, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and project teams. Magsoft Solutions Overview

6 Offers your company or government agency powerful purchasing technology Supports the needs of purchasing and sourcing professionals. Provides an environment for managing requisitions, bidding information, RFQ, tender documents, suppliers offerings, purchase orders throughout the purchasing lifecycle. Magsoft Solutions Overview

7 Enterprise-level solution for project-based businesses involved in long sales processes Provides a solid project knowledge backbone and unique proposal generation and tracking solutions for managing complex sales. Supports the estimating and competitive bid sales process, and complex contract/subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, product vendors and service providers. Magsoft Solutions Overview

8 Magsales

9 Magsales: Sales solutions for complex business environments Providing a solid project knowledge backbone and unique proposal generation and tracking solutions for project-based businesses.

10 The Challenges The unique & complex requirements of pursuing long sales processes in a project centric environment overwhelm the capabilities of current sales force automation or CRM systems Reasons Project Life-Cycle is long and complex Developing the business is difficult and time consuming Large numbers of subcontractors and contributors. Inability to enforce a consistent level of execution in proposal development

11 - Automates the plumbing of large enterprises - Does Not directly serve Technical Professionals - Lack the project-centric perspective - Don’t account for the sophisticated proposal needs of project-based businesses selling solutions - Do not support teaming partners - High labor intensive administration - Inconsistent process execution - Limited Management visibility to progress/Risk - No single system of record - High Cost/Risk - Lack of domain expertise ERP CRM Desktop Tools Integration Project Limitations of General Solutions

12 Magsales Promise Solid project knowledge backbone supporting the complex requirements of the project based businesses Unique proposal generation and tracking environment Tight integration with suppliers and subcontractors for complex solutions requiring important content of third party products and services Foster collaborative management linking the management, the team members, the customers and the business partners True values for system integrators, package suppliers, contractors, solution providers and companies pursuing large commercial and governmental contracts

13 Magsales Architecture Project Knowledge Backbone B&P Management Proposal Production Product Catalog Management Subcontractors & Partners Management Order Management Project Intelligence

14 Project Knowledge Backbone Project KB is an integrated approach to managing business processes and tracking project information across communication channels. It will fundamentally change the way your company communicates, collaborates and shares information with customers, partners, suppliers & subcontractors and employees.

15 Bid Management Knowledge Management Resource Management Time Management Estimates Management Quality Management

16 > Proposal Production A true B&P solution must deliver both

17 Knowledge Management Enables a collaborative environment in which you can manage and control information over the complete proposal lifecycle Features – B&P Management

18 Resource Management A ssists the sales team Leader in managing and directing all proposal efforts and personnel Free managers time to focus on content quality and compliance Features – B&P Management

19 Time Management Assists the proposal professionals in managing the proposal progress and maintaining the proposal schedule. Features – B&P Management

20 Estimate Management Simplifies the pricing, configuration, and generation of complicated multiple sections proposals comprising non standard engineering works. You can generate on-the-spot price proposals that reflect real- time pricing, multiple price books, multiple currencies, calculations for tax, shipping and handling. Features – B&P Management

21 Technical Specs Management Provides an environment for managing specifications, sales terms and conditions, suppliers & subcontractors offerings and related technical documentation Features – B&P Management

22 Document Management Provides a central document repository Enables the automatic generation of proposal covers, section dividers, table of contents, and management of supporting documents. Features – B&P Management

23 Use MAG eProduct to manage products and to create customized interactive multiple-vendors product catalogs Supplier catalogs and data elements are semantically mapped into one unified structure supporting unlimited amount of catalogs containing unlimited quantity of articles, properties, descriptions, etc. Supplier catalogs are aggregated into one master catalog for parametric search by product properties, attributes, etc. Product Management

24 Magsales is designed from the ground up to efficiently integrate subcontractors information across your organization. Provides a unique environment for managing relationships with your business partners to complete complicated bids within schedule and with minimum cost. Provides the ability to track/control all purchasing & project statuses for vendors and subcontractors. Partner Management

25 The Order Manager intelligently capture all the information required to generate orders. By allowing sales teams to configure and check customized orders, Mag eOrder helps increase efficient, error-free orders and enhance the overall order taking process Order Management

26 Our business intelligence enables professionals to identify and profile key customer segments, measure product and customer profitability. Gain an analytical perspective from planning and budgeting to segmentation, and performance measurement Business Intelligence

27 While ERP, CRM and desktop tools offer benefits to many project-based businesses, they fail short in realizing the benefits promised by Magsales. Conclusion Magsales is the Engine Driving Business Management in Project Centric Environments

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