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Hospital Management System

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1 Hospital Management System

HMS will be an integrated, modular client server based system working around a common database. The Solution will be developed across H M S using the computing technologies including RDBMS, LAN and GUIs. The programs will have GUI as the front end and shall be menu driven. The system shall be user friendly. FEATUCHERS * HMS is windows based Hospital management software. Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security. * Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability. * Its is an Integrated Health Care Resource Programme * Single database management system * It is completely user friendly hospital management software. * It automates the patient billing process completely * Compatible on LAN as well as on WEB (optional). * Proper and systematic training to different departments. ADVANTAGE Changes is always difficult for any human being. HMS will help you a lot for easy changes from manual to computerized one. Minimize hand written work from admission to Discharge & Final Billing. It helps you to minimize your repeated works and take care of the complete functionality of your hospital. It is huge time saver and really facilitates proper communication among the management, staff and the patient parties.

3 IPD Diagnostic OPD OT MODULE Pharmacy Doctor IPD Final Billing
Gas other than OT Doctor IPD Final Billing User Management MIS

4 IPD Module Patient Admission Advance Payment Bed Allocation
Urgent Treatment Details Death Certificate Discharge Certificate Birth Certificate

5 Patient Admission

6 Admission & Consent Form

7 Patient Advance

8 Bed Allocation

9 Urgent Treatment Report

10 Patient Discharge

11 Birth Certificate

12 Death Certificate

13 DIAGNOSTIC OPD Investigation Billing OPD Payment Against Due Bill
OPD Investigation Query OPD Investigation Collection DIAGNOSTIC IPD Investigation Billing Report Delivery Pending Report Pathology Reporting IPD Investigation Query

14 OPD Investigation Billing

15 OPD Inv. Payment Against Due Bill

16 OPD Investigation Query

17 OPD Inv. Collection Query

18 IPD Investigation Billing

19 IPD Investigation Query

20 Diagnostic Reporting Biochemistry & Hematology

21 Report of Biochemistry & Hematology

22 Urine Report Entry

23 Report Format of Urine

24 Stool Report Entry

25 Report Format of Stool

26 Sensitivity Report Entry

27 Report Format of Sensitivity

28 Pending Report Entry

29 Inv. Report Delivery

30 OT Charge Entry OT Gas Master OT Instrument Master

31 Gas Charge Other Than OT

32 PHARMACY Opening Stock Purchase IPD Patient Medicine Issue
IPD Patient Medicine Return IPD Patient Medicine Billing PHARMACY Supplier Payment Query on Purchase OPD Payment Against Due Bill OPD Medicine Billing Departmental Issue

33 Opening Stock of Medicine

34 Medicine Purchase

35 Medicine Issue to IPD

36 Medicine Return from IPD

37 Pharmacy Billing to IPD

38 IPD Bill for Pharmacy

39 OPD Pharmacy Billing

40 OPD Pharmacy Billing

41 Payment Against Due Bill

42 Query on Medicine Purchase

43 Supplier Payment

44 Departmental Medicine Issue

45 Ref. Doctor Performance
Doctor Master Refer Doctor Master Doctor Fees Entry Ref. Doctor Performance Ref. Doctor Incentive Doctor Incentive

46 Refer Doctor Master Doctor Master

47 Doctor Fees for IPD

48 Ref. Doctor Performance

49 Ref. Doctor Incentive

50 Doctor Incentive Setting

51 Hospital Charge Master
IPD Final Billing Hospital Charge Master Daily Cost Sheet Entry Final Billing

52 Hospital Charge Master

53 Daily Cost Sheet

54 Final Billing

55 Final Billing

56 OPD OPD Registration

57 Bed Management Floor Wise Bed Setting GUI Base Bed Status

58 Floor Wise Bed Setting

59 GUI Base Bed Status

60 User Management User Authentication For Specific Module Access

61 There are various type of MIS presents, based on your
business requirement.

62 CONCLUSION This product is developed by Affinity Infosoft.
Development tools used Visual Basic 6.0 SQL Server 2000 Crystal Report 8.0 Contact Us AFFINITY INFOSOFT 7, Girish Vidyaratna Lane Kolkata – , West Bengal, India Website :

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