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PRESENTED BY M/S. DENNISCODD Hospital Management System.

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1 PRESENTED BY M/S. DENNISCODD Hospital Management System

2 Salient Features of the Software Hospital Management System is an automated and integrated software for all your hospital needs. It is developed in accordance with the World Health Organisation Standards. It is aimed to record each and every transaction of your hospital and preserve securely. It establishes the paper less office and transmit the data with in the departments. Comprehensive Performance Reports. Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for analysis.

3 Main Modules Management Receptionist Doctor Pharmacy Laboratory Accommodation Insurance Accounts

4 Management Module This module facilitates the management to define the following details. Doctors Details Employee Details Services Accommodation View reports on Patients details View reports on Accounts View reports on Employee schedules Account Settings.

5 Detailed Description of Administration Module




9 Receptionist Module This module is designed for the following operations. Add Out Patient Details View / Edit Out Patient Details Cash Billing / Insurance Billing Record Attendance Particulars Doctors Attendance Employee Attendance View doctors / Employee Attendance View reports on Collections, patients inflow, available accommodation details, Doctors Appointments and to view Duty Nurses details.

10 Receptionist Module


12 Reception Module

13 Receptionist Module


15 Doctors Module Doctors Module is designed for the following functions: To view Inpatients & Out Patients Details. Prescribe the necessary examinations. Record the Diagnosis and Prescription for inpatients and Out patients. To view the status of Inpatients and prescribe the necessary medications for In Patients.

16 Doctors Module







23 Laboratory Module This Module is aimed at viewing the prescribed tests to the patients by the doctor and to insert the details of the test reports. It has the following functions: Examination Definitions View patient details Enter Examination details Add new patients details etc.

24 Laboratory Module


26 Pharmacy Module Pharmacy Module is designed with the following functionalities: Medicine Definitions Distributors Details Purchase Order Details Inventory. View Prescription details for the patients. Sales Invoices and view sales details and available stock details. View expiry medicine details. Report on to be expired medicines details.

27 Pharmacy Module


29 Accommodation Module Accommodation Module is designed to perform the following functionalities: Add New In patients – Allocate the room View nursing staff Surgery scheduling Discharge summary Doctors visiting notes View different reports on inpatient details. Pending drug request etc

30 Accommodation Module



33 Insurance Module Insurance Module is designed to perform the following functionalities: Tye – up with new insurance company. Add patient insurance details Prepare estimation for patient Send the estimation to insurance company Add Letter of Credit details from insurance company Prepare final bill and submit to insurance company for claim.

34 Insurance Module


36 Accounts Module Accounts Module is designed to view all the financial transactions happened in the hospital. It is developed to integrate all the cash inflows and outflows. The following functionalities will be done by the accounts module: View cash Receipts Department Payments Consolidated Cash Cash payments Petty cash payments Bill payments Payroll [ salary payments]

37 Accounts Module


39 Accounts Receivable

40 Accounts Receivables


42 Accounts Payable

43 Insurance Payaments

44 Pay roll

45 Special Features of the software All the modules [ Departments] are developed with inter-module relationship. Every module is designed with Module decomposition. The software is designed with strong data integration and data exchange features. Automatic SMS system is integrated with the modules where ever is necessary.

46 Technical Specifications The application modules user interface screens are developed in Java Technologies. The database is Derby The software licenses are free of cost. The present software is a stand alone with client server architecture. Operating System is Windows XP and later.

47 Contact DennisCodd #506, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 38 Phone: 040-66773395 Mobile: 9949593395 E-mail: Contact Person: Pavan Kumar V

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